CSI NY Season 3 DVD


CSI Level Three
According to CBS, the complete third season of NY will be released October 9th.

The set will be widescreen, with 5.1 Surround audio & a regular stereo soundtrack. Languages also included English & Spanish.

More info will be posted *here* when it comes in.

I, personally can't wait :D
*is excited* Thanks for posting this allstar. :)

The DVD's are released in two parts in the UK, and the first part of NY season 3 has a release date of July 16th. No other information has been released about the extras available on this either. This is the cover art for the region 2 (UK) release:

nikkilou30 said:
found out that part 2 of the third season is out in October.

Yep, play.com has the UK release listed for October 15th, when they will also release the complete third season box set for region 2. Obviously I would prefer to get the complete season box set, but I'm not sure I can wait that long, so I'll probably buy it in two parts as usual! :lol:
*does happy dance*

My mom said that Wal-Mart opens at 7am, so I'm getting my ass out of bed and walking up there to be at the doors for 7. Even if I have class at 8am, that ain't gonna stop me from buying this. Nothing will...even if it's pouring rain, I'll still go up :D not missing this release for the world.
It's coming out that soon in the U.K? And the season is just ending? Whoa, that is quick for you guys! I wish that happened here! *pouts* lol.
Just checked my Play.com account and my DVD is now packed and waiting to be dispatched :) :) :) with a bit of luck I might receive it before Monday 16th July
For those NY fans in the UK, the first half of season 3 will be released on DVD on Monday! :D *yay* I'm sure you're all looking forward to it, and I know that some of you have it ordered ready for delivery. Once you've got it please do come and post in this thread and let us know what you think of it, what extras it has etc... I can't wait to find out! :)
My order from Play.com has been dispatched so I'm waiting by the letter box for Mr Postman. If it comes tomorrow I will post what extras the DVD has :)
Came in from work at 11:30am to find the DVD waiting for me :) :) :)

Extras on the DVD : The two crossover episodes between CSI New York and CSI Miami - 407 - Felony Flight and 207 - Manhattan Manhunt