Episode 7x11 - 'Tipping Point' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I'd settle for Super H treating everyone to a nice dinner after a particularly bad day.
At this rate they're going, Super H would be flat broke.
Can you imagine? ::snort:: I thought this episode was a nice way to end the year and leave us wanting more. I had to laugh when they said it took place in Hialeah. If anyone has ever been there, you know there's an eternal rain cloud that sort of hangs over the city. It's fascinating. ::giggle::

I think Miami really does well when they have "red ball" episodes where everyone is involved. There is a strong dynamic they all have together, and it's always a treat to see them working on one case together for the common goal. That said, I also like the idea of them being focused on individually as the season goes along. Getting to see how they interact individually with the different sorts of relationships they've cultivated at the lab is nice to see too. It'd be great if they could intersperse those with some group stories to bring them back together after they've had a spotlight on the individuals.
I think I'm just going to give up on hoping Ryan's outfits won't fry my eyeballs.

Thanks for the song info!

I liked the episode. It was nice to see Natalia doing something sweet for a change. The end was probably my favorite. I got mixed emotions. It was so nice for everyone to re-do the Rev's house, but it was sad when they were showing all the gang busts.

FINALLY a storyline that didn't deal with rich blonde people!!! :D And at the end it was a nice change of pace to see the regular Miami cops on a regular Miami day. Doing what they do.

People were talking and I was only halfway paying attention to the RaVe scene, anyone know what they said?
I did enjoy this epsiode.....unfortunately that enjoyment was overshadowed by yet another ridiculous Super H moment. :rolleyes:

I did enjoy seeing Nat in a larger role this week.
Akon's song brought the episode to an end. We can say that the new epis are a lot like the old ones: capturing the sadness of the case.

One thing, how did Eric fall and H didn't? I now the actors wanted to show the effect of the bomb and that H doesn't fall with the girl but seroiusly. Delko was furthest from the bomb. I think he wanted to fall:lol: in a way.
I thought the blast created a wind that flapped his cape and he flew away safely. :p

I was glad this episode was like a season 2 throwback that focused on real people and I really liked the informant. It was so sad at the end when he died. Jon Seda was one of my faves on H:LOTS. I really thought the kid had shot himself and I kept saying, "no, no, no, no" until they pulled back and the gun was on the floor. I think I even held my breath. Here's hoping we get more eps like this one!
For some reason, I was like no he couldn't have, I just knew he didn't. Do suiciders smile when they're about to kill themselves? I think not.
For some reason, I was like no he couldn't have, I just knew he didn't. Do suiciders smile when they're about to kill themselves? I think not.

I don't think this would have been a case of this boy committing suicide. This would have been more along the lines of an accidental shooting. I was watching that boy handle that gun, and he had no concept of what pulling that trigger could mean.

I make that statement as someone who handles handguns regularly. I thought he was going to shoot himself, and almost had a stroke when he kept looking down the barrel of the gun.

When they showed him scared, with the gun lying on the floor I was so relieved.
I suppose they should get Natalia or Delko to go around to the local elementary and middle schools teaching gun safety??Or better yet if some strange gangsta looking dude hands you a GUN on the street-report the gun to your mama or the cops! Yikes...I actually believed that the kid accidently shot the rev guy from like his window or something but I remembered they covered that with Ryan some seasons ago when the boy admitted shooting his brother while his dad was in prison and the poor sister was struggling to raise her brothers.
Loved all the regular people in this episode and really loved the team's interaction with them. Natalia's got such a big heart...too bad homicide takes up all her time she could handle undercover work so nicely-she lies rather convincingly and cries so pretty...haha
i thought this episiode was quite cool.
one reason i like CSI miami. the way the cast interact and the storylines
It was a good episode. I wish there was more Ryan but otherwise I loved it.

Another good storyline, lots of action, H saving the day, I wush he'd take Ryan with him more often.

The Natalia storyline was good. I was so hoping the little boy wouldn't accidentally shoot himself. I was like holding my breath.

I like the story of H and Hector too. The boy he mentioned about H helping the prisoner in jail was that the episode in season 4? I can't remember the episode name. The Toby kid?

I was so hoping Hector wouldn't die, that was sad :( but we got to see emotional H again. And I liked the last scene H and Nat.

"This is why we do it." Awesome stuff. :D
Nobody wonders how Natalia could possibly renovating a house wearing 4 inch heels and a white tip? Just wondering:lol:

I have to say I really did enjoy the episode, even though I was concerned about the gang-thing and bomb and super H. I didn't even mind super H for once!

On the outfits:
Ryan ->:wtf: you make me sad
Eric -> looks really good in a suit:drool:
Natalia -> Please wear a top that's lower cut, you can't pull that kind of shirt off with your cup size (okay, maybe I watched just to much styling tv shows if I'm making a comment like this... but still)
Nobody wonders how Natalia could possibly renovating a house wearing 4 inch heels and a white tip? Just wondering:lol:
I would have loved to see her with her hair in a ponytail wearing blue jeans & a tank top - that would've been perfect.....and hawwwtt! :p but it is Miami, so...:rolleyes: