Elisabeth/Finn: The Blood Whisperer

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    I'm hoping this thread isn't dead, but lying on the floor and playing the victim to show DB it missed him (especially since I'm logging in for the first time in nearly 8 years because I like Finn so much). I watch CSI online and out of order, so Altered Stakes was the first or second episode I saw her in, and I've just got to love someone who can finish up helping a friend (after taking him to the batting cages for two weeks), pick up a guy, and [forgot how spoiler tags work] all at the same time. Besides that, she's fun, brilliant, and frakked-up (and yes, sometimes people get unfair chances because they're brilliant, so it's as close to believable as the other suspensions of disbelief on the show).

    Is she generally not that popular, or is there some kind of copyright crackdown going on with YouTube vids (as I'm not seeing many from the last season or two that aren't from CBS or torrent sites that don't care)? I've found comparatively little online about her.
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