CSI:Miami RT #12 - 'Road To Nowhere'

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One of the most classic updates EVER! OMG...ERIC! LOL....It's so hilarious that I couldn't stop laughing long enough to press the button to review...I'm still laughing...And Anni was so mean! I'm glad to see this new streak in her..lol Although, I thought she may have had a moment when Speed was consoling Katie...I may be wrong..lol.

Oh and Lori...she's truly her father's daughter...

Awesome update!
Whew! Finally found the end!

Lol! Speed asking H. why he had to call him in on his day off ! lol ! I love the human shield bit that was so damn funny! Now here is Eric playing curios George on the ledge of the Empire State Building and can fall to his death at any moment and what does he do! He trys to get Anii to come and play on the ledge with him! lol! OMG !

How Ironic is that poor Scott switches on the TV and see his in-laws creating a scene at the building he works in! Poor Scott ! Just when he thought he could get a break from the insane Clown Posse known only as the Speedle Family! There they are again! lol!

Great Updates Geni !
Thanks for the lovely reviews! :D


86th floor observation deck, Empire State Building

Security Guard: Okay guys, everyone off the deck! Downstairs! Let's make some room for fire rescue!

People leave

Security Guard: You guys too.

Horatio: We're with him.

Security Guard: All of you?

Horatio: Yes.

Security Guard: Okay but stay out of the way.

Anni: Wow look at all those firemen.

Delko: Hey guys!

Horatio: *leans over*

Delko: I don't mean to be an inconvenience here but my life is hanging in the balance!

Speed: Then maybe you shouldn't have been so stupid.

Firefighter: *runs in* Okay, what do we have?

Security Guard: Some mook tried to get a better view.

Firefighter: *leans over* Huh.

Security Guard: What do you people do in a situation like this?

Firefighter: We get him.

Security Guard: ...You're going to climb over the fence.

Firefighter: No, no nothing like that. We're going to saw through the fence and lower somebody.

Security Guard: That's a security breach.

Firefighter: With all due respect, I think security has long been breached.

Carly: *leans over*

Katie: *looks at Carly*

Carly: You think he's single?

Katie: *smirks*

Scott: *walks over* What the hell's going on?

Katie: SCOTTY! *runs over, hugs Scott*

Scott: Oof.

Speed: *looks at Scott*

Katie: *points at cage* Save him.

Scott: *lifts brow*

Speed: How'd you find out?

Scott: It's all over the news.

Horatio: *sigh* Great.

Scott: *looks at Firefighter* ...Rudy?

Rudy: *looks at Scott* ...*smiles* Scotty!

Scott: *smiles* Hey!

Rudy: *wraps arm around Scott* How are ya?

Scott: Oh I'm okay, you?

Rudy: Well my shift started out interesting enough.

Katie: Wait, you two know each other?

Rudy: *smiling* Yeah, we met at a dinner a few years ago.

Katie: You went on a date?

Scott: It was a benefit dinner.

Delko: Hey! HEY! We can visit later, save me NOW!

Rudy: Okay, we're going to have to seal off this area.

Firefighters walk over

Rudy: *grabs radio*

Katie: *pokes Scott*

Scott: *looks at Katie*

Katie: What was this benefit dinner thingy for, anyway?

Scott: It-

Speed: How long are you in town for?

Scott: Oh I uh, *looks at watch* I'm heading back to Miami this evening with some co-workers.

Speed: How's Lori doing?

Scott: *shakes head* Don't even get me started.

Katie: Wait, what? What's that supposed to mean?

Speed: They separated, Katie.

Katie: WHAT! *grabs Scott by the collar* WHY DID YOU LEAVE MY BABY!

Scott: I'll be happy to explain it to you at a more convenient time.

Katie: Explain it NOW, boy!

Scott: *nods* Okay. *places hand on Katie's back* Let's talk inside.

Katie: *walks away*

Scott: *glances at Speed, walks away*

Rudy: *lifts saw*

Delko: How long is this gonna take!

Rudy: You should have thought of that before you went over, sir.

Delko: Hey don't judge me! Rescue me!


Katie: *walks in*

Scott: *shuts door*

Katie: *turns around, crosses arms* Why don't you love my Lori anymore.

Scott: I still love her. Very much.

Katie: Then why'd you leave?

Scott: She shot up our house, stole a bunch of medication and lunged at Stephanie.

Katie: She has a problem. You know that.

Scott: It doesn't excuse her. She's capable of getting herself under control.

Katie: I agree but to go to this extent?

Scott: I don't have time to watch her 24/7. Enough is enough.

Katie: Where's she living?

Scott: She was admitted to the psych ward at the hospital after she tried to commit suicide.

Katie: *stares at Scott* ...What?

Scott: She ran from the sober house, went to Tom's place, took his gun and shot herself with it.

Katie: *lowers head*

Scott: I don't know exactly what set her off or whether it was a combination of a few things but she was no longer safe to be around and obviously she was a danger to herself as well. It wasn't out of anger or spite that I separated from her.

Katie: *nods*

Scott: I really need to get going. I hope your friend makes it to safety. *walks away*

Katie: Scott.

Scott: *looks back*

Katie: I don't think she'll ever get better.

Scott: *stares at Katie*

Katie: If you keep holding out hope, you'll just end up repeatedly disappointed.

Scott: *lowers eyes, leaves*

Katie: *sighs*

86th floor observation deck

Delko: *crawls onto platform* I'M SAVED! *hugs Speed*

Speed: *pushes Eric*

Delko: AH! *falls off platform*

Rudy: *grabs Eric*

Delko: Horatio, he's subconsciously trying to kill me!

Horatio: Speed, stop subconsciously trying to extinguish life.

Speed: *crosses arms*

Katie: *walks over*

Speed: *looks at Katie*

Katie: *lies head on Speed's shoulder* My baby's a nutter.

Speed: *wraps arm around Katie*

Monica: Wow are you guys always getting into these fun situations?

Delko: I wasn't having fun.

Anni: You were until you realized how stupid your idea was.

Delko: You were being stupid too.

Anni: I didn't try to leave the safety of the cage.

Delko: Maybe that's your problem. You've turned into this dull little...dull person.

Anni: Excuse me?

Delko: We used to get into all sort of hijinks, Anni and now you're boring.

Anni: Oh so because I don't want to kill myself, I'm boring?

Delko: No one said I was trying to kill mys-

Horatio: Guys, let's calm ourselves please. It's over and we're heading to the hotel. I need someone to start the laundry down at the laundromat.

Anni: *lifts hand* I'LL GO!

Horatio: Okay. Anyone else?

Anni: Come on, who wants to hang out with Anni!

Monica: Anni scares me. *hugs Eric*

Delko: *smiles*

Anni: *frowns*

Horatio: Speed, go with Anni.

Speed: Why do I have to?

Horatio: You know the city.

Speed: Anni can figure it out.

Horatio: Go.

Speed: *sighs, walks away*

Anni: *walks away*

Horatio: The rest of you, downstairs.


Horatio: *grabs Eric* You need to speak with the Chief of Police.

Delko: What? Why?

Horatio: You can't just do what you did.

Delko: *sigh* Does this mean I'm banned from New York, too?

Horatio: We'll see.

Plane, air

Scott: *sits*

Bob: *smiles* You ready for the party in Miami?

Scott: *staring down at phone* Maybe we should re-think the place.

Bob: *laughs* Oh come on, Scotty! APL's always about high-end quiet socialite parties. This'll be FUN! Nova's one of the best clubs in the city.

Scott: *smirks* And how would you know that, Robert?

Bob: I do my research. Why don't you invite some friends, make it an event. I'm bringing my girlfriend.

Scott: Is she real this time?

Bob: Ha ha. I met her in Miami the last time I was there, she seemed fun.

Scott: What does she do for a living?

Bob: She's not a hooker. That's your department.

Scott: *lifts eyes*

Bob: Sorry Scotty, I didn't-

Scott: *snaps phone closed* I have a friend in Miami, I'll see if he's free. *stands, walks away*

Bob: *nods*

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Oh, goodness. Eric and his brilliant ideas.

I'm glad I actually get the Supernatural references now... :lol:

How, exactly, did they get the Hummerhome un-stuck? :lol:

*hugs Lori and Scott*

I love how Speed pushed Delko as soon as he got on the platform... so funny! :D

Great updates! :D
OMG! Geni...you made my day...Eric smiled when RT me hugged me :D

LOL...Anni scares me...LOL

Poor Eric...now he's gonna be banned from NYC...

Speed & Eric are so funny

Great update! I can't wait to read more...LOL
I said there would be hilarity, right? I said there would be hijinks, right? I was right on both ends! It was just like I would've seen it! It was somewhat startling that Scotty had a friend on the fire department...OOH...I see the boyscout is getting out and spreading his wings! Good on Scott- just as long as he remembers who he loves ;)

Speaking of which...this party...HOw come I'm getting a bad feeling about it? Can't wait to see what happens next!

Awesome update!
Lol! Well at least they saved Delko from sertain death! I'm sure that story will be twisted 6 ways from Sunday when he retells it to the ladies! lol!

Damn Scott is going to a party huh! I guess he must be taking Tom with him! That could spell disaster on so many fronts! for him and for Tom ! Not real Smart Scotty!

Speed doing laundry with Anni why do i get the feeling there will be some fun with the agitator if you know what i mean ! Can you say Spin Cycle! lol! HMMMM ! Don't do it Speed ! Your with Katie remember!

Great Update Geni !
Thanks so much for the reviews. :D



Club Nova, 9pm

Tom: You sure your nanny's okay with watching my kid?

Scott: Oh yeah, it's fine. You should get out and have an evening to yourself every once in a while. *places hand on Tom's shoulder* The guys are over there.

Tom: *nods*

Near table

Bob: *runs over* Hey! Scotty, I got you a drink.

Scott: *takes shot glass, drinks*

Tom: *lifts brows*

Donna: *smiles* Wow this is so cool. I've never been to a club before.

Bob: *looks at Donna* You're 21, right?

Donna: ...Almost.

Bob: Great.

Donna: Is this your cop friend, Mister Finch?

Scott: Yeah, this is Tom.

Tom: *lifts hand*

Donna: *smiles* He's cute.

Scott: And too old for you, dear.

Donna: *smile fades*

Bob: Okay okay, knock back one of these. *hands drink to Donna*

Donna: *takes glass, drinks*

Bob: *smiling*

Donna: *coughs, places hand on chest*

Bob: HA!

Donna: *coughing*

Bob: First drink there too, Donna?

Donna: Do these always burn?

Bob: Yeah. *lifts drink* You want one, Tommy boy?

Tom: No thank you.

Scott: Ah come on it's one drink. *hands over drink*

Tom: *takes glass*

Scott: *drinks*

Tom: *places glass on table*

Bob: *sits* I propose a toast to Scotty. Best damn CEO to ever grace APL.

Scott: *laughs* How 'bout the one that's lived the longest.

Bob: *smiles, drinks*

Donna: *blinks* Ooh that drink was intense. *staggers over to booth, falls*

Scott: *grabs Donna*

Donna: *looks at Scott, smiles* Thanks.

Scott: *looks at Bob* What else you got?

Bob: Here, I got a round of these Nova Explosions. It's this place's signature drink.

Scott: *grabs glass, downs drink*

Tom: *stares at Scott, sits*

Bob: Here, here. *hands over glass pipe*

Scott: *places pipe in mouth, pulls out lighter*

Tom: *lifts brow*

Scott: *blows smoke*

Tom: *tilts head*

Bob: *smiling* How's that?

Scott: *blinks* I hope that was legal.

Bob: Not a chance.

Scott: *laughs*

Tom: *frowns*

Bob: Pass it this way, pass it this way. *grabs pipe*

Donna: Where'd Roger go?

Bob: He's procuring more 'fun'.

Donna: *smiles* Oooh, do I get to try it?

Tom: No.

Donna: *looks at Tom*

Tom: Scotty, do you have a second?

Scott: No. *drinks*

Tom: *narrows eyes*

Scott: *grabs Donna's hand* You need to get on the floor and move around a bit, you're far too reserved.

Donna: *smiles*

Scott/Donna leave

Tom: *lifts head*

Bob: That's one lucky girl right there.

Tom: Does he do this a lot?

Bob: Y'know, I don't think so. *smiles* But it looks like he might be turning over a new leaf. More power to him. I happen to think he's a lot more fun without the tie and briefcase, if you know what I mean.

Tom: Yeah I get it.

Bob: *hands over pipe* Want some?

Tom: *takes pipe, smashes it against table*

Bob: What'd you do that for?

Tom: *wipes glass off table*

Near bathrooms, 11pm

Scott: *wipes nose, tosses money*

Donna: *runs over, leans against wall*

Scott: *smiles*

Donna: *laughs* I totally just danced with that stranger over there! This is AWESOME! If my parents were alive today, they'd never believe I was here. I mean, I'm all sweaty, I'm full of sparkles and I just drank something called a KABLAMO!

Scott: Now those are good.

Donna: *places hand on Scott's chest* Oh gosh this was the best night EVER.

Scott: *smiles* It could get way better.

Donna: *stares at Scott*

Scott: *places thumb on Donna's cheek*

Donna: *giggles* Mister Finch, you're being silly.

Scott: *leans closer* It's Scott.

Donna: *nods slowly* Okay...Scott.

Scott: *smirks*

Donna: Um...Mister F-...Scott, I don't th-

Scott: *kisses Donna*

Donna: *closes eyes*

Tom: *walks over, grabs Scott* Hey Scotty, it's getting late. We should go.

Scott: *frowns*

Donna: *blinks*

Tom: Outside, Scott. *pushes Scott*

Back alley

Tom: *walks out* What the hell do you think you're doing?

Scott: Why don't you go home, Tom.

Tom: Drugs? Women? Scotty, this isn't you.

Scott: Maybe it ought to be. Nice guys just get screwed over.

Tom: Nice guys have a little more dignity and elicit a bit more respect.

Donna: *runs out* Everything okay?

Scott: Everything's fine. *grabs Donna's hand* We're leaving. *walks away*

Tom: *looks back, shakes head*

HOLY CRAP! what just happened here. Scott, drugs, & Donna...oh no this is not good...

Great update Geni!
Talk about being responsible! Tom was the voice of reason here, and although Scotty's acting out, I do think it's just a matter of time before he realizes that what he's doing isn't going to help- if anything, it's going to hurt. And hurt badly. There's so much that could go wrong * that hasn't already- Scotty doing drugs, oh how far the mighty have fallen..* I can't wait to see when Scott comes to his senses...that's going to be a hard moment to swallow.

Excellent update!
Okay, did we just pop into some parallel universe where Tom's the clean one and Scott's not?

I agree with Anni... he's gonna have a hard time dealing with this in the morning... I think he needs a trip to visit Lori, like how they met...

Great update! :)
Aw, Scotty :( Tsk tsk tsk...

Somehow I don't think doing drugs while your wife is in the psych ward because of drugs is the best idea...Those poor little kidlets.

And I still feel sorry for Speed every time Tom refers to her as "my kid". What, does Speed not exist anymore? :(
Holy Shit ! Scotts gonna flip if he wakes up in the morning and theirs a body laying beside him and shes under age! And its Donna! I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that one! OOOH Scott please be sure to use protection! Somehow I knew this was gonna turn out bad!

Note to Tom! Don't just stand there knock his ass out and carry him to the car! Tom your gonna have to be the man and save the day here!

Why do I feel that things are about to shift to the right like a square dance and everyone is about to change partners! Again!

Great update Geni !
Thanks for the reviews! :D

:p Donna's not underage.


Motel room, 11:30pm

Donna: *smiling*

Scott: *kisses Donna*

Donna: *places hand on Scott's cheek*

Scott: *unbuttons Donna's blouse*

Donna: Wait wait.

Scott: *lifts head*

Donna: ...You're married.

Scott: *stares at Donna*

Donna: And I...I work for you.

Scott: Look, I'm really drunk and I don't care.

Donna: I do. I care about you, Mister Finch. I don't think you really want to do this. And I don't want to do this if it will affect your marriage and my relationship with you as your co-worker.

Scott: My marriage is over.

Donna: Well my job is not over and I'd like to keep it. *stands, buttons up shirt*

Scott: *leans back on couch*

Donna: We're both a little wasted, you're sad because of your marriage and we'd both regret it. *scoffs* Well, you would.

Scott: *lifts head*

Donna: I've...*smiles* I've sort of had a crush on you for a little while now.

Scott: Is that right.

Donna: *smile fades* ...You knew.

Scott: *stares at Donna*

Donna: Of course you knew, you're not an idiot.

Scott: *smirks*

Donna: But anyway, that's not the point. The point is, this is wrong on so many levels.

Scott: *stands*

Donna: *steps back* Besides, you're always telling me how I have to empower myself and not fall for these guys that'll just hurt me or take advantage of me because I'm young and pretty.

Scott: *steps closer*

Donna: You taught me that I have to fight for myself and not let any man make me do something I don't want to do. *steps back, leans against wall*

Scott: *steps closer*

Donna: I've finally asserted my independance and...and...

Scott: *stares at Donna*

Donna: ...I know what I want.

New York, laundromat, 9am next day

Anni: *throws clothes into washing machine*

Speed: *lifts clothing* Eric really needs to stop buying floral shirts.

Anni: *smirks*

Speed: And what the hell is this? *lifts shirt* Butterflies?

Anni: He has a style.

Speed: This isn't a style. This is just bad form.

Anni: I'm sure you own a few pieces of questionable clothing.

Speed: I assure you, I don't.

Anni: I think I recall you having at least one pair of chaps.

Speed: *lifts head*

Anni: *smiles*

Speed: I was drunk and-

Anni: You were also wearing a cowboy hat.

Speed: *shakes head* Horatio shouldn't have parties at his house.

Anni: *laughs, closes lid*

Speed: *lifts thong* Please tell me this isn't Eric's.

Anni: It's actually mine. Tom bought it.

Speed: *drops thong*

Anni: I'm kidding.

Speed: Sure you are.

Anni: *walks over* What kind of soap are you using on your side?

Speed: *lifts box* Kablam.

Anni: *smiles* I'm using Tide. You might want to be consistent or someone will end up complaining. Plus, Eric's allergic to everything.

Speed: Everything but butterflies.

Anni: *laughs*

Speed: *smirks*

Anni: Move aside, you haven't separated these properly.

Speed: There's a proper way?

Anni: *sigh* Men. *grabs clothes*

Speed: *looks at Anni*

Anni: So I noticed you and Katie at the top of the building yesterday.

Speed: Yeah.

Anni: *shrugs* You two are sweet together.

Speed: *blinks*

Anni: It's nice to see.

Speed: *nods*

Anni: It's okay, you can say you love her in front of me.

Speed: *throws clothes into washing machine*

Anni: ...Tim.

Speed: Yeah.

Anni: *takes Speed's arm*

Speed: *looks at Anni*

Anni: I don't want us to stop being comfortable around each other.

Speed: Me neither.

Anni: *nods* Good. *smirks*

Speed: *stares at Anni*

Anni: *walks away*

Speed: *looks down at washing machine*

Motel room, 10am

Donna: *rolls over, nestles into Scott's chest*

Scott: *staring blankly*

Donna: *sigh*

Cellphone rings

Scott: *closes eyes* ...*reaches across to table, grabs phone* ...*opens phone* Yeah. *opens eyes* Lori. *sits up*

Donna: *rolls over*

Scott: H-Hey. Uh, how are you? ...Yeah *rubs eyes* I-I can bring the kids to see you if they're allowing it. *scratches head* I'll be there in about an hour, is that okay? ...Great. *closes phone*

Donna: *sits up, covers self with sheet* Everything okay?

Scott: ...Do you have work today?

Donna: Yeah. *looks at watch* I'm actually a half hour late. *smiles* But I guess that doesn't matter since my boss isn't there either.

Scott: Get dressed, I'll drop you off.

Donna: Sure. *grabs clothes, walks away*

Scott: *sighs, covers eyes*

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