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It's always nice to see Emily's point of view about the scenes and the whole behind the scenes interaction...
Hi all!!

Reading CSI NY news about Melina's leaving made me wonder if our Calleigh is really coming back...I mean I think she is but things happen so quickly at CBS and are so unexpected! Seems like CBS has no respect for female characters as well(how many of them were let go?Tara, riley, Wendy,Megan,Jessica,Aiden...did I miss someone?hmmm...). I kind of worry about both Cal and Nat.
Yeah, they're coming back. The person I'd expect to leave out of the two of them is Eva because she just got married and she has barelt any parts in csi... but it looks as if shes staying.
Sorry for the double post but I found this on guideposts.org

Setting the Scene for Emily Procter's Photo Shoot


In Malibu


Extra Photo of Emily Proctor for Guideposts


One of the shots of Emily Procter that made it into the Guideposts August issue.


CSI: Miami star Emily Procter sits in hair and makeup prior to her Guideposts cover shoot in Malibu, California.


Stylist Lawren Sample (left), Emily Procter (Center) and writer Ginger Rue (right) pose before getting ready in Malibu, California, for Procter's cover shoot by photographer Jack Guy.


Photo Credit:
Audrey Razgaitis
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Thanks for that Roulietta!! What a great article and photos! She looks so good in purple and pink(I almost forgot what she looks like in sth else than black)...
Roulietta has been faster than me! Thanks for posting it here, i find the article absolutely inspiring and moving! Loved every minute of it and I think everyone should read it, it just explain how wonderful Emily is and a lot of things about life: above all, that not everything is about our-selves, that's something in the others that can always change our lives...