CSI:Miami RT #12 - 'Road To Nowhere'

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Okay...I officially want to scrap Hunter off the face of the Earth. Children can be so...ugh to each other... We need to ask...WWLD? Something needs to be done, and quickly!

Finally, Scott has his moment...He finally realizes that Lori's the one that makes him spin... Now, if only they can get on the same page...(*sigh*)...

Awesome update!
Thanks so much for the reviews! :adore:


Psych ward, 4:30pm

Steph: *runs in, smiles* Momma!

Lori: *smiles* Hi!

Steph: *hugs Lori*

Lori: Oof.

Steph: You better yet, Momma?

Lori: It's...not really that simple, honey.

Steph: *nods*

Scott: *walks in, pushes stroller*

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *sits*

Lori: *stares at Scott*

Steph: Daddy, hug Momma.

Scott: I don't think she wants that, Stephie.

Steph: *frowns, grabs Scott* Hugs for Momma. *drags Scott over*

Scott: *stumbles over to chair*

Lori: *blinks*

Steph: Hug.

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *stares at Lori*

Steph: *pushes Lori*

Lori: ACK! *falls over*

Scott: *grabs Lori*

Lori: Jesus, Steph.

Steph: *smiles*

Scott: *looks at Lori*

Lori: *sits up* Don't do that again.

Steph: *smile fades*

Scott *leans closer*

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *whispers* It wouldn't kill us to be friendly in front of our children.

Lori: ...*nods slowly*

Scott: *wraps arms around Lori*

Lori: *frowns, wraps arms around Scott*

Scott: *sighs, closes eyes*

Lori: ...*looks around* Scott. Let go.

Scott: *hugs tighter*

Lori: *glares, shoves Scott*

Scott: *lowers head*

Lori: So Steph, how was school?

Steph: Fun. We got to watch a movie about space.

Lori: *smiles* Wow, seems interesting.

Steph: Earth is BIG, Momma.

Lori: *smiling* Yes it is.

Scott: You guys visit, I'm going to go get a soda or something. *stands, walks away*

Steph: *looks at door*

Lori: C'mon, tell me about the rest of your day.

Steph: *smiles* 'Kay.

Downstairs, hallway

Scott: *places head against soda machine*

Bob: *runs over* Scotty!

Scott: *lifts head, looks at Bob*

Bob: What the hell are you doing taking a whole month off? My phone's been ringing off the hook, this was not a good time.

Scott: Deal with it.

Bob: I can't. I'm not the CEO. *smiles* Yet.

Scott: *stares at Bob*

Bob: Anyway, joke's over. Come to work.

Scott: I wasn't joking.

Bob: You can't do this, Scotty.

Scott: ...How did you find me?

Bob: Your phone's GPS activated.

Scott: Get back to the office.

Bob: *smiles* Y'know, Donna's been asking about you. She w-

Scott: *grabs Bob by the collar* Office.

Bob: Yes sir. *turns around, leaves*

Scott: *runs hand through hair*

Awkward. That's the only word I can use right now. I can see that Scott's finally broken through, but Lori's cold as ice. Until she's receptive, this is an excerise in futility for scott. But I have a feeling he's not going to give up.

Aww...Stephie...she's trying so hard to bring them back together... Go Stephie!

Is Donna going to become a problem? Just wanted to know...

Awesome work
Well I guess this will be taking a while to get them back together!

Bob! Take your nasty ass back to the office! A nd tell Donna to forget she even knows what Scott looks like naked! I think you should insert me in the story as the official RT unwanted female exterminator! I can only come out when there is an unwanted advance made against Scott! My job would be to take out the offending female! Lol! Then I would go back into my little closet until the next time! lol!

OK stupid Idea but hey i tried since everyone else gets to go on this RT but me!

Great update Geni !
Thanks for the reviews. :D


New Orleans, large house, 11pm next day

Carly: *steps in* You sure this is legal?

Anni: *waves hand* It's fine. *shines flashlight* Ghosts don't come out if you ask for permission to enter the place.

Carly: Maybe we should get some guns or something.

Katie: *rolls eyes* Ghosts aren't afraid of guns.

Carly: ...Are they afraid of bullets?

Anni: Ghosts are see-through. Bullets won't hurt them. That's why I brought the salt shaker from the Hummerhome.

Katie: I brought mustard!

Anni: *looks at Katie*

Katie: ...I thought we were just bringing condiments. *smiles* Like a campfire.

Anni: *walks away*

Katie: What?


Carly: *trips*

Anni: *grabs Carly* Watch out. Ghosts like to grab people from under the stairs.

Carly: I know. *pushes Anni*

Katie: *screams, runs up the stairs*

Carly: What's her problem?


Anni: *looks back* It's just a couple of guys.

Katie: *turns around* Wait, what? Oooh, men. *smiles* HI BOYS!

Sam/Dean: *stare blankly*

Dean: ...Who's the chick?

Sam: Um...*scratches head* I think I heard about these guys.

Katie: IT'S YOU! *runs downstairs, hugs Dean*

Dean: *lifts brows*

Katie: YOU'RE ON TV!

Dean: I...*laughs* oh no no, see you must have seen that Ghostfacers show.

Sam: I thought we wiped out those guys' hard drive.

Dean: *looks at Sam*

Katie: Whatcha doin' here?

Dean: We're-

Sam: Sightseeing.

Dean: Right, yeah and we like to do that...alone. So you should take your friends and go see something else.

Katie: *smiling* YES! I know what this is! THERE'S GHOSTS HERE!

Dean: *looks at Sam* Seriously, dude, those idiots got their show out somehow.

Sam: *sigh*


Anni: *runs downstairs* Really?

Dean: You're ghost hunting?

Katie: Yeah. Anni even brought the table salt. OH OH! Can I touch your sawed-off?

Dean: *stares at Katie*

Sam: *smirks*

Dean: *smiles* Sammy, I like her.

Katie: Hee! Neat.

Carly: *walks over* I think we should go.

Katie: Why?

Carly: Horatio's outside pointing to his watch.

Katie: *rolls eyes* Ugh. What an old man. I feel like I'm asking for one last swing at the playground.

Anni: We could just...not go. I mean, we're looking to reclaim our youth so let's not listen to Horatio. *smiles* JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS!

Katie: Yeah! *grabs Dean* Go hunt me a ghost.

Sam: Look, this isn't a game. I know you girls are looking for some thrills but this is a dangerous gig and-

Dean: Aw come on, Sammy. It's not that dangerous.

Sam: ...Hunting got you stranded in Hell.

Dean: Yeah but it's like lightening. Never strikes twice in the same place, right?

Sam: *frowns, grabs Dean* Excuse us.

Corner of room

Sam: Remember when we read about them in that magazine at the gas station?

Dean: ...Busty Asian Beauties?

Sam: No, th- *sigh* they're the crazy people who ride across America in their motorhome screwing around and almost getting everybody killed. You really want that following us around? We cause enough trouble on our own, Dean. We don't need more.

Dean: Hey normally I'd agree but...*looks across room* they are hot.

Sam: *rolls eyes*

Katie: *runs over* First thing's first. You guys take up the front, I don't wanna get surprised by anythin' poppin' out at me.

Carly: OH! The tall one can take the rear. I've always had a fear of something sneaking up on me.

Anni: AWESOME. Winchester sandwich!

Dean: Heh, Winchester sandwich.

Sam: *frowns*

Upstairs, hallway

Anni: AH AH! *grabs Katie*

Katie: What?

Anni: I thought I saw something.

Katie: All I can see is the back of Dean's head.

Anni: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I mean, what if the place is really haunted? I have a child at home.

Katie: So do I.

Anni: Okay but my child actually likes me.

Katie: *frowns, turns around* Excuse me?

Anni: Come on Katie, Lori looks at you like you're insane.

Katie: It's a quirk.

Anni: It's a medical condition.

Katie: Yeah? YEAH? Then how come Lori's the one staying in a mental institution? HUH?

Anni: Because she's related to you.

Carly: HA!

Katie: *looks at Carly*

Carly: ...That was a good one.

Sam: Hey can we get a move on? We've only got an hour to find this thing before it goes into hiding for another quarter century.

Katie: What exactly are we hunting?

Dean: *turns around* A white witch.

Katie: *nods slowly* Uh huh. And what is that?

Dean: Legend has it, this plantation was owned by a woman back in the 1800s who killed her husbands and used evil mojo to torture her slaves while she took the male slaves into her bed and murdered them. She was later found dead in her own bedroom, some legends say by the hands of her slaves who got tired of the torture and others say the ghosts of her dead husbands. There are hundreds of places like this all over, telling similar stories. Anyway, someone dies in or around this property every 25 years and we have to stop it.

Katie: Wow we walked into a real horror show.

Anni: *frowns* Let's get the bitch. *untwists salt shaker*

Outside Hummerhome

Horatio: *sigh* Where are they? It's time to get ready for bed.

Speed: Let them have some fun, H. They aren't 5.

Horatio: If my curfew isn't maintained, they'll think there isn't a curfew. And if they think there isn't a curfew, they won't follow the rest of my rules. *grabs Speed by the collar* I LIVE BY MY RULES!

Speed: ...Have you been drinking?

Horatio: If my curfew isn't maintained, they'll think there isn't a curfew. And if they think there isn't a curfew, they won't follow the rest of my rules. *grabs Speed by the collar* I LIVE BY MY RULES!

Speed: ...Have you been drinking?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was too funny

Love that you put the Winchester boys in here...

Great update Geni!
Horatio: If my curfew isn't maintained, they'll think there isn't a curfew. And if they think there isn't a curfew, they won't follow the rest of my rules. *grabs Speed by the collar* I LIVE BY MY RULES!

Speed: ...Have you been drinking?

Easily, the best line EVER....I'm dying of laughing at this moment,...SERIOUSLY!

And I was right when I said that you were going to hit this one out of the park, cause you really did. The Winchesters! Katie! Anni! Carly! LOL...I laughed hard when Sam kept refrencing The Ghostfacers. It's so awesome...I really can't wait to read more. I have to know if the girls are going to see this ghost...lol

AWESOME! RT/Supernatural crossover = love.

I GOT DIBS ON THE NOT-SO-TALL BUT STILL TALL ONE!...what? If I can't have Joshie, or anyone sane, then I get Dean!

...wait. I just thought of something. We agreed a long time ago that Joshie looked exactly like Jensen Ackles, yes? So if he's in the RT...and Joshie is in the RT, then THE UNIVERSE WILL IMPLODE!

:lol: Awesome update. I love that the RT team gets mentioned in magazines. Probably medical ones :lol:
Ok ! so I'm kinda lost on this one because Supernatural is not my thing ! but I do like the girls going on ththe ghost hunt ! lol! This should be good ! lol! Anni bringing the Salt to ward off the Ghost ! Lol!

Hahahahaha! H. Grabbing Speed the collar and saying he lives by his rules! Lol! that classic!

Great update Anni
Yay! Geni A new RT fan! Welcome aboard lal! you will love this story it never ends ! To bad you just started you have missed some good chapters, but keep reading! Geni never disappoints us with each chapter ! She will defiantly have you laughing!
Thanks so much for the reviews! :D

Hehe Carly, that's right! *bubble-wraps the universe* :p

Welcome lal. :)


New Orleans, house, 1am

Anni: *rolls button across floor*

Katie: *whistles*

Carly: *drums fingers on floor*

Dean: *paces around* You sure you got the right house?

Sam: Maybe we got here too late.

Dean: Great. The bitch was scared off by Charlie's Angels.

Katie: *smiles* Aww. He thinks we kick ass. *lifts hand* I CALL FARRAH FAWCETT!

Anni: So we came here for nothing?

Sam: The night's still young, maybe we should just wait.

Dean: I want every case to be finished in 43 minutes, Sam. It's the rules.

Sam: What? Since when?

Dean: Since I've been watching all that TV. They always wrap everything up in a nice tiny bow. I want that.

Sam: ...That's not how real life works, Dean.

Dean: Well it should. I'm tired of spending 6 hours here and 4 hours there and going back to the motel disappointed. Our lives aren't as exciting as people think.

Katie: *lifts hand* I have a question. Does anybody else here think Cas and Ruby would have made a good pair? I mean, not that stinky NEW Ruby. The hot one.

Everyone: *staring at Katie*

Katie: ...I'm gonna stop talking.

Anni: I thought this whole thing would be...scarrier. I'm just a little hungry.

Dean: Yeah me too. Hey Sam, you bring any snacks?


Dean: *looks at Katie*

Katie: ...If you like mustard.


Dean: Well this is just getting ridiculous. I could be in bed right now. I could be with a beautiful woman.

Katie: *smiles* You've got 3 here.

Dean: *sigh* Does this woman ever stop talking?

Sam: *smirks* Annoyed already?

Dean: *whispers* Her voice is grating. If I don't get to kill a ghost, I'm sure as hell gonna kill her.

Sam: *scratches head*

Dean: Sorry ladies, I'm taking off. Some of us have angels to chase after and demons to fry. *walks away*

Sam: I er...uh...I'm...he's my ride. *walks away*

Katie: Did they just leave?

Anni: I think they did.

Katie: *grabs Anni* They just left us in a haunted house! WHY!

Carly: I think it's because you're so annoying.

Katie: Pfft, I don't drive men away.

Anni: *rubs temples* I'm beginning to understand why Tim used to hit you.

Katie: HEY! *slaps Anni*

Anni: OW. Sorry. It's late and I can't think straight. Ooh! If we start to go crazy, maybe we'll see a pretend ghost!

Katie: *kicks old bed* I hate this place. We had more fun at Mardi Gras.

Anni: ...You got drunk and fell off a balcony.

Katie: Yes but I did so with honor.

Anni: You were naked and you got arrested for exposure and property damage.

Katie: Why do you have to rag on the details?

Anni: It's okay, I love you anyway. *hugs Katie*

Katie: YAY! *hugs Anni*

Carly: Think we'll ever see those guys again?

Katie: Sure, if you have cable.

West Miami, apartment, 4 months later

Lori: *places phone against ear, grabs pen* Right, I can be in tomorrow morning no problem. *writing* Uh huh.

Tom: *leaning against wall, staring at Lori*

Lori: *smiles* Thank you, I appreciate it. *closes phone*

Tom: New job?

Lori: Old job, new position. *lifts head* Day supervisor.

Tom: ...Already?

Lori: Well, it's just a fancy way of saying 'you handle the crabby customers'.

Tom: I'm sure you'll be great at it.

Lori: *smiles*

Tom: Never really pictured you working with clothes and...people.

Lori: I know it's not a career but...I like it. It's stable.

Tom: *nods*

Lori: Plus it pays the bills. *walks over to couch, sits*

Tom: Seems like you're on your way.

Lori: Mhm. *grabs folder, opens it*

Tom: *walks over, sits* Store paperwork?

Lori: Yep. *clicks pen, writes*

Tom: Have you spoken to Scotty lately?

Lori: No. Been busy.

Tom: You know I don't mind bringing the kids here for a visit but you'll need to talk to him someday.

Lori: I just haven't had the chance.

Tom: Well you'll have plenty of time this afternoon. I told him you'd head over to his place to see Steph today.

Lori: *looks at Tom* What? Why?

Tom: Because I'm a good friend.

Lori: *sigh* Alright.

Tom: Great. *stands* I'll see you later.

Lori: *frowns*

Gables Estates, driveway

Lori: *slams truck door, looks up* ...Someone's been doing some painting. I distinctly remember my house being yellow, not brown. *looks back* And when the hell did this driveway become pebbly? *looks over hood* Oh my GOD! He bought a bike! *runs over to bike* Yamaha R1...nice.

Scott: Thank you.

Lori: *jumps* AH! *turns around* Don't do that!

Scott: *smiles* You're early.

Lori: *frowns* Put on a shirt.

Scott: Sorry, I was doing yard work when I heard you pull up.

Lori: *nods*

Scott: Steph's inside.

Lori: ...Would it be okay if I...took her out for dinner?

Scott: No. You know the rules.

Lori: You let Tom take the kids to my place.

Scott: That's because he's there.

Lori: *crosses arms*

Scott: I'll be inside in a minute. *walks away*

Lori: *shakes head*

Inside house, kitchen

Steph: *grabs crayon, colors*

Lori: *sits*

Steph: *smiles* Momma, look! I made you a picture. *lifts paper*

Lori: *takes paper, looks down*

Steph: Do you like it?

Lori: *smiles* It's beautiful. *wraps arm around Steph*

Scott: *walks into kitchen* You want some food?


Scott: *smiles* Great, I'll get the barbeque started. You would you like, Lori?

Lori: Oh no, I don't want to impose.

Scott: It's no problem. *walks away*

Lori: *frowns*

Steph: Momma come see Dommy! *grabs Lori's arm*

Lori: Okay okay, I'm coming!

Living room

Steph: *pushes bouncy swing*

Dominick: *giggles, flails*


Lori: *smiles* Yes he is. *picks up Dominick*

Dominick: *grabs Lori's face*

Lori: *smiling*

Dominick: MAMA!

Lori: That's right!

Steph: Momma come outside.

Lori: Okay, just let me get Dom ready.

Backyard, 4pm

Steph: *chomps hotdog*

Scott: *sits*

Lori: Steph, eat slower or you'll choke.

Steph: *nods*

Lori: *places Dominick on lap, picks up piece of hotdog*

Dominick: *grabs onto hotdog, chews*

Scott: Stephanie's having a school play next week, I think it would be great if you came.

Steph: *smiles* I'm a TREE!

Scott: It's about the environment.

Lori: What a waste of the education system.

Scott: *shrugs* It's fun.

Lori: *drinks soda*

Scott: How's work?

Lori: Fine. I got promoted.

Scott: *smiles* That's great.

Lori: Mhm. *wipes Dominick's cheek*

Scott: *stares at Lori*

Ah...'kay, it's obvious that Scott's trying, but Lori's not being the least bit receptive to it. I would think she'd be jumping to get back into the house and her family's life, but she's cooling her heels. I guess she figures that like everything in her life, it's just not meant for her to be happy. I wish she could be disappointed on this, because she deserves it just like everyone else. *Sigh* yeah, I went there...

Katie...Annoyed...Dean! LOL Never thought I'd see that. I just can't believe she drove them away... *Flicks Katie* they were meant to stick AROUND! LOL...

Great update!
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