Episode 10x19 - 'Habeas Corpse' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

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Well I'll have to watch it online tomorrow. The CBS channel is "temporarily off air" for some reason. :shifty: THIS SUCKS.
Just finished watching the episode, so I'll put my initial thoughts behind a spoiler code.

This one was a little...lackluster, to me, for an episode that might be their series finale. I thought the storyline itself was okay, and the stuff with Calleigh added a personal touch to the episode amidst all of the serious case work. I also thought that the stunt work with the car was exciting--probably the most exciting part of the episode. But overall it was pretty predictable, we really had to suspend our disbelief about some of the protocol involved with Ryan being connected to the case (namely their laughable understanding of objectivity and conflict of interest), and the wrap-up felt lacking to me. If this one ends up being the last episode of the series, I wouldn't say that it satisfied me entirely as a long-time fan of the show, but it wasn't the worst way to end it either. It was...appropriate. *shrug* Standard CSI:Miami.
I was shocked to see this was the season finale, it wasn't bad but definately was not as strong as previous ones have been

I love that Ryan got a lot of airtime

I loved that Calleigh became a foster mom, will be interesting to see how she balances her work and motherhood next season

Loved the ending with everyone hanging out though I missed Calliegh being a part of it. Nevertheless it was nice to see everyone including Dr. Loman and Tripp
Tonight's show had it shocking moments, and the end with almost the whole main cast at the bar, got me thinking. I wonder if the cast knew then this *might* be the end?

It didn't matter at this point if it was a little over 45 minutes until it started, I think tonight, there were more people watching CSI Miami than normal, and of course the other 2 or 3 (if you want to count FOX) we dead and had very few views.

One thing I notice, Mr. Rodriguez had a cut on his face. I can't recall anything happing to him to cause that scar. At the end, being on Easter Sunday, CBS showing the final episode of the season tonight made it like a "tear jerker" to me. Poor Mr. Wolfe, he felt out there alone, but the team reminded him they would always be there for him.

The way the program ended tonight made it look like the end of CSI Miami, and they could stop right there. I am lucky to have seasons 1-8 on DVD, they have been bought with my money and paid for. CBS got a little chunck of my money, now I have something CBS can't take away from me. Let's just hope for the best, that's all I can say at this point.

In conclusion, watching NYC 22 is not going to effect if CSI Miami is renewed or not. The previews of NYC 22 looked dull, poor production quality, and it won't be on when the Fall Season gets here. I notice the main trainning officer on NYC 22 has been on one of the CSI Shows.

We it's late and I have to work tomorrow!

Peace and Love to all CSI Fans,
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that cut on Erik Delko's face was from last episode-as if this week's show was a day or so after the incident with the fake couple fighting so Erik put the evidence down in the street to 'help a woman' and it was staged by Vogel. Good episode-Ryan centered but nice to see him realize his mistakes as to who he trusts. Good team comaderie in the bar at the end-Horatio was really stressed the whole time so nice to see him show up with his team for a end of day drink. Ok ending for this season-a few twist and turns but nothing too shocking. Great scenes of the car wreck and to Vogel-karma bites don't it?! still hoping for next season that this CSI Miami will be back...
Unfortunately I've to wait an other day to see the ep. but I'm too curios to know what's end up with Samantha? Can anybody tell me?!! Thanks :)
Well I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! Actually my favorite of the entire season! Loved that it was focused on the Ryan.
After watching the episode my first thought was that i wished i was still asleep and that is was all a bad dream, but unfortunately it wasn't. For a series finale it was shockingly bad. I feel the writers ( although it is difficult not knowing if there will be another series or not ) are really struggling to come up with creative and fresh ideas. This episode was full of, been there, done it, got the t-shirt scenarios.

And Alessia, you will be pleased to know like most people ( apart from me ) that if there is a season 11, Sam won't be in it.
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Well I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! Actually my favorite of the entire season! Loved that it was focused on the Ryan.
Same here.Loved the team/family angle also. The team was really a team giving unquestionable support.
Natalia was right about Sam all along.
Glad I stayed up late for it.
I enjoyed the team dynamic at the end and I liked how the episode focused on Ryan.
Sad to say but you knew after that chat Ryan had with Sam that she was involved. Kinda stinks that the possible series finale will end like that for him.
All in all,while it didn't blow me away,it was still a decent season finale.
Well.... I enjoyed it. I read some of the comments on here before watching it, and thought the worst, but I think it was good. As an episode it was outstanding, and I still think they are the best writers on the show. It had some great scenes, particularly with H and Ryan, and with H and Sam. Glad Sam turned out to be a wrong 'un. As a finale... the scene at the end just about made it work at that level - lots of underlying emotions there, I thought. I don't think the writers could do much else in the circumstances. I still feel those two writers, and David, and certainly others, have a clear idea of how the series should end, and want a chance to give it to us. That wasn't it. I hope so much they get a chance to do it. Even if it's a short season...
I suppose I'd better rate that episode. Think an A. The fact that it was an inevitable disappointment as a finale is no one's fault, and as an episode, I feel it was better than most of what we've seen in Season 10.
I have many mixed feelings about this episode. Didn't hate it, but didn't love it either - at least not for a finale. Would've been better suited for sweeps, imo.

Jon Togo, I love. He did a great job, especially at the hospital. However. I had a hard time buying that there would've been that much emotion - it seemed a bit too much, as I personally didn't see that he'd built up that many feelings for Sam.
A part of it is probably also because I wanted more to see anger towards her, not sympathy. I felt she was crooked from the start & never liked her, so I was left unsatisfied with her "ending".

Also disappointed that Vogel's presence was more or less buried under all the Sam/Josh/Ryan drama. I would've liked to have seen better closure of that particular storyline.

The family theme was good, & much appreciated.

The intro was also good. I liked Ryan tracing back; showing part of the team having drinks/discussing the case from the night before.

Nice scene with Frank & Natalia at the boat - loved that part.

Ho hum. Calleigh, Patty & Austin. Another storyline I have a hard time buying. Good for her that she wants kids & all, but I wasn't impressed with how this storyline was started & how quickly it was neatly wrapped up in a pretty pink bow - all because Eric says that he & the team will be there as a family. Furthermore, I feel more & more that Calleigh is no longer Calleigh - the last few seasons has been like watching Emily Procter as Emily Procter.

Kudos to TPTB for actually putting the character in her 40's though (we can assume with the "been a cop for 20 years" comment).

Overall, not the most fantastic episode. A little on the lame & predictable side. However, the finale scene of the team at the bar wrapped it up nicely & I was left - for the most part - satisfied.
I agree with mjszud that I very much liked the boat scene with Frank and Natalia and that I too wished that Vogel's presence was not buried under the other drama. I also thought that Jon Togo did a great job but there was a bit too much emotion at the hospital. I mean, yes, he liked this person but there was never anything between them. I was quite blown away by surprise when she took the bottle and banged that guy on the head with no kind of provocation. Yes, he had put Ryan on the ground but surely thats not a reason to murder someone in cold blood when you appeared perfectly sane before that!

So an OK episode although not too suitable for the finale. I found it also a little surprising that no one even glanced in that direction when Horatio broke the glass on the table after telling Samantha that she's off the case.

Natalia's comment at the beginning 'you have a really bad taste in men'. LOL, so true. I was under the impression that Sam dated that guy only for a few months. I mean to date him for 2 years and not even have some suspicion!