CSI:Miami RT #12 - 'Road To Nowhere'

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Well i think Lori is being cautious on both they're parts in this! one because she keeps having problems and I think shes afraid of what may happen and two I think shes feeling out Scott to see if hes cleaned up his act or not! I just think they are both trying to find that common ground in there relationship right now and there is no need to rush it!

Great update Geni
Thanks for the reviews! :)

Short one this evening. :eek:


Miami restaurant, 8pm

Anni: *walks over, smiles* Hey! Glad you could make it. *hugs Speed*

Speed: *places hand on Anni's back* Good to see you.

Tom: *walks over*

Speed: *lets go*

Tom: Table's back there if we're all ready.

Katie: Hey hey if Anni got to hug Speed, does that mean I get to hug Tom?

Tom: *looks at Katie*

Katie: WEE! *hugs Tom*

Tom: Oof.

Katie: Oooh you're one solid man.

Anni: *grabs Katie*

Katie: ACK! *falls back*

Scott: *steps over* Hey.

Anni: Oh hi Scott! Just in time! Did you manage to get Lori here?

Lori: *walks over*

Anni: *smiles* Wonderful. *wraps arms around Lori*

Lori: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *stares at Lori*

Anni: *lets go* Okay, dinner time!


Lori: *staring at plate*

Scott: *looks at Lori*

Anni: I heard you got a promotion, Lori.

Lori: *lifts eyes* Yeah.

Anni: Good for you! We're all really proud, aren't we. *looks at Speed*

Speed: *drinks water*

Lori: It's not really a big deal.

Speed: Yeah it's not like she's actually providing for herself. It's a hobby while Scott foots all her bills.

Lori: *looks down at plate*

Scott: That's a little unfair.

Speed: What's unfair is how her children have to grow up waiting for the next time their mother blows a gasket in front of them.

Anni: No no no. We're not doing this again. We're here to have dinner as friends and family, not to take shots at each other.

Katie: *looks at Lori* Can I see the scar?

Lori: *lifts brow*

Katie: *smiles* From the gunshot.

Lori: *frowns*

Anni: I don't think that's appropr-

Lori: Here. *rips open shirt* There? You happy? Anymore comments? Just so we get it all out of the way.

Everyone: *staring at Lori*

Lori: Great. *closes shirt* Now that we're on the same page, let's do this dinner thing.

Speed: Why, you in a hurry?

Lori: Forget it. *stands, walks away*

Speed: She's touchy.

Scott: Excuse me. *stands, walks away*

Tom: If they don't come back, I don't have to pay for their portion, right?

Anni: *places hand on Tom's arm*

Tom: Just wondering. I'm not made of money.

Back alley

Lori: *sitting on steps*

Scott: *walks over, sits*

Lori: I don't really want to talk.

Scott: Then I'll just sit with you.

Lori: Maybe I don't want you to sit here.

Scott: It's a nice night, I don't mind.

Lori: *rolls eyes* You're supposed to be inside pretending to be separated from me.

Scott: Just because we're separated, doesn't mean I don't care about you.

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *staring at Lori*

Lori: *stands* I'm going home. You can go back inside and eat with them.

Scott: *lifts head* I'm your ride.

Lori: I like to walk. *leaves*

Scott: *lowers head*

Inside restaurant

Katie: *staring at Tom* You have really nice eyes.

Tom: *looks at Katie*

Anni: *elbows Katie*

Katie: OW. I'll stop.

Now...this isn't really a proactive way to get Lori back together again. If anything, Speed chiding her is setting her back even more. I find it slightly hilarious that Speed's done virtually the exact same thing, and even worst (*ep by Lori), and yet he's got this self righteous thing going on. I love him, but GAH...GET OVER IT! Lori's the one supposed to be upset at you, not the other way round! AH...It's frustrating!

At least Scott's trying. He's showing that he really, truly cares about her, and I hope he knows that it's going to be time consuming to get her to see that she's worth his efforts. I just can't wait until that moment!

Awesome update!
Oh for the love of Pete! Are we going through this whole dinner thing again! Haven't they lerned yet that they all can not sit down at the same table with Speed and katie and have a civilized dinner and a real conversation without Speed and his snide remarks about Lori and katie and her inappropriate comment and lack of self control towards the men sitting at the table! Jeez!

Please ! Somebody take the tent down and pack it in the circus sould be over by now and move on! Agghhh!

Poor Scott he is trying so hard to get back in Lori's life and people keep messing it up ! Well Anni and Tom are trying to be reassuring and nice, but good lord can't Speed and katie just go off in a corner by themselves somewhere and grope each other or something. My Lord ! I wish someone would quit putting the free food sign out when theirs a get together maybe they wouldn't show up for once and everyone could be civil between the rest of them! Sorry I had to rant! I'm just pissed at Speed! Again!n grow the fuck up dip shit!

Great update Geni !
here we go again. why can't Speed just be happy that Lori is trying.

Katie just needs to stop already..

Great update Geni
Thanks for the reviews! :adore: :)


Condo, next day, 4pm

Speed: *opens door*

Lori: *walks in* We need to talk.

Speed: *shuts door* We do?

Lori: Yeah. Th-

Katie: *smiles*

Lori: *sigh* Mom's here. Great.

Speed: *turns around*

Lori: I'm going to therapy tomorrow.

Speed: Great.

Lori: You're coming.

Speed: *lifts brow* Excuse me?

Lori: It's a family thing. You need to be involved.

Speed: No I don't.

Lori: The doctor says it affects everyone and you're part of everyone.

Speed: I don't need therapy.

Katie: *laughs*

Speed: *looks at Katie*

Katie: Oh you weren't joking.

Lori: It would mean a lot to me.

Speed: Lori, your problems are your problems. Don't drag me into it.

Lori: We have some issues we need to work through.

Speed: No we don't.

Lori: Uh you sent me to a foreign jungle for 8 years.

Speed: You're still going on about that?

Lori: *frowns* That's just one slice of the pie.

Katie: I think it'll be neat. You should go. That way, you can get everything off your chest.

Speed: Now you're on her side?

Katie: I see the benefits.

Speed: What benefits? Lori badmouthing me for an hour?

Katie: Oh come now, Tim. Are you afraid of her saying some mean things or are you afraid of facing yourself?

Speed: ...You've been watching too many Lifetime movies.

Katie: *looks at Lori* He'll go.

Lori: *smiles*

Speed: No I won't.

Lori: *smile fades*

Speed: I don't need to be attacked by my own children. *walks away*

Lori: *lowers head*

Katie: He needs to sleep on it.

Lori: ...I just wish we could have a normal father/daughter relationship. *lifts head* Is that too much to ask?

Katie: What's normal?

Lori: *stares at Katie*

Katie: *walks away*

Lori: *stares blankly*

Biscayne Park, house, 5pm

Anni: *places bowl onto table* Come eat your dinner, Brook.

Brook: *runs over*

Tom: *opens door, walks in*

Anni: *smiles* Just in time for dinner.

Brook: DADDY! *runs over, hugs Tom's leg*

Tom: *smiles* Hey! *kneels, picks up Brook*

Brook: *wraps arms around Tom's neck*

Tom: *kisses Brook's cheek*

Brook: *giggles*

Tom: Ready for dinner?

Brook: *smiling, nods*

Tom: Good.


Tom: *places Brook in chair*

Brook: *grabs plate*

Anni: Whoa! Hold it, let me get some food on there first. *dumps potatoes onto plate*

Brook: *grabs spoon, digs into potatoes*

Tom: She's sure hungry.

Anni: That's just because I'm an excellent cook.

Tom: *wraps arm around Anni, kisses her*

Anni: *smiles*

Tom: Here, *grabs pot* why don't you sit down for dinner and I'll get everything else out.

Anni: Thanks.

Tom: *places pot on table, walks away*

Brook: *shovels potatoes into mouth*

Anni: *sigh* You're making a mess.

Tom: *walks in, places dish onto table* We'll get her cleaned once she's finished, no sweat. *dumps veggies onto plate*

Brook: *grabs veggies*

Tom: *sits*

Anni: What's with the uh, gash over your eye?

Tom: *shakes head* Suspect in the interview room had a problem with going to jail for murder and decided to take it out on me.

Anni: I hope you dropped him.

Tom: Her.

Anni: *nods slowly*

Tom: *smiles* She was effectively neutralized.

Anni: I would have loved to see that.

Tom: *winks, drinks soda*

Anni: *smiles*

Speed is really afraid. That's all it is, he's afraid to face himself and what choices he's made. I think that if he just bears the brunt of it, they can find common ground. He really needs to face it.

Awwwww. Tom and Anni...THE sweetest couple out there...Incidentally, the happiest...lol. I just love how easy going they are with each other and how much of a family unit they are. It's so awesome that Anni's found someone who's for her with no holdbacks. Awesome indeed!

Great update!
Hell I think the whole Hee Haw gang needs to go to therapy not just one or two of them ! The whole Family!

great update Geni!
Thanks so much for the reviews! :D


Therapy Room, 9am next day

Speed: *sits*

Lori: *looks at Speed*

Doctor: Okay, welcome. Lori's told me so much about you.

Speed: *frowns* Has she.

Doctor: All of this will be between the three of us so don't be afraid to say everything that's on your mind.

Speed: Great. I think this is a waste of time.

Lori: So I'm a waste of time to you now.

Speed: That's not what I said.

Doctor: But you can see why Lori might feel this way.

Speed: The only reason she wants me here is so she can cry victim like she always does. I love her but she's a pain in my ass.

Doctor: Because of her disease.

Speed: If you want to call it that.

Doctor: It's normal to be angry. Lori understands the effect she's had on everyone.

Speed: Does she.

Lori: Yes. You and Mom never let me forget it.

Doctor: What's the worst memory you have of Lori?

Speed: The worst?

Doctor: Yes, the point in which you were the most disappointed, furious or scared.

Speed: Can there be more than one?

Lori: *frowns*

Doctor: Let's start off with a singular event.

Speed: Okay. *looks at Lori* When you tried to kill yourself.

Lori: ...That was the worst thing you could come up with.

Speed: What's worse than losing your child?

Lori: *stares at Speed*

Speed: I've lost enough.

Lori: Yeah? Is that why you ran your bike off the causeway? What the hell do you call that? You think that didn't totally gut me too?

Doctor: Obviously there's a lot of hurt here but I see a lot of love as well.

Lori: Definitely. You might be pissed off that I did what I did but I can't replace you either. And I have no desire to.

Speed: *stares at Lori*

Lori: *leans back in chair* ...You know, when I was sent off to Colombia...you didn't just lose me. *lowers head* I lost you too. I lost just as many years with you that I'll never get back.

Speed: *nods*

Lori: And I...I just...I know I've done a lot of really stupid and hurtful things but whenever you look at me like I'm just a worthless whore, even when I'm trying to do good and I'm successful with something...it kills me. It makes me feel like it wouldn't matter whether I was an addict or completely balanced.

Speed: *lowers head*

Lori: *angry sigh*

Doctor: Tim, do you get what she's trying to say?

Speed: Loud and clear. And she could have just said it to my face, we didn't need a shrink in the room.

Lori: You wouldn't take me seriously any other way.

Speed: That's ridiculous.

Lori: You said this was a waste of time earlier.

Speed: It is.

Lori: *rolls eyes*

Doctor: *looks at watch* ...54 and a half minutes left. *sigh*

Miami lab, layout room, 11am

Tom: *lifts clothing*

Katie: *walks over* Need any help?

Tom: No thanks, I got it covered.

Katie: Can I observe?

Tom: *lifts brow* Checking up on me?

Katie: *shrugs* Got a problem with that?

Tom: Not at all.

Katie: *pulls chair over, sits*

Tom: *picks up tweezers*

Katie: Have you always wanted to be a CSI?

Tom: No. *lifts fiber*

Katie: But you have a science degree.

Tom: It was either that or musical theatre.

Katie: Oh come on, people who get into science have to have some sort of intelligence rattlin' around up in the noggin.

Tom: I worked my ass off. Good enough?

Katie: I guess.

Tom: *nods*

Katie: ...You and Lori have slept together, right?

Tom: *lifts eyes* ...Not recently.

Katie: It's kind of funny because when Stephanie was conceived, it was right around the time you two did your dance between the sheets.

Tom: *stares at Katie*

Katie: I mean sure, she has Scott's eyes but...you both look pretty similar. Lori definitely has a type.

Tom: Anni told me you do this.

Katie: Do what?

Tom: Try to mess with people's relationships.

Katie: It's the truth.

Tom: I think this is the part where I'm not supposed to indulge you.

Katie: *leans on table* You must have really loved Lori to let her and her child stay at your place for months.

Tom: *lowers head, stares through magnifyer*

Katie: But hey, maybe if she'd met you in that rehab instead of Scott...you two would be the ones married. Ever think about that?

Tom: I married Anni. She's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. She's the one I want a family with.

Katie: Yeah but she'll always be second tier, right?

Tom: *frowns* No. Now I'm really busy, you can go observe someone else for a while.

Katie: *smiles, walks away*

Hmmm! I seem to remember Speed have a similar conversation like this with Lori before! I'm still waiting for thind to sink into his head from that one! I don't know if any amount of talking at this point, shrink or no shrink will undo the damage and get Speed to see lori in a different light! Hes just a naturally hateful broody person. I do wish he would quite saying awful inappropriate things to her from out of the blue everytime something happens and support her a little more! "sigh" I just don't think he has it in him at this point!

What the hell is Katie trying to say to Tom? soes she think that Steph belongs to him, is she just out to destroy his and Anni's happiness because shes not getting the attention she needs from Speed. Katie really needs to be in that therapy session with Lori and Speed because i think she has as many or more issues as they do!

Great update Geni!
Is Katie that miserable in her own life that she has to sabotage those around her? I mean, seriously... Don't fall for that, Tom! :p

I really hope Lori and Speed can get to some level of a normal relationship, although I agree with Katie... what is normal?

...It's been a philosophical night. Anyway...

I feel for Steph as she tries to reconcile her parents... I just hope Lori and Scott can work things out. Of course, keeping Speed away is a start :lol:

SAM AND DEAN!!!!!!! *pounce*

Great update! :D
Katie: Oh come on, people who get into science have to have some sort of intelligence rattlin' around up in the noggin.

*is doing a science degree* HEE!

Yeesh, Katie can't pick a personality can she? I reckon Scott should just get a DNA test on Steph to clear it up, once and for all.
OO....Exactly, what is Katie's damage? (I know , I was just opening that one WAAAAAAAAAY up) , but seriously? What's up with trying to throwing a kink in the iron works for Tom and Anni? Now, there's a seed of doubt, and of course, seeds of doubt lead to other things and BAM! Before you know it, Anni's tearfully questioning Tom if she's the third wheel again...Sigh KATIE >.> !

Speed and Lori are making progress, albeit, an inch worm has made more progess than them, but we can't be picky , can we? When he finally understands what kind of impact he has on her life, then things will start to explain themselves. He needs to be a slight bit more receptive to Lori in her attempts to sort her life out. She is trying....

Awesome, simply AWESOME update!

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