CSI: NY Season 7 Wishlist.


I just remembered something about an hour ago. At the end of CSI: Miami's 4th or 5th season I started a wishlist for the next season. Well, since CRAPPY <--(my opinion) season 6 of CSI: NY is coming to an end later this month, I thought this would be a good time to start one of these wishlist threads here for season 7 of CSI: NY.
Here's my season 7 wishlist.

1...SMACK. Put Mac and Stella together as a couple all freakin' ready.
2...Less bashing us over the heads with the Danny/Lindsay ship. That Titanic has sailed and sunk already.
3...Better stories. Stories like in seasons 1-4. Writers, go back and watch seasons 1-4.
4...More Adam in the field. ("I hate poop." Season 5 ep. Turbulence.) ("Low man on the totem gets all the exciting stuff." Season 5 ep. No Good Deed.)
5...Flack temporarily falls off the sobriety wagon.
6...Bring Emmanuelle Vagiuer back as a different but Angell-like character. And don't kill her off again.
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For me season 6 is good. It's not as great as the previous seasons but it's still a good watch and entertaining. Having said this, I wish the writers would give us the following for season 7:

1. Follow-up on Adam's dad/back story and Sid's family. I wish Mac, Stella and company would accept Sid's invitation for Thanksgiving. That would be a great moment.
2. Two-case episodes. I really miss those episodes. Maybe 3 episodes will do if they are really in strict budget cuts.
3. How I wish they could bring back Emmanuelle Vaugier. Yeah it's kinda jump-the-shark-y. I realized Angell was my favorite in the show. Now is Stella.
4. A season long story line. CSI: NY's writers are very creative, I think they can come up with new ones.
5. More interesting, intriguing cases.
6. No more guest stars who can't act.
7. More team moments!
8. No more rotational absence between Lindsay, Adam and Sid as much as possible. Damn "budget cuts"!
9. More scenes featuring New York City (places, people, culture etc.) please. After all, this is CSI: NY!

3 more episodes to go before the finale. But this time, I'm not expecting much in it. I just hope things I love about CSI: NY that got lost go back next season.
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Personally I think that this season was not as great that the previous.

1. Mac and Stella together. Or at least not Aubrey, Peyton or Adam/Stella
2. Better stories, better crimes, better killer.
3. More Sid, more about his personal life whit his wife, daughter..
4. More team moment like the end of Manhattanhenge
5. Mac without his shirt! XD :drool:
erm, hmm let me think

1: back to 2 case eps, please.

2: make the team/character moments more special by fitting them in around 2 cases instead of using them as filler because one case doesn't fill the whole timeslot (the personal moments were just as good if not better during s1-3 because they didn't feel like filler so much)

3: stop bloody reminding us DL are married: WE KNOW!

4: no smacked, sorry. i used to think it might work but the more i think about it the less i do - it's fine in fics but on the show it'd be a disaster - although i'm all for having little cute moments of *friendship* between them, those are lovely, like when he tucked her in, that was a really lovely gesture, but not romance, please. if mac has to have a romantic interest, then aubrey gets my vote, otherwise i'm all for the couch thing.

5: more sid and adam, less of aforementioned sledgehammer reminding us things we already know

6: hawkes to make a full time transition to being the team's life coach? god knows he's done more of that this season than crimebusting ;)

7: please please please *please* let gary get more of his full acting range out - i love mac, i really do, but recently he's been too one dimensional, i don't mind him taking a background/supporting place for cases but i do mind if he becomes unexciting owing to bad writing. gary is an amazing actor and has a very broad range, he can do funny, serious, dramatic, all kinds of stuff, and these days he doesn't seem to be getting the chance to which seems like a waste. i realise there are constraints within tv, and that's fair enough, you can't have it being all about the one character and actors can't always let rip like they might on stage, but back in s1-2 he was given much more room to make mac a bit different and i really don't want mac to get stuck in a rut (although i think it might be a bit late for that).
Caro, I agree with some of your point with ALL my heart (btw i wrote this hours ago but Internet died so I couldn't post earlier ouch!) :D

Here is my wish list:

1) SMAC PLEASE. Well written, pure romance, sweet, passionate. They are adults and they are not dead, you know?

2)Please Adam's story being developed. I am dying to know Adam's reaction if his dad ever visits him in NYC. That storyline is so rich and it could be so great!

3) Sheldon getting a girlfriend? That would be so nice. Sid and Sheldon are my fav doctors so more stories for both of them would be great to watch An ethical dilemma for Sid in the autopsy room!

4) Donnie visiting the Dark side. Absolutely yes!. I don't know if drinking could be the vehicle there but definitely another crisis for him would be very worth of watching

5) a FEMALE serial killer. It's very strange to find one of those in RL so why not a change here?

6) two story- episodes. It gives more space to show all characters. Individual episodes can be used for special stories or for Mac and Stella :D

7) PLEASE, respect traditions There were symbols that identified SMAC (the little we have had) and during S6 they vanished Those little things make fans happy. (Green, #16, #24, etc) and those details don't make them canon, do you know that too?

8) Respect nature of characters: Adam's nervousness (???) around Mac, Stella and Don's friendship, Danny and Stella's etc) It's what it makes a character stronger on screen.

and my last wish:

MAKE DL DISSAPEAR FOR A YEAR. I am not saying they should kill them both (I don't count Baby Lucy because Lucy is not annoying. Her parents are)

A SABBATICAL YEAR and No, they don't need to dissapear for a season. Just not putting them together until the point is vomitive. And yeap, being fair there wasn't a big DL overload this season. I don't want to imagine what would have been S6 with DL crap all over the season and then the great finale

Is that much to ask? :D
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Uargh! Make room, one hot head coming up.

10 pleads to CSI GOD

1. Less Smack more Rambo Stella. Yes on passion, nix romance! Smack little things - yes, Stella jump on Mac - no.

2. Make Adam 'cry' in father-son epi. :devil:

3.more love in authopsy room. :drool: + :devil: = ¥

4. Donnie fizzle bottle of Jack

5.char nature= people change, whay char can't

6. DL! if they make them Gina and Keith I will watch

7.improved 1 epi stories, Flack in black, NY City rush hour slaughter under caterpillar treads - mmm... mushy

8. guest stars who CAN act - Sanaa McCoy or Milla Jovovich ;)

9.someone losin shirt?
If we gona have male striper let it be Danny. Or Adam! Or both at once :evil:

10.the whole season story line with sex addicted female killer (with scenes) to buckle up a technicality crisis.

thank y god f listening

1) Equal screentime for the characters (I understand Mac and Stella are the leads but in the past the screentime had a much better balance). Especially for Lindsay, Adam and Sid.

2) Two case episodes.

3) Characters being paired up with everyone like in season 2.

4) Danny and Lindsay working together more often like in Formula and Pot Of Gold. (And I want some shipper moments as well. Something like in Snow Day would be very nice.)

5) More friendship/working together scenes for Lindsay and Stella.
Very interesting! Mine's gonna be a minority opinion then..

I'm tired of hearing 'this will be **'s episode'. Please no more special stories just for certain character. I blame that for the quality drop in recent seasons. Green piece, GFD, RIP Melina G., Redempio.. the list goes on and on.

Let the writers write scripts and actors act. Don't mix the two! :brickwall:

And BIG NO for Smack. Please! I know quite a lot of people who will gladly give up this show if that ever happens.

2) Two case episodes.

ditto! :thumbsup:
1) No SMACked. At least, not now.

2) Flashbacks of Angell and Flack. Some unseen clips.

3) More chemistry between Lindsay and Danny. Please?

4) I'm warming up to Aubrey. I'd like to see her back.

5) No new partner for Flack.

6) Sid and Hawkes storyline would be AWESOME.

7) Agree with the person who said "Two case episodes."

8) Flack in a leather jacket again just like in Season 1 and 2! :drool:

9) Rambo Stella needs her rest. Let some other character get chased and beat up for once! :lol:

10) More unique and interesting plots. Somehow I feel like they're re-using some of the past epis.
Asch, I swear to God I will kick your butt with that bottle of Jack:devil:

We don't need DL anymore. Weren't 4 seasons more than enough?:angel:

Let Danny grows up as individual and Let's Lindsay grows up as individual as well. Show them interacting with other characters:angel:

After watching 6.12, you can understand how nice is Lindsay when she is not under Danny's shadow and the same i can say about Danno:angel:

This is CSI NY, NOT "DAYS OF OUR LIVES":angel:

And yep, Smacked would be perfect for all because writers woudn't need much work creating chemistry:thumbsup:They have to decide when and where, not HOW:bolian:

Aubrey? Why not? She is nice:cool:

Debbs (oh yes, i am getting new fans any minute:lol::lol::lol:)
Okay, wishlist? let's see...in order of most wanted.;)

1) Two-case episodes. Two-case episodes. Two-case episodes. Two-case episodes. Two-case episodes. It's not even a wish, it's the one major thing I'm seriously hoping they do in S7. Ever since I noticed that almost all of Vegas's episodes have been two-case this season.

2) A return to the complex, layered themes that used to appear in the show, both

a) within the cases: in all fairness, most of the cases this season are tons better than last season (they've had a bit more depth to them), but could still get better in terms of variation. For the past two seasons, it's basically been "I'm angry/lost control, killed someone". How about covering things like mercy killings (real, or imagined in the vein of the Cabbie Killer), murder for hire, accidental deaths, deaths that don't turn out to be murder but suicide..

and b) in the various relationships between all the members of the team. Team moments are great and all, but they somewhat lose their meaning if I can't remember what makes this team so great in the first place. More of the specific two-person relationship dynamics shared between the different members of the team.

3) Character-story for Adam. Something like "Party's Over" which explains more about him, or even like his early-S5 storyline where he was worried over his job; bonus points if it ties into his past, and gives us something on that.

4) Sid back. And I don't just mean no more disappearances, I mean Sid back, the quirky part of his personality that hasn't been the same since late S5. And a character-story for him. Don't wanna seem ungrateful because we did get a Sid-centric ep this season, but it didn't feel very character-specific to him.

5) Character-story for Lindsay in which Danny isn't even seen, let alone involved. Something like Stealing Home or Open and Shut or Boo (only with Hawkes or Adam or Mac being the other one working on the case). And/or glimpses of her personal life outside of work, again that have to do with her alone (please tell me tptb are aware that married people have personal lives outside of each other. I'll accept Lucy being involved, though). I'd ask for a DL breakup, but more realistically, I'll settle for it just not being mentioned for long periods of time.:lol:

6) Focus on Flack, preferably in the form of a story. I don't want them to just leave it at "he changed with Angell's death and now he's angry and different, the end." They don't have to reopen the whole Angell/Cade saga, but if they could have an entirely unrelated story for Flack that highlights how deep the changes have gone. Like bringing Sam back and having Flack be far less patient with her than he was before (or, depending on whether he does fall off the sobriety wagon, far more).

7) Less of the episodes coming off as just case-exposition -- as much as I like the team interactions of S6, it's really hard lately to get the sense that these guys are people at work at a "normal" job. How about some discussion of promotions, shift or scheduling problems, hanging out in the breakroom, lunch, arriving to/from work, etc...I realize the cases are usually so fast-paced that the characters don't have time to discuss or do any of these things, but they didn't used to be.

8) The old interesting Danny back, there's really no other way to say that.

9)I like what they've done with Hawkes this season, because he's gotten a lot of character development...but how about giving him a happy story, for once? And a love interest.
1) SMACKED. Definitely. Those two have been dancing around each other so long...and they are made for each other:) We all know it will happen anyways so why not use it to create an angsty/passionate personal thread throughout the season?

2) Old Danny - snarky, cynical and where have his glasses gone?? I want them back!!

3) More Adam and Sid - they are two great, very underused characters! Instead of introudcing new ones, they should concentrate on what they've already got! Both Adam and Sid have terrific potential! Thanksgiving at Sid's or Adam's nasty father could be really interesting/fun threads/moments!

4) Concentrate on interesting/dark cases like in seasons 1-4!! Have all the real flesh-and-blood criminals fled NY in the last two years??

The rest I leave to the writers though I don't know if that's such a good idea considering what they've been doing to this show lately...Let me just say that SVU has just bested CSI:NY in viewers for this week's eppy...I think that says it all...
1. Two case episodes! It's been said SO many times and I completely agree.

2. No soap opera love triangles!

3. More Adam and Sid. I know it's been said before but I'd like to see them a little more. I agree that I'd like to see more of Adam's background and it would be nice to see some of Sid's family life. We've seen him more affected by things lately and certain cases so it'd be nice to see his family.

4. Separate cases and character development for Danny and Lindsay. Yes we know they're married but does that mean once you're married you're no longer a person in your own right? No. Let's see them as individuals.

5. I say this every year: I want to see Flack's family!
7: please please please *please* let gary get more of his full acting range out - i love mac, i really do, but recently he's been too one dimensional, i don't mind him taking a background/supporting place for cases but i do mind if he becomes unexciting owing to bad writing. gary is an amazing actor and has a very broad range, he can do funny, serious, dramatic, all kinds of stuff, and these days he doesn't seem to be getting the chance to which seems like a waste. i realise there are constraints within tv, and that's fair enough, you can't have it being all about the one character and actors can't always let rip like they might on stage, but back in s1-2 he was given much more room to make mac a bit different and i really don't want mac to get stuck in a rut

1) Exactly what Lisa says above. Gary is an amazing actor and the writers can give the character good and different stuff - I for example loved 'Uncertainty Rules' because we got to see Mac take on a different 'role' in the case, and see a different side to his character AND it also benefitted the other characters I thought as it allowed Stella to take on the role of heading up the case which is different for her. Definitely I want to see Gary be allowed to show more of his range. I'd also like to see personal storylines for Mac that aren't to do with cases/people trying to kill him! Like the Aubrey storyline.

2) More personal/emotional stuff for Flack, like earlier this season. A fall off the wagon would be excellent, or perhaps even a situation where what he did in the s5 finale was discovered somehow.

3) I'd like to see more of Adam in the field, and some personal stuff for him too. An episode/s dealing with his father would be wonderful. They managed to fit background bits about Langston's father in on CSI Vegas without it getting in the way of the cases, so I'm sure they could do the same for Adam, even if it was just one or two episodes.

4) More Sid, more Sid getting involved in the cases (like Flag on the Play) and some glimpses into his family/private life would be great.

5) No more ramming DL or the fact that they are married down our throats. I'd like to see Danny and Lindsay split up on cases and interacting personally with the rest of the team. They seem to have become quite a closed-off-ish unit this season, with the majority of their personal scenes/moments/storylines happening with each other. Lindsay has great chemistry with Mac and with Stella, and Danny and Flack are awesome together, so I'd much rather see that than DL together all the time.

6) Back to the two-case format, with them only working one case occasionally. This would allow for Danny and Lindsay being developed separately, too.

7) Show more of New York. Chinatown, Little Italy, the boroughs. Also, get back that New York feeling by having more diversity. Have someone who is not white and wealthy be a suspect/victim. Kill a black person, or an immigrant, or a disabled person, or a working class white person,or have them be a suspect/killer. I don't whether the writers have gone PC mad, or what, but this is New York City, and we need more diversity. I'd personally love an episode where, say, a mentally or physically disabled person was the major suspect in a case, to see the team deal with that. I really liked that little moment in DOA for a Day when Mac and Flack went to interview the ex-SEAL who had lost his legs, and when the guy accused Flack of pitying him, Flack said he was simply trying to work out if he could have done it. I really liked Supermen too, and how it involved people with mental disabilities. The Hollis Eckhart/Compass Killer arc was good too.
I guess at first the writers were trying to make the point that wealthy, white people can be killers too, but now it's gone too far.

8) More complex, layered, darker cases. Episodes like Blink, Mrs Azrael, Supermen, the Cabbbie Killer episodes, please!
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