Draw A CSI Anyone?

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Nice work Axelsonfire! They're certainly a lot better than I could ever do! :lol: Thanks for sharing :)
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Ah ha! I knew we had another drawing thread here somewhere :lol:

I'm just going to put these two threads together so that it's easier to keep track of all the fantastic drawings ;)
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I thought we had as well......guess I didn't look far enough back. :lol:
GUESS which CSI this is:

Note, the drawings are of the same person, but from different seasons (the hair is different).

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Wasabi Power, i like those drawings :thumbsup: and i agree with Something_wicked it's Ryan :)
Wow, some of these are amazing...I'm only a few pages into this thread(catchin up as a newbie:) bu the quality and passion in the art is great.
Thanks for sharin your precious work.
I drew this long time ago. And I way lazy that didnt drew the details about his eyes...
just guess who is this? :p