Danny/Lindsay#24: Because 10 percent is all you need

We did, and ain't it great. They're so lovely and so cute together , no matter how short it is.. Just so meshed and joined at the hip~
I agree with you guys. Even though it was short, it was yet another of those moments that show them as a family and some private bits. I really hoped they would react to the case and I'm glad they did it.

I have to say it is really awesome to see them as a family. I loved the teasing and all. But I think now Danny and Lindsay act like adults. It's not odd or awkward. They really seem to enjoy their roles as parents and seem to handle it pretty well. It's natural; but that's something I love about them anyway. ;)
I totally agree with you Brinchen. It is relaxed between them, in fact it is with the whole cast this season and shows that they all get on off screen as well.

One think I hope we see - but I doubt it will be mentioned again (but it should) - is how they are dealing with Lindsays PTSD. It had not been mentioned at all since the first episode but I dont think it would be solved that quick as she was only starting to have issues/problems til then. It is something they should deal with together and they started that beauitfully with the foorf top scene.
I agree! The whole team is more relaxed. But to me, Danny and Lindsay are like that since season 5. I think they really must have talked a lot and sorted a lot of stuff out. Because ever since then, they are so comfortable and relaxed around each other and you can see how close they are and that they love each other. I love how this tension changed and how it's now.

Yeah, I hoped we would see more of this. I think we won't. But I agree. It would have been nice to see them handle this, especially as they are handling stuff like that together.
NO scenes with them..again.. good episode and Lindsay rocked she's so pretty;) and Danny kicked a.. too, but not together..:(maybe next week!
Yeah shame there were no scenes with them in the same room in the last week. Am I the only one that (while I think that Jo is great and fits in the team really well) it getting a tad fed up them using Jo for all the family stuff or talking about kids like she did in the last episode. I did keep expecting to see some kind of reaction from either (or both) Danny and Lindsay as to Tom reasoning for why he did what he did.

Danny and Lindsay are parents just like Jo, granted Lucy is a lot younger than Jo's children but they would surely have had some kind or reaction to the last case and the one the previous week.

Sorry getting off soap box now.

I agree with you DW, Danny and Lindsay were very good in their scenes. I still get a giggle when I think of lindsay doing "I'm walking, I'm walking......"

Fingers really crossed for a nice DL scene this Friday.
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I agree with you guys, but hey, at least they are both getting their screentime. :) I also agree that I would like to see more Mommy and Daddy bits. Some comments, some conversations where they bring up how they feel about being parents, especially as their child is still so young. They seem to handle it really well, but still being parents is kinda new to them.
Very true Brinchen

Nice to see Lindsay in the latest promo, shame there wasnt a quick glimise of Danny as well.

After watching the promo for tomorrows episode and the extended promo. I kind of thought of the the fish moment when Danny made Lindsay jump, and I wondered if it is Danny behind her! :lol: in all honesty it is probably not him but it would be funny.

It would be nice to get a DL moment tomorrow.
Like I said in the Anna thread, I wonder if Danny, Lindsay and Lucy headed over to Montana already for a visit? :lol: I mean, they are married, they have a child, I think it's about time the families meet, and New York and Montana are not that far away from each other.

:lol: I totally agree. In fact it is something I could see him doing. ;) He loves to do things like that, and the fish thingy proved that again. It would be cool if they were working together again in the episode.
Again NO Danny and Lindsay scenes hurry up writers, what's up? And what's with Danny's short haircut? I hope soon [like next week] they'll have some scenes together:thumbsup:
:lol: I'm sure sooner or later they will get a nice moment again. I like the scene when they are in the same room though. Which of the moments we got so far are your favourites?

I find it hard to choose; of course. :lol: I really love the premiere because the support Danny shows Lindsay is so lovely. But I also really love their teasing moment in episode 4. The one with the ugly fish, you remember? :lol: I also love the Lucy mentions we got in episode 2 and 3, and how they processed the bedrooms together. ;) Ah, hard to choose. I'd say my favourite scenes so far is the one at the roof from the premiere. That was so full of love and support.
They did show them in Fridays ep. but only working on the case no interaction between them, just about the case, which was good. At least they stood next to each other:cool:
Exactly. I really love seeing them working together. I still wish for the two case episodes. :lol: Because seriously, don't you guys remember how awesome it was to see them leading a case together? The cases didn't even have to be interesting. They just work together like a perfect team. It's not this whole 'one of them knows more than the other and shows it'. They are working hand in hand, and that's cool. So I'm really happy they are working together again this season. Especially when they are examining bedrooms. ;) I just posted in the Anna thread where *NickStone* posted this awesome wallpaper of Stuck On You. That's one of those awesome episodes. I love how jealous Danny was because of this Gus all the time. Lindsay's comment about the guy made it even more funny. ;) Oh, and yeah, why not give us a scene like we got at the end of Stuck On You again? I mean, a little date is always welcome, right? ;)
I loved Stuck on You, it was one of my favorite episodes of season 2. Another of my favorites was Run Silent Run Deep. When Lindsay took the evidence to Danny first before going to Mac, you could really see how concerned she was about him. And again at the hospital when she asked if he was okay. And Brinchen I agree, people don't stop going out on dates together when they Marry right?
So being the show is in re-runs, any "spoiler" news on Danny and Lindsay? I hope we get some type of news on thier marriage the baby and what they're up to;)