CSI: New York Icons #3 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

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Hey all! Welcome to thread number 3. Previous Thread : 2

Please check out the FAN ART FORUM GUIDE for general rules in this forum.

Additional reminders:

[x] Do not post more than three icons at the same time. Some use dial up and when you post lots of images it's going to take a long time for them to download the page. However, you may post url links to the rest of the icons.

[x] Do not quote the icons because doing so uses up precious bandwidth. If you quote a post, please remove the image tags.

[x] If you have an icon journal, icon site, photobucket account, etc, feel free to share the link with us.

[x] If you're sharing your LJ icons, make sure you provide us with your LJ name so people can credit you.

[x] Similarly, if you're taking someone's icon, make sure you give credit where credit is due. You may do that in your bio or in your sig.

[x] You don't have to ask if you can use an icon. People post their icons for that reason alone - so you can use them.

[x]To be able to use an icon, you need 100 posts.

Have fun everyone! :)
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