Emily/Calleigh #11 :The Divine Miss Em

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Great :D

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The “AnAwardforEmily” fan project started as a simple idea, a little comment about Emily Procter's performance on

CSI:Miami…then it grew. A lot of fans started giving us their ideas and many repeated that their idol, Emily Procter,

really deserves a bigger reward for her talent. The game of an afternoon had become something bigger with many people


In the beginning it was just about collecting information about how American awards worked since we didn’t have the

faintest idea. We studied them and then explained to other people how they worked. AnAwardForEmily now is more than a

fanproject started on a CSI:Miami forum, it is a real fansite which collects news, pictures and videos. Many fans follows

us, they really believe Emily procter deserves an award and love the idea that they can do something about it.

Actually it's not simple to have a voice in the Awards world, viewers have not the importance they should have in

deciding who will be nominated or win an award. We can just repeat that:

We believe that Emily Procter deserves an award because she has a great talent as an actress, she does a great job in

CSI:Miami even when storylines are not that credible and she gives her best in every performance, from the comic mother

of three Leah Fuller in "Big Momma's House 2" to the workaholic Lilian in Turnover (Short movie winner of the best

director award at the ITVFest 2008). She is a bright and confident Calleigh Duquesne in CSI:miami but she can also show

the most fragile spots of a woman in a men's world, like she did in her memorable interpretation of Ainsley Hayes in "The

West Wing" for two years.
She has been portraiting the same character for seven years now and we don't get fed of it, she is still fresh and able

to develop her acting making it grow with her character. every episode is a new great performance and she deserves to be

rewarded for it.

Lusiana, all you said is so true .
She did great performances in every movie/Tvshow she participated and she's doing such an amazing job on Csi:Miami .
When we see an episode which she did a stunning performance we think ''wow, was the best ever'' and in the next one she does even a better performance, because that's what she does, stunning performances .
Wow, she looks so beautiful in those pictures!! ;)

Lusiana88, I have gotta say that I loved what you said in your presentation, it was perfect, and oh so true. In every movie and Tv show that she has been in, she has given her best performance and more, especially in CSI:M, she really deserves this and im hoping and praying that she gets nominated.

I rated it BTW. ;):)
Unfortunately not, I think we will read what she said in some articles in the next few weeks...I have been looking for videos but nothing so far. Of course, you know that I'll keep looking...;)

Thanks, bulletgirl. I noticed the support you all are giving, it is important because it makes the right people understand Emily's popularity!
Thanks for the pictures, she looks nice, but that's not a surprise, because she always looks good. I also like her hair.
I really envy her, that no matter what she wears she always looks so great.:)
Unfortunately not, I think we will read what she said in some articles in the next few weeks...I have been looking for videos but nothing so far. Of course, you know that I'll keep looking...;)


Do you or anyone else know if there were other cast members in the press conference, or was it only Emily?

I so want to know what was said :shifty: :)
Emily is A-W-E-S-O-M-E :D

I laugh so hard with the gum thing :guffaw: :guffaw:
And she's such good and natural person, gotta love Em :D

Oh, too bad she didn't talk about the Emmi award :lol: I'm just kiddin' :lol:
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