Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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I cant believe shes 40!!! she doesnt look it at all! she looks fab.They do say 40s the new 30 and that life starts at 40
happy birthday emily!! :beer: she looks amazing! i hope she has an awesome day because we all know she deserves one :)

emily's the best... Happy 40th! best wishes
Just noticed that this thread is coming to that magic number that will shut it down. Here are some thoughts for the next title:

Emily/Calleigh #11 :The Divine Miss Em (from a post by Horatio Stalker)
Emily/Calleigh #11: Enjoy the Emilyness (from a post by Horatio Stalker)
Emily/Calleigh #11: Bulletgirl Bombshell
Emily/Calleigh #11: Ten threads down, A million to go
Emily/Calleigh #11: What dreams are made of
Emily/Calleigh #11: Warning... Drool-proof your keyboard
Happy Birthday EP!!!!!

just saw Entertainment Tonight, and they said Emily's b-day was today. You guys know how ET has that Birthday quiz thing, well today it was Emily.
So pretty much they asked "what csi star was a crime scene reporter before she thought it was too grusome?" or something like that; answer: Emily;)
i like The Divine Miss Em too, suits her well :)

I hope emily had a great day yesterday. she's amazing. emily deserves everything good in life :hugegrin:
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