Emily/Calleigh #10 : 'A Perfect 10'

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adorelo said:
I'm writin a fic atm. Has Calleigh's religion ever been mentioned?

Calleigh's religion :confused:
She surely is christian :D...also because of the cross she put in Eric's hand in "man down"....but I don't know if Calleigh's catholic or protestant :confused:
I love the new pics!! She looks awesome!! Lovew the dress too! :D

Thank you Florry86 for posting them!!
And the others too...I love the one with her mother!! They look alike...I wonder why's that... :lol:
ahh!!! i cant find the article "testing her wings". can somebody post the link?? thanks :) ttyl... o yea, abosolutely LOVED the pics with her in the grennish dress :O she is so beautiful :) ttyl
OH MY GOD!! i just remembered that its emily's birthday tomorrow!! OMG, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!! *throws confetti and starts singin happy birthday*...she looks so good for her age :D
Happy Birthday Em! *hug* you're so amazing!

Thanks for all those pics guys! I wonder if they do anything for birthdays on the set? Like having a small party or something for her? Hmm. I wanna be at that party!
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