CSI: New York Icons #3 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

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As always people the icon work here is amazing.

Love the colouring on those Lizzy Sander.
Danny in the green jacket is my complete favourite.
[31] CSI:NY 3X18 - Sleight out of Hand
[10] CSI
[10] Friends
[10] Criminal Minds
[10] Grey's Anatomy
[10] Supernatural
[01] Jensen Ackles Wallpaper


More here.
hey guys! im only a few posts from gaining my icon status! (tehe!) have been looking around and you all are amazing! i hope to snag one real soon and give ya'll credit of course, if that be ok! :D
Lizzy_Sander i snagged one of yours!! credit on my profile of course! tell me if thats not cool with you! :D
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