CSI Pyramid

Take a wild shot rape in the Willows family ( Catherine was raped at the end/beginning of BTK1/2 and Eddie accuses Catherine of rape in Who Are You?)
Someone in Catherine's family gets involved in something illegal?

Lindsay hitchikes
Eddie is accused of rape? :confused:
Who Are You?, Built To Kill Part 2, Harvest, Too Tough To Die.
Just as a refresher, as it was posted on the previous page.

I want to guess episodes that Lindsay was in, but I don't think she was actually in built to kill part2, was she?
Oh, that's right. :lol: The reason I couldn't find her in the credits was because I forgot it was a different actress.
We are all too smart and try to think too hard about these. Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest, for example, what is a silver dollar made of, or how long is a meter stick??