CSI:Miami RT #12 - 'Road To Nowhere'

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Why do I always have to come back around for the cliffhangers??? :lol:

Oh, my word. Lori, honey... *huggles*

Although, I can't completely blame Scott, I hope that she can work things out. Steph and Dom need a mommy, too, and I hope she can be that for them.

Yay for another road trip! :D Them at Mardi Gras just spells disaster... I hope H lets them go! :lol:

Great updates!
HOLY SHIT! What the hell just happened here...why...why...why....

OMG! I can't believe I missed the RT scene...it was great. My poor baby...he's always getting picked on. So did I stow away or not Geni...LOL

Great updates, can't wait to read more
^ I think you just might have! :shifty: :D

Thanks so much for the awesome reviews. :)


Hospital, 4am

Scott: *runs over* Tom.

Tom: *turns around*

Scott: *looks at Tom's shirt* ...Is she alive?

Tom: Yeah.

Scott: What happened?

Tom: She tried to kill herself.

Scott: *sighs, rubs face*

Tom: The doctors had to remove her spleen and she's getting some more blood
but other than that...physically she should be okay. Mentally's another

Scott: *nods*

Tom: It's not your fault, Scotty.

Scott: No, it's not.

Tom: You got the kids here?

Scott: Yeah, Steph and Dom are in the waiting room.

Tom: I'll go keep an eye on them. You visit Lori. *walks away*

Scott: Tom.

Tom: *stops, looks back*

Scott: I don't think it's a good idea.

Tom: *frowns* I might not be father of the year but I'm not going to get your
kids killed or anything.

Scott: No, I mean Lori. If I go in there, whose to say it won't give her the
satisfaction she may be looking for? Then she might try it again.

Tom: She almost died.

Scott: Yes.

Tom: ...I'm not sure I understand.

Scott: She needs to get better and she won't do it if everyone's pandering to

Tom: She's sick.

Scott: *stares at Tom*

Tom: Fine. *hands over baby* You take care of mine and go wallow in the
waiting room. I'll go see her. *walks away*

Hospital room

Tom: *sits*

Lori: ...Where...where's Scott.

Tom: He's not coming, sweetie.

Lori: *looks at Tom*

Tom: And it's not that he doesn't care, it's that he doesn't want to make
things worse...I think.

Lori: I want Scott.

Tom: He's not c-

Lori: I want Scott!

Tom: *shakes head* N-

Lori: SCOTT!

Tom: Lori, calm dow-

Lori: SCOTT! SCOTT! *slamming hands into railings* SCOTT!

Tom: *stands, walks away*

Lori: *screaming*

5 minutes later

Nurse: *runs in*

Lori: *screaming*

Nurse: *grabs Lori's arm*

Lori: ERGH! *shoves Nurse*

Nurse: Judy, get in here please!

Judy: *runs in*

Nurse: Hold her down.

Lori: *screams*

Nurse: *grabs Lori's arm*

Judy: *holds Lori*

Lori: *kicks Judy*

Judy: AH!

Nurse: Officer!

Tom: *runs over, holds Lori*

Lori: *bites Tom's arm*

Tom: *winces, pulls arm away*

Nurse: *jabs needle into Lori's arm*

Lori: *screaming*

Nurse: Let's get her some restraints!

Judy: *runs*

Nurse: Lori, look at me.

Lori: *struggles*

Nurse: We're trying to help you.

Lori: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *staring at Lori*

Lori: *lies back on bed*

Judy: *runs over*

Nurse: Get her wrists tied.

Judy: *grabs Lori's arm*

Nurse: We should to get her upstairs for a psych assessment. I'll call the

Judy: *nods*

Nurse: *walks away*

Judy: *writing on paper, walks away*

Tom: *sits*

Lori: *yanks arm*

Tom: *rubs forehead*

Lori: *blinks slowly*

Tom: ...You're scaring the crap out of me, Lori.

Lori: *looks at Tom*

Tom: ...I know I'm not exactly Dr.Phil here but...the next step here
is death and I can't lose you. Not right now, not after everything...
*lowers head* I know you don't want to die. The Lori I knew wouldn't do this.
She would fight, tooth and nail for her family, for others. And now she needs to
start fighting for herself.

Lori: *staring at Tom*

Tom: Please don't give up, Lori.

Lori: *closes eyes*

Tom: *stares at Lori*

It seems like Lori's lost :(( I hope she finds herself. And for the most part, I understand why Scott did what he did, but it has to be tearing him up inside to see this happening before his very eyes. I just hope this can be salvaged for Lori's sake and the kid's sake.

Awesome update!
Well that wasn't very good! i can understand Scott theory and I think hes right not to coddle her right now ! I think he needs to call her parents though even if they are on a road trip she may need them and they would be pissed if he didn't and her almost killing herself!

Well I can see that Lori is gonna be locked away for awhile again ! I guess she want get to see the kids for awhile either! at least she has Tom with her right now! She does need someone possitive in her life to help her!

Great update Geni!
*hugs Lori* Poor thing. I agree with Anni... Lori's lost right now. I hope she can get things back together.

*hugs Tom* I'm sorry you have to see this. :(

Great update! :D
Thanks for the reviews! :) Hee. :D


Psych ward, 11am, 2 days later

Lori: *flips magazine page*

Tom: *steps over*

Lori: *lifts head*

Tom: Hey. I was in the area, I thought I'd see how you're doing.

Lori: *yanks arm* I'm still attached to this bed and I've got one hell of a stomach ache but I'm alive.

Tom: *sits*

Lori: So how long am I in for?

Tom: As long as it takes.

Lori: I don't want to be here.

Tom: I know.

Lori: How do I get out?

Tom: You have to want to get better and work at it.

Lori: Well how long's that going to take?

Tom: *stares at Lori* This isn't a race.

Lori: And what the hell would you know about any of it?

Tom: ...I jumped off the causeway and overdosed twice. On purpose.

Lori: *lowers eyes*

Tom: It's going to take more than restraints and medications to help you, you have to look inside yourself. Deeply.

Lori: Is this a continuation of the lecture from the other day?

Tom: Good, you were listening. I just hope one of these days, we'll stop flip-flopping around and both be clean and healthy at the same time.

Lori: ...Me too.

Tom: I'll stop by every few days to see how you're doing.

Lori: Why?

Tom: *stands* Get well.

Lori: *frowns* How did you start to become such a good cop?

Tom: *smiles, leaves*

Lori: *sigh*

Gas station, outside Hummerhome, 1pm

Katie: *runs over* Hey, is H still filling up?

Speed: Yeah.

Katie: Where's everyone else?

Speed: Playing slots near the bathroom.

Katie: Oh awesome, we win anything?

Speed: ....They're slot machines. At a gas station.

Katie: *smiles* Which means a lot of idiots with a bunch of cash try their luck which means their money will become ours when we win.

Speed: I bet everyone says that.

Katie: *grabs Speed's shades* Oooh where'd you get these?

Speed: *takes shades* I'm not H, I don't have a gazillion pairs so don't break them.

Katie: *grabs shades, bends them*

Speed: *frowns* What the hell did you do that for? You broke them.

Katie: Yup.

Speed: You owe me 80 dollars.

Katie: I can deal with that.

Speed: And an apology.

Katie: *places hands on Speed's chest* Nah I don't really feel like it.

Speed: *stares at Katie*

Katie: *smiles*

Delko: *runs over* I WON 3 DOLLARS!

Katie: *looks at Eric*

Delko: *waves money* I WON!

Speed: *takes money*

Delko: Hey!

Speed: You owe me money.

Delko: No I don't.

Speed: *shrugs* Katie owes me money.

Delko: Then take Katie's money.

Katie: *pinches Speed*

Speed: Ow.

Katie: *pinches Speed*

Speed: *looks at Katie*

Katie: ...I'll stop.

Inside Hummerhome, road

Katie: *kicks Speed's leg*

Speed: *staring ahead*

Katie: *kicks Speed's leg*

Speed: *looks at Katie* I thought you said you were stopping.

Katie: Apparently not.

Delko: Can I kick you too?

Speed: *frowns* No.

Katie: *pulls Speed's hair*

Speed: *takes Katie's hand* Let's make one thing clear. I'm not a rag doll and there are actual nerve endings under my skin so stop it.

Katie: Or what?

Speed: ...Or what what?

Katie: What'll you do if I don't stop?

Speed: ...I'll be annoyed.

Katie: You're already annoyed.

Speed: True.

Colton: *slaps Katie in the head*

Katie: OW!

Colton: There. She's been hit, she can rest easy tonight.

Katie: *frowns, punches Colton*

Colton: OW.

Speed: *punches Colton*


Horatio: Guys, stop hitting each other.

Delko: We can still hit on people though, right?

Horatio: ...I suppose.

Delko: *looks at Anni, smiles* Heeeeey-

Anni: Don't even bother.

Delko: *smile fades*

APL Manhattan Miami, office

Scott: *writing*

Donna: *steps over* Mister Finch?

Scott: Mhm.

Donna: Um...the school called, your daughter's in their sick room.

Scott: *nods*

Donna: They were wondering if you could come pick her up.

Scott: *closes folder*

Donna: Do you want me to send the nanny?

Scott: No. *places pen on desk* I'll pick her up. *stands*

Donna: How long will you be out?

Scott: Until tomorrow. *smiles* Thank you for letting me know. *walks away*

Donna: *nods*

Inside car, road

Steph: *leaning over bucket*

Scott: You okay, Stephie?

Steph: I want Momma.

Scott: Mom's in the hospital.

Steph: How come?

Scott: She's sick again.

Steph: In the head.

Scott: Yep.

Steph: When's she gonna get better?

Scott: I don't know.

Steph: How come Momma's stuff's not at home?

Scott: She had to move away to get better.

Steph: Oh.

Scott: *turns wheel*

Inside house

Steph: *runs in*

Scott: Vicky!

Vicky: *runs downstairs, smiles* Mister Finch! You're home so soon.

Scott: Stephanie wasn't feeling well so I brought her home.

Vicky: Oh I'll run her a bath.

Scott: No no it's okay, I'll be here for the rest of the day.

Vicky: *places baby into playpen* Great, you can kick back.

Scott: ...Kick back.

Vicky: *smiles* Yeah, I got the kids covered, you go relax.

Scott: I...wh...I'm not sure I understand.

Vicky: Here. *grabs Scott's arm*

Scott: *lifts brow*


Vicky: *drags Scott over* Sit.

Scott: *sits*

Vicky: *grabs Scott's legs* Put them up on the table here, I'll go get you a beer.

Scott: Wait, I-

Vicky: *runs away*

Scott: *blinks*

2 minutes later

Vicky: *runs over* ...How come you aren't relaxing?

Scott: It's not really my thing. I'd much rather spend the day with the kids.

Vicky: Why?

Scott: ...I'm their father?

Vicky: Right. Sorry, it's just that most of my clients are business types who don't spend much time at home. I'm not really used to it.

Scott: Why don't you take the day.

Vicky: ...What would I do?

Scott: *smiles* Whatever you wish. *picks up mail, looks down*

Vicky: *nods slowly* Okay. I'll see you tomorrow, sir. *walks away*

Poor Lori...I hope this time, she makes the effort to get better and stay better. She's going to suffer while she's away from Scott and her kids, I just hope that suffering teaches her to be grateful for what she has and not to take it for granted anymore. I just want her out and better, ultimately.

Hahaha,...Katie's being annoying. But really, is there any other way? I like how Colton hit her on the head and told everyone that she could rest easy...LOL that was classic in it's own right.

Scott seems to have made the transition into single fatherhood well...What i wouldn't give to have him have a moment where he breaks down. Just by his lonesome...Because I would love to think that he misses Lori...But ...maybe I'm mistaken, LOL.

Awesome update!
Poor Lori... I hope she starts to listen to Tom...

*gigglesnort at the RT crew* They're always fighting with each other. I love it! :lol:

*hugs Stephie* Feel better, sweetie. :)

Great update! :D
Great updates Geni!

My baby won 3 dollars.. HA HA HA HA...he gets excited over the littlest things

Holy crap, Lori has lost it. I hope she does listen to Tom and get better

Please dont let the nanny become obsessed with mr. wonderful too

Can't wait to read more
Thanks for the reviews! :D

A short one.. :p


New York, Brooklyn Bridge


Horatio: No.

Delko: Come on! When will I have another chance to drive on the Brooklyn Bridge?

Horatio: It's not all that special.

Delko: I want to drive.

Horatio: Don't drop us into the river.

Delko: That's impossible. Bridges don't break.

Everyone: *looks at Eric*

Delko: ...What?

Speed: *punches Horatio's arm*

Horatio: Ow. What did I do?

Speed: That's for making me come to work on my day off.

Horatio: You could have said no.

Speed: You could have worked a case by yourself.

Horatio: That's impossible. I need human shields.

Speed: *frowns* Use Eric next time.

Horatio: But Eric would just duck and run. I need someone who will stand there with their mouth hanging op-

Speed: *punches Horatio*

Horatio: OW.

Delko: *turning wheel* Move out of the way! Hummerhome coming through! *leans on horn*

Horn blares

Delko: *laughs* HA HA! That'll teach ya!

Katie: *looks out window* Those people look really mad.

Anni: Eric, you're hitting the side.

Delko: No I'm not.

Sparks fly

Colton: Yeah you are.

Delko: You're imagining things.

Horatio: Eric, those yellow lines mean you have to pick a side.

Hummerhome sways

Katie: ACK! *falls over*

Speed: *grabs Katie*

Katie: Geez.

Calleigh: Eric, go that way.

Horatio: No go that way.

Carly: ...Does anyone else hear something sloshing around underneath us?

Everyone: *looks down*

Small screams can be heard

Speed: ...What the hell is that?

Delko: *slams on breaks*

Hummerhome slides forward

Katie: AH! *flies into driver's seat*

Horatio: *looks outside* Uh Eric, I'd suggest you keep driving.

Delko: Can't.

Calleigh: Why not?

Delko: Um, we're stuck.

Anni: *looks outside* ...You parked us sideways?

Delko: I lost control.

Speed: So get us un-stuck.

Delko: I-I can't, not without dropping us into the river.

Katie: *holding face* There has to be a way.

Delko: I say we just hang out until help arrives. *looks ahead* Oooh look at the pretty buildings!

Anni: *lifts hand* I WANT ONE OF THOSE T-SHIRTS! You know the ones that say 'I heart NY' on them.

Colton: Seriously, what is that rustling?


Anni: YES!

Carly: Who?

Colton: *lifts trap door*

Girl runs past

Everyone: *screams*

Colton: It's not a ghost, you guys. *grabs girl by the collar*

Horatio: *kneels* Hi there.

Calleigh: I know her. She's the toxicology tech. Monica?

Monica: *waves*

Horatio: What are you doing here?

Monica: I...wanted to see what everyone in the lab was talking about. They said you guys were a lot of fun.

Ryan: Who's they?

Monica: Tom something?

Anni: *smiles*

Monica: Anyone have any food? I've been down there for days. Oh...and you might want to take a hose to it.

Horatio: *looks down into cargo hold*

Monica: *shrugs* No bathroom.

Colton: *lets go of Monica*

Monica: *crawls onto couch*

Horatio: So we have another guest.

Speed: More like another mouth to feed.

Katie: *elbows Speed*

Speed: *winces* Welcome aboard.

Monica: Thanks. So where are we?

Delko: We're stuck on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Monica: Oh nice. *looks out window* Hey helicopters are circling.

Horatio: *sigh*

Delko: Let's go to the Empire State Building next!

Katie: You think Scott will be there?

Speed: *looks at Katie* ...Why would it matter?

Katie: ...It wouldn't. I just...he's nice to look at.

Speed: *frowns*

:guffaw: :guffaw: :guffaw: O>M>G.....ERIC...DRIVING! LOL...We were just asking for it, weren't we? Oh...and I notice we have a new fruit ca- ah, RTer...just kidding, Monica. I'm sure this is going to be hil-ar-i-ous!

Awesome update,...I promise it was so awesome, I laughed for five minutes straight! Esp at Katie's call out to Sam and Dean! I still think that would be hilarious too...

Excellent update!
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Anni: YES!

Carly: Who?
*gasp* BLASPHEMY! *kicks virtual me*

Ow! That virtually hurt!

I *heart* Supernatural :D

Oh H...you should know by now not to let Eric anywhere near anything that requires concentration...tsk tsk tsk. Those shades clearly don't help with your common sense.
OMG! Geni...you just made my night :guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:
That was freakin awesome...thanks :D

I love playing innocent...LOL

HA HA Speed telling Horatio to use someone else and getting mad at him for calling him on his day off :guffaw::guffaw:

Oh yeah, I loved the Supernatural reference too

I can't wait to read more of MY adventures with Eric, I mean in the hummerhome...:lol:
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Thanks so much for the reviews! :D

Mwaha. Sorry Carly. :eek: :p


Psych ward, next day, 9am

Lori: *lifts eyes*

Doctor: *walks over, extends hand* My name's Nathan Martinez, I'll be your doctor while you're here.

Lori: *stares at Nathan*

Nathan: *lowers hand* Tell me something, how did you get up here? *pulls chair over, sits*

Lori: I tried to shoot my husband.

Nathan: Well I hope you missed. *flips chart over*

Lori: *lifts brow*

Nathan: *staring at chart* You're on carbamazepine, okay. Mania has subsided, sedatives have been reduced, that's good. *pulls out pen, writes*

Lori: Do they always send the young ones to the crazy pad?

Nathan: *smirks, writing*

Lori: I was sort of expecting someone a little more...Freudian. Y'know, crazy hair, lots of wrinkles...

Nathan: That's Einstein.

Lori: Whatever.

Nathan: *lifts head* You want out of here.

Lori: No, I really enjoy the food. Cheese sandwiches and watery jello makes me weak in the knees.

Nathan: *smiles* I want you out of here too, Lori. May I call you Lori?

Lori: Better than being called 'hey bitch'.

Nathan: People call you that?

Lori: Maybe not outloud.

Nathan: I'd like to come back this afternoon and have a more extensive conversation. Would that be okay?

Lori: Gee, let me look at my schedule and I'll get back to you.

Nathan: *smirks, stands* It was nice to meet you, Lori.

Lori: *nods*

Nathan: *walks away*

Empire State Building, 86th floor observation deck, noon

Katie: *covering eyes* Where are we, where are we? Did the elevator stop?

Speed: You're already out on the deck.

Katie: *hides head in Speed's chest* Tell me when we're back on solid ground.

Speed: Everything's fine Katie.

Katie: I can feel wind.

Speed: You can feel wind on the ground.

Anni: *leaning on cage* Wow, imagine if this whole floor gave way.

Katie: *screams*

Speed: Anni.

Anni: *smiles*

Delko: *rattling cage* LOOK AT IT GO! WHOO! Oops, did I just snap it?

Katie: *clutches Speed*

Speed: Guys, would you knock it off?

Anni: Why? We're having fun.

Speed: If you were afraid of heights, I don't think you'd be having much fun.

Anni: Just give Katie a little bit of booze and she'll be climbing all over this place. *looks out at cage* PLANE!

Katie: *screaming*

Speed: *frowns*

Anni: Oh it was just a pigeon. My mistake.

Katie: *starts to cry*

Speed: Anni, come on.

Anni: *turns around* Alright alright. I'm sorry.

Katie: *nods*

Speed: *wipes Katie's cheek*

Katie: *closes eyes*

Anni: *stares at Speed*

Delko: *climbs onto cage*

Horatio: Eric, get down.

Delko: I want to see the city without cages.

Horatio: That's dangerous, Eric.

Security Guard: *runs over* HEY! HEY!

Horatio: *grabs at Eric*

Delko: HA HA SUCKERS! CAN'T GET ME! *foot slips* AH! *falls*

Katie: *screams*

Delko: *grabs onto edge*

Speed: *runs over, looks down* WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!

Delko: *looks up* I wanted to see around!

Speed: Well yeah, you'll be able to see everything on the way down!

Delko: I won't fall.

Wind blows upward

Delko: *clutches building*

Security Guard: *grabs radio, walks away*

Horatio: Okay Eric, hold on. We'll get help.

Anni: Only Eric.

Delko: Hey Anni, it's really cool down here. Jump on over.

Everyone: NO!

Anni: ...What, you think I actually would?

Carly: Oh cool, cops are on their way. *waves* HI COPS! WE'RE YOUR BRETHREN!

79th floor, boardroom

Bob: Now, the data analysis on th-

Woman: *runs in* Turn on the television.

Bob: I'm in the middle of a presentation.

Woman: You need to see this.

Scott: Turn it on.

Bob: *grabs remote, presses button*

Television turns on

Anchor: You're looking at a live feed of the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building where a man has apparently fallen over the safety cage and onto the ledge of the building. Police have secured the area and fire rescue is en route.

Everyone: *staring at television*

Scott: *staring blankly*

Bob: What the hell was this nutjob trying to do? Catch birds?

Scott: *squints* I know him.

Bob: *looks at Scott* Why am I not surprised?

Scott: *stands, walks away*

Bob: So I guess this means my presentation's a no-go.

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