Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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What happened? I missed the madness? Darn it! :p

Hehe. She is everywhere, all sorts of places. You can find pics of emily all over the net.
All right all you Duquesne lovers out there. I'm planning on writing a script entitled Full Auto 2: Miami (it's the sequel to my first Full Auto script that I'm wrapping up which is based on the Full Auto video game series - google it to see what it's all about). Basically it's along the lines of sticking guns to cars and sending them out to race and win at all costs. It will include the Miami CSIs with Aiden Delgado (from Full Auto) and Calleigh Duquesne as the main characters for the script. Here's what I want to know, what kind of car would you most like to see your favourite CSI driving? The choices are broad here they are:

1. The Miami-Dade PD CSI Unit Hummer H2
2. A Jeep Commander Limited 4x4
3. A Lamborghini Gallardo Roadster
4. A BMW 335i Convertible
5. A Honda Prius
6. A Ferrari 430 Spider

**Each car comes with a complementary set of machine guns and a twin rifle on the roof or trunk (depending on if it's a convertible)
KellyGirl said:
Hey Florry and Rummy where did you find those piccies of the race? I've only seen the ones Leela has in the gallery :)
i found something on google images and on the official toyota site ;)
Ermm Ok well I know nothing about cars Trev but I vote spider :D ... Oooo official Toyota site havn't tired there yet cheers Rummy ;)



All 60 caps are now available in our Gallery!

Thanks BulletGrrrl love th caps :D ... which eppy are they from :confused: ? Edit: <- Ignore me just clicked on the link :lol: ... *pines for the time s6 gets to the UK* :(
Lovin the caps but I have a question:What's up with wardrobs fascination with Cal and black? I mean in the season finale "Born to Kill" she wore all black,in the premiere she wore all black and last night ALL black.
Oh I know right? They soo need to start dressing her in some colors. It always looks like she is going to a funeral or something. It is either all black or all white.

Emily looks great in green...they need to put her in that more often.
A Lamborghini Gallardo Roadster

Hell yeah, She'd look hot!

I know, maybe it's symbolic of her mood?

Maybe ... though I always think she looks very cool in black laracroftesque :D ... and in white she looks like an angel :) ... colours are good too though :cool: who am I kiddin she looks fab in anything :lol:
Thank you so much Bulletgrrl
She looks great also with this particular shirt (although it's not my favourite Calleigh's shirt :D ) ..... but please put her something colourful...not alwasy black. With this shirt she really looks she's going on a funeral :D
The pics with bow and arrow are just fantastic :D
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