CSI: NY Magazine coming out March 11th

Hi All :D the first issue of the CSI: NY magazine will be hitting newsstands and bookstores on March 11th with exclusive behind the scenes pictures and cast interviews
Hey guy's, are these available in Canada, I've checked quite a few stores, and they've not heard anything. I know we have CSI novel's at our bookstores, but not the Mag's.

Thanks in advance, LMH :)
I'm definitely going to keep a look out for the magazine in March then. I wonder if they sell it in WHSmith? :lol: That's the only place I really pass that stocks magazines, apart from Tesco and I don't think they'll have it there.
All newsagents used to do special orders, I have no idea if that's still the case but I would think that some must do. If not, it looks like you should be able to order it from Titan Magazine's website. They have the Miami one available, so I guess the NY one will be after it has hit the shelves. :)

*Reminds self to ask in WHSmith*

luvingmyhoratio, it's available in the US and Canada too, as far as I can tell. Have a look at www.titanmagazines.com
Thanks Elsie :), I've had a look, and bookmarked the site. I'll have to see if my bookstore is planning on getting them in. If not, hopefully they can order it in, as long as the cost isn't too extreme.
Aphina said:
They do sell it in WH SMith's I work there, and I found the Miami one on the shelf the other day!

:cool: You've saved me a job this lunchtime. Thanks Aphina! :D
I live in Canada and I was happy to have found the CSI Miami magazine in Coles Bookstore ...Yay!!!! Which means i'll find NY there as well. If you go to the Titan website now, you can get a brief glimpse of what's in the upcoming NY one. And the best part is, on the website they didn't spell Ms. Scrunch Face Monroe's last name correctly. Apparently she is Lindsay "Moore" :guffaw:
Thanks for that info, but where I am, my bookstore don't carry the NY one, but they do have Miami, but the good news is, they will order it in, so I'll have it sooner or later:lol: