CSI Pyramid


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This is a game based on the winner’s circle round of the long-running television show starring Dick Clark. One person will post a series of clues, for example “Grissom, Willows, Brown, Stokes, Sidle.” Other board members will try to guess what they have in common, in this case “Main characters on the original series.” A wrong answer would be “Stars of the CSI Vegas version,” because the stars are Petersen, Dourdan, etc.

The person who posted the clues will acknowledge whoever had the first correct answer, and the winner will post the next clues. If, after a reasonable time, nobody has answered correctly, more clues may be added. I would suggest starting with about five clues and then adding two or three more after a day or so. Please remember that not everybody is on 24 hours a day, so be patient waiting to see if you are correct. If two or more people answered correctly at the same time, the one whose post appeared first will be considered the winner.

And remember the four F’s:
Keep it Fairly simple (we have many ages and countries represented here)
Keep it Family oriented (PG-13)
Keep it Friendly (no arguing.or the mods will shut it down)
Keep it Fun. So let’s get started.

5…4…3…2…cue announcer and theme music…
Live… from the virtual studios of CSI Files Network, this is… the CSI PYRAMID!
*Applause, applause*

Let’s start with a simple one…
Luminol, DNA swabs, alternate light source, numbered tent cards, evidence bags...
Ermm.. think I get this..
All things used at a crime scene, for evidence collecting. (in all 3 CSIS)
Well done, lea, and Happy Birthday. You won the first round. Now it is your turn to post clues.
Oh yay. And thanks!! *Bit scared now* If I do this wrong tell me :lol: easy one..

Snakes, Who Shot Sherlock, Crow's Feet, King Baby, Formalities
Yes, four is fine. There is no set limit. If nobody answers in a day or so, you can add more.
Alright guys, this is an interesting thread. ;) Make sure you read the "Four Fs" part of the original post. :) Keep it PG-13 and keep it friendly and the thread is good to go. :)
Is it all right if I post my clues now.

I'm going to post them because otherwise I'll have to wait till tommorrow afternoon to do it.

Greg, Ryan, Lindsay
The newest regular ('cause Greg was around from the beginning I think but not as a regular castmember) characters on all three shows?

(if I'm right I'll have to post tonight when I get back on)