It looked like a last minute change. NBA was supposed to be starting this week on TNT but since there was an unexpected lockout few weeks ago (and just recently, the lockout has been extended up to the end of November), NY took the place. Not yet sure if the NY marathon continues to Nov 17 and 24. I hope so because I want to see season 4 again. :thumbsup:
Same here. I'd watch some of the playoffs if the Bulls ever made it that far again, but otherwise, gimme my CSI NY fix. At least on the nights I don't have to get up so darn early for work.
I bet TNT is wishing for basketball. :lol:

Yeah. Basketball would have rated much higher!

I like watching reruns because I get to catch some funny quotes I didn't before. I also learn some tiny facts about the characters that I hadn't heard of before.
It's Thursday and another CSI: NY marathon (season 3) tonight on TNT starting at 8pm ET.

Also, checkout next Thursday November 17 and Thanksgiving night November 24 for more marathons (season 4) starting at 8pm ET.
Excellent! :) TV Guide magazine has got it listed now, so I expect no more mistakes while NBA is still in a lockout.
Yay for having this happening Thursday nights. With Person Of Interest being a rerun tonight at 9pm I will be watching this instead.
Try Bones, it's a great forensics show too. I *would* be watching CSI NY if it weren't on, though. And if they have one at 10 and 11 I'll likely watch. (that's central, not eastern)
Bones and breakfast? :eek: Strong stomach! :lol:

I went to TNT website and the episodes for rerun marathons have changed:

Thursday, November 17, starting at 8pm/7c
Out of the Sky
The Cost of Living
DOA for a Day
The 34th Floor
Down the Rabbit Hole

Thursday, November 24, starting at 8pm/7c
Dead Reckoning
Point of View
Summer in the City
Right Next Door
Like Water For Murder
The 34th Floor? That was Jo's first episode from last season, right? Moving quick, aren't they? Skipping some eps, too.
Yeah it's Jo's first episode. The marathons are so random. Look at Down the Rabbit Hole and DOA for Day. TNT could have shown them in order and back-to-back.
That's my biggest pet peeve once shows start airing in syndication. The networks might not start showing them from the beginning, which confuses the hell out of people. TNT did the same thing with Smallville, which they show in the mornings. Starting showing episodes that aired in 2009, and the show started several years earlier than that. Frustrating! :scream: