CSI:Miami RT #12 - 'Road To Nowhere'

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OOOOh...SCOTTY! What in the world...lol. I think you just made a HUGE mistake. Now, it remains to be seen if he fesses up to it. I hope he's truthful with it, he needs to face consequences just like....well what do you know...He's in the same boat as Lori's in. Hard to throw that rock into that glass house, eh, Scott?

Speed/ Anni..>SWEET! It's awesome that they are comfortable with each other. That's what relationships ought to be like!

Awesome, simply awesome update!
HOLY SHIT! He did it..oh wow...I'm speechless...well when it comes to them I am

HAHAHAHAHA....Speed making fun of Eric's shirts...he is right, my baby has to stop wearing butterflies...its just wrong

Its good that Anni can tell Speed that its ok to tell her that he loves Katie...

Great update Geni!
Thanks for the reviews. :devil:


Psych ward, atrium

Steph: *runs across room* MOMMA!

Lori: *smiles* Hey.

Steph: *hugs Lori*

Lori: *lifts Steph into lap, hugs her* How are you? What have you been up to?

Steph: Lotsa school.

Scott: *pushes stroller over*

Lori: *smiles* My baby boy. *places hand on Dominick's cheek*

Steph: He's gettin' big, Momma.

Lori: *smiling* I see. *lifts head*

Scott: *sits in chair*

Lori: *stares at Scott*

Scott: *staring at floor*

Lori: Steph, why don't you push Dominick over to the play area and hang out for a bit. I'm going to talk to your father.

Steph: Okay Momma. *jumps down, grabs stroller, runs*

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *rubs cheek*

Lori: Well that's about the guiltiest look I've ever seen.

Scott: *lifts eyes*

Lori: Who was it?

Scott: *stares at Lori*

Lori: Well?

Scott: *lowers head*

Lori: Is that really the reason you left me?

Scott: NO. *lifts head* No of course not.

Lori: Who was it, Scott.

Scott: ...She's um...she's a co-worker.

Lori: Ooh. You betrayed your golden rule. Actually, you betrayed a lot of your rules.

Scott: ...You spoke to Tom.

Lori: Litres of booze, crack cocaine, younger women...you're 3 for 3.

Scott: *sigh* I-

Lori: Oh no, don't speak. I'll do you one better. I want a divorce.

Scott: What?

Lori: And I want my kids back, you bastard.

Scott: You mean before or after they let you out of the nut house?

Lori: *glaring* After.

Scott: So you're allowed to screw around with Tom but I make one mistake and we're finished.

Lori: I'm not as forgiving or as stupid as you.

Scott: *stares at Lori*

Lori: Get out.

Scott: *stands* Steph! Let's go.

Steph: *runs over* But I wanna see Momma some more.

Scott: In the truck. Now.

Steph: I wanna stay with Momma.

Scott: *waves hand* Fucking stay. *leaves*

Steph: *stares at door*

Lori: Come here, Stephie.

Steph: *runs over to Lori*

Lori: *wraps arm around Steph, kisses her cheek* How would you feel about Tommy bringing you home in a little bit?

Steph: *smiles*

Gables Estates, house, 1pm

Tom: *walks in*

Steph: *runs in*

Tom: Steph.

Steph: Yup?

Tom: Take your brother upstairs please.

Steph: *runs over to stroller, grabs Dominick, runs away*

Tom: Scotty!

Scott: *walks over*

Tom: What's wrong with you?

Scott: I'm not really in the mood to argue with you.

Tom: This all seems more like something I would do.

Scott: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Tom: Your eyes don't look right. You high?

Scott: *frowns*

Tom: *shakes head* Scotty, you cannot do this. Lori's already gone because of this crap and now you?

Scott: Mind your own business.

Tom: I can't.

Scott: Yes you can.

Tom: No. I can't. Not with those kids living here.

Scott: Now you're mister hero.

Tom: I'm only going to say this once. Clean the hell up. Or I'm coming back and I'll have a set of bracelets for your stupid ass. I've questioned the reason I'm still alive and this is why. So you step out of line one more time and we're going to have a problem. Understand?

Scott: *stares at Tom*

Tom: *leaves*

Scott: *lowers head*

Scott's slowly destroying himself. Have the breakdown already and save the hurt! If he doesn't get his stuff right, he's going to lose everything. EVERYTHING!
I mean...he's gotta be high, bc he'd never talk to Stephie like that. I'm just thrown at the way Scott's acting now...Sheesh, let Lori out and turn them loose on each other. Everyone would be happier...lol.

Awesome update!
Thanks for the review! :)


Psych ward, 3pm

Tom: *sits*

Lori: *crosses arms* What now?

Tom: I think you need to reconsider this divorce thing.

Lori: Why?

Tom: Because Scott's literally...on crack.

Lori: *lifts brow*

Tom: Remember when I told you about the club?

Lori: Yeah.

Tom: It's more than just a social thing, Lori. It always is.

Lori: This whole thing doesn't make sense. He didn't seem like himself at all.

Tom: It's a little different when you're on the outside looking in, huh.

Lori: *nods*

Tom: I'll keep an eye on him.

Lori: I can't ask you to do that.

Tom: You don't have to.

Lori: ...Why would he do this? Why now?

Tom: *shakes head* ...Maybe he's lost?

Lori: *frowns* Then find him.

Tom: *stares at Lori* ...I'll do my best. *stands, walks over to door*

Lori: Tom.

Tom: *looks back*

Lori: Thank you.

Tom: *walks away*

Gables Estates, house, den, 3pm

Scott: *rubs forehead*

Steph: *runs over, climbs onto couch* You okie dokie, Daddy?

Scott: *looks at Steph*

Steph: *stares at Scott*

Scott: Come here.

Steph: *climbs into Scott's lap*

Scott: *wraps arms around Steph*

Steph: *lies head against Scott's chest*

Scott: I'm sorry I was angry before. And I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Steph: Tommy says everybody's got bad days, Daddy.

Scott: *shakes head* It was uncalled for.

Steph: I still love you, Daddy.

Scott: *closes eyes, kisses Steph's head*

Steph: *hugs Scott*

Scott: I love you.

Steph: Do you love Momma?

Scott: *opens eyes*

Steph: *stares blankly*

Scott: Of course.

Steph: Good.

Scott: *smirks*

Steph: *jumps down, runs away*

Scott: *stands, walks upstairs*


Scott: *leaning against door*

Vicky: *places Dominick into crib*

Scott: I won't be needing your services anymore.

Vicky: *turns around, looks at Scott*

Scott: But thank you.

Vicky: *nods* I can still expect my cheque in the mail though, right?

Scott: Mhm.

Vicky: *walks away*

Scott: *walks over to crib, sits*

Dominick falls asleep

Scott: *opens phone, dials* ...Hey, it's Scott. I'll be taking the month...*nods* yeah, that's right. The whole month. You got a problem, take it to Robert. *closes phone, looks at Dominick*

Good! Finally Scott gets it through his thick skull! It's time to get this family back on the right track. YOu gotta love Tom, he's doing everything he knows to piece it back together. Something about guardian...angel perhaps? LOL

Awesome update!
Oh the trials and tribulations that Scott and Lori go through! the Drama of it all! I'm with Anni Turn Lori loose and lets have a battle royal in the middle of the living room! I think Lori can take his ass! Maybe she can knock some since into his stupid head!

Ha HA Ha ! I love Speed goin off on Delko's clothes ! The thought of him in a cowboy hat and chaps awfully hot ! I guess him and Anni have come to a cross roads and maybe they have decided they need to be nice to each other !

Great update Geni!
Great updates Geni!

The shoe is on the other foot...Tom is being the levelheaded one while Scott is throwing everything away. I am glad that Scott realized what an ass he was being.

Can't wait to read more!
Speed: I was drunk and-
IT WAS A TOY DINOSAUR! *punches air* WIN!

Yikes. Lori was pretty...hypocritical. After all she's done, Scott does one thing wrong and she goes all...nutter on him.

He totally deserved it though. But Lori was being ridiculous.

Aw, good Tom. Though I still haven't forgiven you, so we're still on thin ice. You let Speed be a part of his kid's life, then we'll talk.

Thanks for the fab reviews. :D

YES CARLY! :lol: *hugs Speed's toy dinosaur*


Hummerhome, road, 7pm

Katie: New Orleans, here we come!

Calleigh: *smiles* I'm so excited. Home.

Delko: Miami's home.

Calleigh: Of course Miami's home, I'm just saying-


Calleigh: Okay.

Delko: *smiles, looks at Speed*

Speed: *frowns*

Katie: What is this? *grabs Speed's face* You SHAVED.

Speed: *lifts brow*

Katie: Oooh smooth. *strokes Speed's cheek*

Speed: *smirks*

Katie: *smiles*

Delko: *rolls eyes* The rest of us don't care about Speed's face.

Monica: So some of you are together?

Katie: Oh yeah, we've all been around the block.

Anni: Most of us with Tim.

Monica: *nods slowly*

Delko: Why can't everyone in the Hummerhome sleep with me for once?

Ryan: Maybe for enough money...

Delko: *frowns* Women, Ryan. Women.

Monica: *lifts hand* ME FIRST!

Horatio: No more love triangles.

Delko: Um H, I would need the first part of the triangle to even have a triangle.

Carly: *reading magazine* Hey you know, New Orleans has a lot of haunted destinations, we should check some of them out. There are cemetaries, bars, hotels and houses.

Calleigh: That might be fun.

Horatio: Ghosts aren't real.

Katie: Yes they are.

Horatio: What evidence do you have?

Katie: Um thousands of websites and pictures. AND Youtube knows all.

Anni: Youtube is not evidence.

Katie: You don't agree with anything I say.

Anni: I agree with some things.

Katie: Like what.

Anni: Your taste in men. *smiles*

Speed: Ha. Ha. Hilarious.

Gables Estates, house, bedroom, 9pm

Steph: *climbs into bed*

Scott: *sits*

Steph: I gotta go to school tomorrow?

Scott: Yep.

Steph: I don't wanna take the bus.

Scott: How come?

Steph: Nobody lets me sit with 'em.

Scott: So what do you do on the bus?

Steph: I sit on the floor.

Scott: *sighs*

Steph: *lies down*

Scott: *covers Steph* Did you tell the bus driver?

Steph: He don't like it when kids talk to him.

Scott: How about I drive you to school in the morning.

Steph: *grabs Scott's arm* No Daddy. Momma always says I gotta be a big girl. Big girls take the bus.

Scott: *smirks*

Steph: Did you take the bus when you were little?

Scott: Well, I took the subway mostly.

Steph: What's a subway?

Scott: It's like a train but it's underground.

Steph: *smiles* That sounds fun.

Scott: *smiles*

Steph: *hugs stuffed pony* Can I go see Momma after school tomorrow?

Scott: *smile fades* Uh...sure. I'll take you there when you get home.

Steph: You gotta see Momma too.

Scott: *stares at Steph*

Steph: Night Daddy. *rolls over*

Scott: ...Night.


Scott: *pours coffee*

Knock is heard

Scott: *walks over to foyer, opens door*

Tom: Hey.

Scott: ...Have you been parked outside my house all night?

Tom: Only half the night.

Scott: *walks away*

Tom: *steps in, shuts door* You look a little better.

Scott: *takes cup, drinks*

Tom: *walks over* No more coke?

Scott: *lifts eyes*

Tom: What I observed the other night was disturbing, Scotty.

Scott: *places cup on table*

Tom: Do you have anything on you?

Scott: *lowers head*

Tom: Scott.

Scott: *reaches into pocket, throws bag onto table*

Tom: *looks at bag*

Scott: That's all of it.

Tom: *grabs bag, dumps it down sink*

Scott: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *turns on garborator* I hope you had fun because you're never doing that again.

Scott: It wasn't all that great.

Tom: *scoffs* Well that's because you didn't get the really good stuff.

Scott: *stares at Tom*

Tom: ...I said that outloud.

Scott: Yeah.

Tom: Sorry, that wasn't helping.

Scott: Not so much.

Tom: *sits at table*

Scott: What are you doing?

Tom: *grabs cup, looks down* Hanging out.

Scott: No you're not.

Tom: *drinks coffee*

Scott: *takes cup, throws it into sink* I don't need you breathing down my neck all night.

Tom: Don't worry, I don't want to be anywhere near your neck.

Scott: Shouldn't you be home with your kid?

Tom: She's visiting her uncle. I have the whole night to do nothing.

Scott: You've checked on me, I'm fine now go home.

Tom: *leans back in chair* Nah.

Scott: *frowns*

Tom: You hungry? I could go for something to eat. What exactly do rich people eat for snacks? Lobster?

Scott: *sighs*

YES! They are on their way to New Orleans! So much fun to be had...I cannot wait! LOL...I loved Anni's response about being together:)) THat just shows how much humor plays SUCH the big part here. Poor Delko though, he hasn't had a love triangle. Come to think about it, he hasn't had a mature story line...lol Poor Delko indeed.

HAAHAHAHhAH....How would you like Tom Grey squatting for the night! I think it's great, he's watching out for Scott and being sooo obnoxious about it. It's actually pretty hilarious.

Awesome update!
Oh lord here we go again with the RT gang! I'm sure that the girls will not be able to keep there tops down! Especially Katie! Speeds gonna have to put a leash on her in New Orleans or they will be one less going with them on the rest of this trip!

I think they do need to go on a haunted tour oof some sort! That would be kinda funny ! Maybe they should go to the grave yard! OH The GRAVE YARD! Speed and Katie will be doing it in the Mausoleum of some rich guy! lol!

Poor Scott! I guess hes stuck with Tom from now own weather he wants him or not! That what he deserves for being Buddy Buddy with his wife's ex-lover! ha ha! hes got it on him now, and he can't get it off! lol!

great Update Geni!
Delko: Why can't everyone in the Hummerhome sleep with me for once?

Ryan: Maybe for enough money...

Delko: *frowns* Women, Ryan. Women.

Monica: *lifts hand* ME FIRST!

That was awesome!

I love that Tom is "babysitting" Scott...LOL

Poor Stephie...I would love to see her hit a little kid...LOL

Great update Geni!

Yeah, I officially lost the little bit of my sanity that I had left, it's cool. :D

Poor Eric, he never gets any love. Maybe he needs to hand out more 'Delko Time' coupons? :lol:

*huggles Scott* Poor thing.

*pats Tom on the shoulder* Good man. :D

Great updates! :D
Thanks so much for the reviews :)

Hehe yeah I think maybe Delko still has some of those coupons LOL.


Gables Estates, house, den, 11pm

Scott: *scratches head*

Tom: You took some before I got here, huh.

Scott: Look, you can keep rubbing it in or you can get the hell out. I prefer the latter.

Tom: I prefer to stay.

Scott: *shakes head*

Tom: I want to know why.

Scott: Why what.

Tom: Come on, man. Don't bullshit me.

Scott: *looks at Tom*

Tom: What's the deal?

Scott: ...*looks ahead* I...I spent so many years feeling...empty and...disillusioned. I was living in a bog. I was stuck...and I don't think I knew that I was, not until I met Lori.

Tom: *stares at Scott*

Scott: *sighs, closes eyes* It all went away.

Tom: *nods*

Scott: Now I've lost her and I'm...empty again. *frowns* Nothing fixes it, nothing fills that void, it just keeps eating me up inside like some sort of silent torture.

Tom: *lowers eyes*

Scott: I need her, Tom.

Tom: *places hand on Scott's shoulder*

Scott: *lowers head, starts to cry*

Tom: *sigh*

School bus, next day, 8:30am

Steph: *walks up steps*

Bus Driver: *closes door*

Steph: *looks around* ...*looks at Hunter* Can I sit here?

Hunter: Nope. *places lunch box onto seat*

Steph: *frowns*

Hunter: Don't wanna get cooties.

Steph: *looks down* I don't got cooties.

Hunter: All girls do.

Steph: *lifts head* ...What's cooties?

Hunter: Girl germs.

Bus jolts forward

Steph: *grabs onto seat*

Hunter: *pushes Steph*

Steph: *falls over*

Kids laugh

Steph: *wipes blood from knee*


Kids scream

Steph: *looks around*

Hunter: *laughing*

Steph: *stands*

Hunter: *pushes Steph*

Steph: *falls into seat*

Kid: Ew cooties. *pushes Steph*

Steph: *falls backwards*


Steph: *frowns, sits on floor*

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