Episode 10x19 - 'Habeas Corpse' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

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I have noticed between the first season of CSI Miami and this the last two episodes of the program, Horatio Caine is not on as much as the rest of the cast. Seems to me if they wanted to, they could dump David Caruso and the Horatio Caine character and just focus on the rest of the team.

I think that Barry O'Brien, the producer of that show, let the writers have more time spent on them, than the man who was and still is "suppose to be" CSI Miami, and that is Horatio Caine. It may be true that Horatio's character does not fit in anymore with the rest of the cast and I hate that.


Very true! Sadly Horatio Caine, one of the greatest tv characters of all time to me, has been pretty much destroyed these last 2 seasons. The rest of the cast behaves as a team(well, maybe not Calleigh)but H is just too far removed. I'm guessing Caruso's heart isn't in it anymore. It made me sad watching the first few seasons of this show, he was so excellent back then. A great leader. Pretty much everything has gotten worst since then.

Still, Habeas Corpse wasn't too bad. It was nice to have a good amount of Ryan, and it seemed more character driven than any other episode I've seen recently.

I hope Miami comes back. I hope they fix all of these issues, but that's very unlikely.

Completely disagree! There IS no CSI Miami without Horatio and I think even CBS has said that. No David, no series, or something to that effect. As for his heart not being in it... he works with what is written, and if it's not on the page, there's not a lot he can do about it. But half-hearted? Never!

If you look through the later seasons, there are plenty of scenes where he's firing on all cylinders, but, I have to say, the fact that you have to search for these scenes, seems to prove that they just don't give him enough to do. (David, I mean, not Horatio.)

(And I think this is now in the wrong thread, but never mind.)
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Sadly, but I don't see the 'real' Horatio in past seasons anymore. Comparing to first seasons the last ones H is totally different. And I miss that Horatio. I hope that, if the next season follows, they'll bring back original H.
Very true! Sadly Horatio Caine, one of the greatest tv characters of all time to me...
Was a great character. ;)

But one of the greatest of all time? Not to be harsh, but I can think of at least 25-30 off the top of my head who are/were more iconic.
FINALLY!! Got enough time at a computer to comment on this eppie. I found it be not the best but not the worst either. For a season ender, it was pretty good (at least no cliffhanger thank goodness!) but as for a series ender....the jury is still out.

Random Thoughts:

--Although I HATE the fact that Ryan was in trouble again (hey writers, if the series is blessed with another season, could we have ANOTHER CSI instead of Ryan in hot water?!!:scream:), it wasn't as bad as the promos made it out to be (another reason to take the promos with a grain of salt):

1. Ryan was cleared early in the episode. and
2. Jon Togo's acting was top notch again:thumbsup:

--Didn't like Sam (thought she was taking time away from Natalia) but wasn't sure how dirty she really was. I know she killed Josh but how deep WAS she in with the drugs?:confused: Noticed she was more interested in saving her own skin than helping Ryan who went well out of his way for her.

--As long as Vogel is alive (and looked like he was), he can come back.

--Calleigh was so cute with those kids. Glad it worked out for her.

--Although it was kind of unrealistic to expect Eric's speech to make all the difference for Calleigh, it was nice of Eric to go out of his way for her.

--The theme of this eppie seemed to me to be family; Calleigh's new one and the CSI team as a family as well.

--LOVED LOVED LOVED Natalia sticking by Ryan. From her not wanting to hang around and watch "her friend" being interregated to her telling Ryan he was a catch. Loved the flirting between the two in the final scene.

--Speaking of which, this was my favorite part of the show. I love seeing the team together outside of work. (wish Calleigh was there though) My favorite line of the year:

Walter: "You won't find your honey where you make your money"

--Loved Eric telling Ryan the team was his family (it has been nice to see Eric and Ryan getting along this year; it's about time!!) and Ryan calling him "bubbala".

--Ryan kissing the top of Frank's bald head:lol:

--And Horatio having a drink if Ryan was buying.

Again a great way season finale.

There was waaaayyyy too much Ryan in this episode.

Not even close. Throughout the run of Miami and Ryan's tenure on the show, when it came to screentime and amount of quality story arcs, he seems to keep getting the short end of the stick or even completely ignored (oh, unless the writers have a story line where they need a CSI to be lazy stupid or corrupt and then Ryan is their man:scream:). So when he gets the screentime he did in this eppie not only it is refreshing and nice for a change, it is the exception rather than the rule.

I can't speak for all Ryan fans but this has been my major frustration with this show. Jonathan Togo is a talented actor and seeing his character shoved aside for poorly conceived and written story arcs and seeing other characters getting the development that Ryan should ALSO be enjoying has almost caused me to throw my hands up and stop watching. Hopefully, next year (if there is one) will be different and since hope springs eternal, that keeps me coming back.

Rant officially over.

Keeping my fingers crossed for another season:thumbsup::)
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Hear, hear! Jonathan Togo rocks and this finally gave him a chince to show he oculd. Best reason for watching CSI Miami!!!!!!!!
Agree MiamiWolfe! Eventhough I haven't seen episode myself, I've read review couple times and I liked the thought of getting decent amount of Ryan and especially lovely ending.

I'll try to find a way how to watch episode before channel finally decides to continue on the season.

I think Ryan always gets less quality screen time compared to others, so I'm definately gonna enjoy what extra minutes of him are in this episode (compared to some others).
There's never too much Ryan on Csi:Miami :lol: