CSI: NY Magazine coming out March 11th

I like a sucker, bought all three editions. All the interviews are pretty generic, and similar to others...but it has nice glossy pictures! :thumbsup: Also reminds me of xfiles days...and gives me something to look forward too.

But the George Eads comment about trying to throw in a line about GSR being gross made it worth getting the vegas one :lol:
I went to WHSmiths today and they said it wasn't out yet!! :lol: I had to laugh but didn't want to make a stand in the shop infront of other customers but they said they atre going to ring me when they get it!

So it got me thinking maybe the 'No one place for magazines' (which is what the sign said outside) is one of the last places to get it :lol:
I finally got my CSI: NY Magzine, it came in today. Well worht it, I love the Interviews, and there is lovely pictures of Mac, Carmine, and Hill, the only thing that bothered me, was it also had parts of Miami, and LV:scream::scream: I wanted all NY.

I also think they should bring out a A CSI:NY/Miami/LV Playgirl book:drool: I'd buy it, and I'm sure some other naughty minds would too:thumbsup:;)
:lol: That would be an interesting book...

I'm hope everyone managed to find the magazine in the end, I've actually read mine properly now and it was OK, but as xfcanadian said, it's generic. I'll still get the 6th issue though for the interviews with the other cast members.