CSI:Miami Road Trip #11: We Ain't Comin' Home

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Aww, Katie has an altruistic streak. :)

Something tells me gambling isn't going to work so well for Anni... :lol:

Eric in drag isn't going to work so well either... :lol: And I'm glad to see Ryan survived the bear. :D

Great update!
Thanks so much for the reviews! :)


Coral Gables, house, 1am

Josh: *walks in, stops*

People and beer are seen everywhere

Josh: *looks around*

Cait: *stumbles downstairs, holding beer*

Josh: *looks at Cait, frowns*

Cait: *smiles, waves* DADDY! *trips over stair, falls to knees*

Josh: *walks over, grabs Cait by the arm* What the hell is going on and who are these pople?

Cait: These are jlust...just friends.

Josh: *grabs beer from Cait* Where's Ethan.

Cait: He stayed overnight at a friend's house.

Josh: *turns around* EVERYONE OUT! NOW!

People start leaving

Josh: Get your ass onto that couch.

Cait: *staggers over to couch, flops down*

Josh: *walks over to door, slams it*

Cait: God, you're such a spaz.

Josh: So this is why you wanted me out of the house so bad. You wanted to throw a party.

Cait: *shrugs* I never get to have much fun. And by the way, you blew it once again.

Josh: Gee I'm sorry I ruined all your fun but you practically ruined my house! LOOK AT IT!

Cait: Looks fine to me.


Cait: I didn't touch anything. I was upstairs with P-...

Josh: Who?

Cait: Nevermind, I'm still in trouble anyway.

Josh: I thought we talked about this. *sits on table*

Cait: *shrugs*

Josh: *lowers head, sighs*

Cait: *crosses arms*

Josh: No telephone, no television, no internet and you're grounded for 2 months.

Cait: Whatever, I don't care anymore. *stands, staggers away*

Josh: *rubs face*

Gables Estates, house, 2am

Lori: *staring at television*

Tom: *drinks soda* Where's Scott?

Lori: Taking Steph to New York. He couldn't get a flight until midnight which is fine because Steph will probably sleep the whole way there. Thanks for comin' over. I don't really like staying here alone.

Tom: Well the place is pretty cavernous. Then again, I never pictured you to be someone who needed a man to feel safe.

Lori: If I had any girl friends, I would have asked one of them.

Tom: *nods*

Lori: I tried calling you last night but I kept getting your machine.

Tom: Yeah, I was out.

Lori: *lifts brows* Really.

Tom: I had a date.

Lori: *smiles* Nice. Who with?

Tom: Uh...Amy...Amy...

Lori: *smile fades* Walker.

Tom: That's the one! Apparently we used to know each other?

Lori: Yeah. *looks down at remote*

Tom: She's a nice girl.

Lori: Of course she is.

Tom: *looks at Lori* You alright?

Lori: I just don't think it's a good idea to be with her.

Tom: Why?

Lori: *shrugs*

Tom: You're jealous.

Lori: *scoffs* No I'm not.

Tom: You are. You can't stand that another woman has my attention.

Lori: That's ridiculous. I'm married.

Tom: It's never stopped you before.

Lori: *looks at Tom* Shut up and watch the television.

Tom: *smiles* You totally want me right now.

Lori: *frowns* Maybe you should just go.

Tom: Ah I'm just messing with you, sweetie. You should lighten u-

Lori: Don't call me that.

Tom: *stares at Lori*

Lori: *staring at television*

Tom: *leans over*

Lori: *grabs Tom's chest* Don't.

Tom: I was just going to say goodnight and leave.

Lori: Then leave.

Tom: Alright, be a bitch. Night. *kisses Lori's cheek*

Lori: *closes eyes*

Tom: *stands* I'll call you tomorrow.

Lori: Uh huh.

Tom: *leaves*

Lori: *sighs, rubs eyes*

Lori keeps tempting the fire, she's gonna get burned. I swear, she can't just keep her distance from Tom, especially when she knows how she feels about him. She's not strong enough to weather him just yet, I don't think she'll ever be strong enough. One thing's for sure, best not let Scotty in on her little secret- I don't think he'll be too understanding.

Um...Cait...attitude adjustment, seriously. I can understand that she doesn't like her father, but still...respect him. Ugh, what I wouldn't get for her to learn her lesson...What would it take, for her to see her father beaten before she cares about him?

Awesome update!
Well I figured the Cait goodness would be an altierier moltive for drunk house party while dads out screwing one of the boys! I think Josh is gonna have togive her some tough love or something! I'm not totally sure what she needs other than a good old fashion ass whippin!

Lori is either jelious or maybe shes tring to protect Tom from finding out the truth about why him and Amy broke up. I mean he did try to destroy himself again after Sammy was killed and Amy left. Maybe shes just trying to keep him from going back to the darkside! I'm sure Amy hasn't told him what really happened between them yet! Tom may not be able to stand hearing the truth about what happened.

Great update Geni !
Ok, see now, this is weird...the other day, I had my FIRST beer (I hate the stuff, I only drank it to shut my friends up). And Cait clearly drinks more than I do...*tsk tsk tsk* GAH! She's such a brat! And poor Joshy. He needs some lovin' And now he can never go out ever again cause of Cait's bratiness. Too bad he's gay. I'd totally have him (again) I mean, fake me...not real me. I mean, I'm real, but RT me isn't - oh never mind.

Oh, Tom...:( As much as it sucks, I'm wondering whether or not his amnesia is a good thing. I mean, those are some pretty crappy memories that he's lost. Imagine having to go through that again :(
Great updates Geni!

Poor Eric...dressed in drag. Ryan threw the GPS at the bear...:guffaw:

**sings** Lori's jealous, Lori's jealous.... :lol:

Great updates! Can't wait to read more :thumbsup:
Thanks so much for the reviews! :D Hee! *twirls around*

Teeny chapter. :p


Empire State Building, observation deck, 9:30am

Steph: *smiles* WOW! *points* LOOK HOW FAR UP!

Scott: Yeah we're pretty high.

Steph: *reaches hands up* Daddy, I wanna see more. Pick me up.

Scott: Okay. *picks up Steph*

Steph: *grabs onto cage*

Scott: It's a big place, huh.

Steph: *nods* Yup. Blech! *wipes hair away* Daddy, it's windy up here.

Scott: *smiles* It is.

Steph: How come Mommy never took me here?

Scott: Mommy's afraid of heights.

Steph: That's nuts! Are you scared of heights?

Scott: Uh...not really.

Steph: How long do I gotta stay with the other grama?

Scott: Just for a few weeks.

Steph: How long's that?

Scott: You know your months, right?

Steph: Yup. *smiles* Momma taught me.

Scott: Good. Well, it's the beginning of August and I'll be back at the beginning of September. Then you'll be starting kindergarten...slightly late.

Steph: *looks outward* Does Momma hate you?

Scott: *looks at Steph* What do you mean?

Steph: She hit you.

Scott: ...She lost her temper and she did the wrong thing but we don't hate each other.

Steph: So she's not gonna leave again?

Scott: *shakes head* No.

Steph: She's sure all over the place, Daddy.

Scott: *kisses Steph's forehead*

Steph: *staring outward*

I really do love the relationship that Steph and Scott have now. And she's so intuitive! And she's just starting kindergarten? Psha, I was just learning how to speak full sentences...Steph's psychoanaylzing everything...LOL

Awesome update!
Ah Poor Syeph She so confussed and doesn't really want to stay with her other Granma ! Can't say as I blame her. I don't think I would want to stay with old snooty Doris either if I was her.

Great update Geni!
Another teeny one. :p

Thanks so much for the reviews!


Gables Estates, house, 1pm

Scott: *walks in*

Lori: *staring at television*

Scott: Hey, I'm back.

Lori: Hey.

Scott: *walks over, sits* Whew.

Lori: You smell like New York.

Scott: *looks at Lori* I smell like New York?

Lori: *shrugs* You always have.

Scott: *lifts brow* How was your day?

Lori: I did laundry, filled the truck with gas, cleaned Steph's room and now I'm watching a show about potatoes. It's very intriguing.

Scott: I can tell. You look very excited.

Lori: *staring at TV*

Scott: *wraps arm around Lori*

Lori: Your mom never almost got you killed, right?

Scott: No, I do that plenty well on my own.

Lori: Not helping, Scott.

Scott: She'll be fine.

Lori: *lies head on Scott's shoulder* Why does she have to be gone a whole month?

Scott: She doesn't. I just don't know when your parents will be back in town to take little Brooklyn so we can go to Brazil and do all those fun things you apparently have planned.

Lori: Right.

Scott: *looks at television*

Lori: I could go for some fries.

Scott: *looks at Lori*

Upper East Side, house

Steph: *staring at caviar*

Doris: It's good, have some.

Steph: *scrunches nose*

Doris: You'll never amount to anything in this world if you can't down some caviar. *hands over cracker*

Steph: *takes cracker, bites down*

Doris: Isn't it terrific?

Steph: *coughs, drops cracker* Yucky.

Doris: *wide-eyed* It is NOT yucky. You know what's yucky? The stuff your mom makes.

Steph: Momma doesn't cook.

Doris: Alright, your maid.

Steph: Daddy cooks.

Doris: *lifts brow* A man? In the kitchen? That is not what I taught my Scotty at ALL. No no no, this won't do. Don't tell me he cleans, too.

Steph: *nods*

Doris: And where's your maid? Vacationing in Hawaii?

Steph: ...What's a maid?

Doris: Oh LORD. *covers eyes* You don't even have a maid. It's barbaric. MAUDE! MAUDE!

Maude: *waddles over* Yes ma'am?

Doris: My Scotty doesn't have a maid. That's an insult to your people.

Maude: Perhaps he does not need one.

Doris: Everyone needs a maid. How else does the housework get done?

Maude: He uses his hands and legs. I have taught him well.

Doris: You taught him nothing. I'm his mother.

Maude: Yes. You are.

Doris: *waves hand* Run along, Maude.

Maude: *walks away*

Steph: Can I have more juice, please?

Doris: At least he instilled some manners in you. *slides juice over* I can't say the same for your mother, the whore.

Steph: Everyone keeps callin' Momma that.

Doris: Well that's because it's true. She doesn't love your dad, she loves his money. If it weren't for him, she'd be sleeping in a sewer with all the other rats.

Steph: *staring down at lap, starts to cry*

Doris: I shed a few tears myself when I found out what she was.

*glares at DORIS* WTF>>> Lori would have a cow that Doris made her little girl cry. She's going to be ruined...RUINED if she spends another minute there!
What needs to happen *in my opinion that is* is that Anni and Speed come home and take little steph...Doris has gone beyond the call of duty in effectively screwing her relationships into the ground. I just hope she has enough sense to stop while she's a head.

Awesome update!
Ok Ok! I heard enough out of this bitch ! I demand that Somebody go and get that child away from her! I think you should send Speed & the whole Hee Haw gang there to just stop by for a quick visit and make sure Stephs ok! As soon as Speed sees whats going on. I think he needs to tell Doris off and obscond with his Grandaughter! I could turn into the RT gang on the lamb and being chased by the police for kidnapping little Steph from Doris' house and taking her on the road with the RT as they make there way back too Miami with her! lol!

Of Course the whole gang would have to be involved in a night time covert undercover opperation to get Steph out of the giant mansion with out being detected by the house staff! Hmm That could be a very funny plot. Maybe Lori gets worried and calls her parents and sends them to check on Steph and then the whole crazy kidnapping unfolds! The Rt gang coulld leave goofy messages on the walls or something like in Helter Skelter. Like Old hag in Mustard! Lol!

Yeah ! Thats pretty funny think about it Geni. The RT Gang fleeing from the law lol!

Great update Geni!
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What an evil BITCH! I hate her...can someone please hit her with the hummerhome

Aww..Steph is gone for a month, I feel Lori's pain.

Great updates Geni!
Thanks so much for the reviews! :)

Flash, I love the idea. :D Hopefully it's okay that I borrowed it and twisted it a bit. :p :)


Upper East Side, mansion, 3 weeks later

Speed: *knocks on door*

Katie: *jumping up and down* SO EXCITED! SO EXCITED!

Speed: Hush. She's not going to let you in acting like a ping-pong ball.

Betty: *opens door, smiles* TIMMY! *waddles over, hugs Speed*

Speed: *smirks* Hi Mom. *wraps arm around Betty*

Betty: *looks outward* OH MY! *lets go* You brought the whole herd! *smiles* Come in, come in! Let me see your little faces!

Inside mansion

Horatio: *takes off shades*

Betty: *pinches Horatio's cheeks* Well aren't YOU a distinguished young man. Is that your real hair colour? *adjusts glasses*

Horatio: Mrs. Speedle. Nice to see you again.

Betty: MY KATIE! *waddles over, hugs Katie*

Katie: Oof.

Betty: How are you, dear!

Katie: Real hungry for those cookies of yours.

Speed: *clears throat*

Katie: *smiles*

Betty: *lets go* OH! You know, I hadn't had the opportunity to bake until very recently.

Speed: Really.

Betty: Now where did you put that darling wife of yours...AH! *waddles over to Calleigh* This is the one!

Anni: *lifts hand* Uh, actually, I'm his wife.

Betty: *looks at Anni, adjusts glasses* ...Timmy, you know polygamy is a felony.

Speed: *frowns* I only have one wife. *grabs Anni's hand*

Betty: *grabs Anni's face* Oooh she's pretty. Have we met?

Anni: We have. I'm Anni.

Betty: OH YES! I remember now! The wild one with the nice chest.

Anni: *looks at Speed*

Speed: So you were saying about baking?

Betty: Everyone make yourselves at home! I'll get the cookies started!

Colton: I want a mom.

Carly: ...You have one.

Colton: I want his.


Betty: *dumps flour into bowl* Doris Finch came over yesterday.

Speed: *lifts eyes*

Betty: Her granddaughter looks just like your Lori.

Speed: That's because her granddaughter is Lori's.

Betty: *turns around* I fed my great granddaughter cookies and I didn't even know it?

Speed: She was here?

Betty: Why yes, she brought her here for a few hours. *gasp* You mean Lori married that nice young Finch? OH GOODIE. He's a fine man. *smiles, turns back to bowl* They were certainly eyeing each other from afar at that gala a few years back, I'm not surprised they ended up together.

Katie: How was Stephanie?

Betty: *stirring* Simply adorable but I couldn't get a smile on that girl's face if I had shoved a thousand cookies in front of her. Timmy, she's definitely your daughter's daughter.

Speed: Do you know what she was unhappy about?

Betty: *turns around, opens oven* I suspect it had much to do with Doris' handling of her. She was shrewd and quite insulting. *closes oven* I've never seen a little girl cry over the placement of her hands on the table in relation to how parallel her chin is with the floor. I told her not to worry about it but Doris assured me little Stephanie needed to learn those skills. I'm not sure what century that mixed bag of nuts is living in.

Speed: *nods*

Betty: Not to mention Doris seemed a bit...can we say inebriated?

Speed: *frowns* She was drunk?

Betty: I could smell the alcohol. Shame too, she was doing so well for such a long time. Perhaps her husband's parole denial had something to do with it. At any rate, I was sad to see the child go back with her. There was something in her eyes...a pleading, almost. I sure hope she doesn't have to stay there much longer.

Speed: She's not. *stands* Where does this Doris live?

Betty: No no no, Timmy it's not your place.

Speed: It is my place.

Betty: *crosses arms* Timothy, don't you go there all cocked and ready to fire. Violence will get you nowhere and I don't want to see you acting like your father.

Katie: *stands* But I can punch her, right?

Betty: The both of you need to sit down and-

Speed: *leaves*

Betty: Don't you bring any guns!

Katie: *runs*

Betty: *sigh* He never listens to me, even on his best days.

Car, road

Katie: You think it was such a good idea to steal your mom's car?

Speed: I'm just borrowing it.

Katie: OH! Let's douse her house in mustard.

Speed: Let's just get the kid.

Katie: Okay, I'll get the sniper rifles. *crawls into backseat*

Speed: *lifts brow* What kind of mother do you think I have?

Katie: She has a shotgun under the seat.

Speed: ...She has a what?

Katie: *smiles* Your mom is so cool. You should hug her more.

Speed: *rolls eyes*

Katie: *sits back in seat* Where's this house?

Speed: Down the block. At least that's what I remember from when my parents used to talk about her and her parents. I don't know the exact address but it shouldn't be hard to pin down.

Katie: Good 'cause I'm going to blow a hole in her face.

Speed: You're not going to do anything.

Katie: You get to shoot her? That's not fair!

Speed: No one's shooting anyone.

Katie: Can't I at least pinch her?

Speed: *looks at Katie*

Katie: Nevermind. We'll do this like adults.

Mansion, 10:30pm

Speed: *walks up to door, tilts head*

Katie: It's open.

Speed: *pushes door, steps in* Mrs. Finch! We're Lori's parents, we just came here t-

Katie: *grabs Speed's arm, points to living room*

Speed: *looks over* What?

Katie: She's in there.

Speed: *walks away*

Living room

Katie: *runs over, kneels* She's not dead. Looks passed out on something.

Speed: *grabs bottle* Jack Daniels?

Katie: *lifts head* STEPHANIE! *stands, runs around*

Speed: *looks down at Doris*

Upstairs, bedroom

Katie: *flips sheets, looks under bed*

Speed: *walks over*

Katie: *stands* She's not here.

Speed: Neither's her stuff.

Katie: *looks down at floor* Check it out.

Speed: *looks down*

Katie: *picks up cracker* Salted.

Speed: Maybe little Stephanie had enough and decided to skip town.

Katie: *looks at Speed* That means there's a little girl by herself in the dark, somewhere in New York City. *shakes head* Where could she have possibly gone?

Speed: We don't know how long she's already been gone and what direction she's headed...*stares at Katie*

Katie: What? Do I have something on my face? *touches cheek*

Speed: I think I have an idea either way. *grabs Katie's hand* Let's go.

Outside Empire State Building

Katie: *shuts door* Why the hell would she come here?

Speed: Think about it. *walks around vehicle* You're a 4-year old in the middle of Manhattan-

Katie: I AM NOT.

Speed: I'm not finished.

Katie: Oh.

Speed: You're a 4-year old in the middle of Manhattan, you look up. What's the first thing you see?

Katie: ...The sky?

Speed: *points up* The Empire State Building.

Katie: *looks up* OH! Because Scott works here.

Speed: That's where I'd be headed.

Katie: *smiles* ...You think like a 4-year old, often?

Speed: *frowns, walks away*

Katie: *smile fades* I was joking!

Side of building

Speed: Steph! *looks around* STEPH!


Speed: *looks at Katie*

Katie: You never know how many there are.

Speed: *points* Is that her?

Katie: *clicks on flashlight* I think so.

Speed: *runs over*

Steph: *hugging side of building, sniffling*

Speed: *sigh* Stephanie.

Steph: *lifts eyes*

Speed: *kneels*

Steph: I want Daddy.

Speed: I know you do.

Steph: Grama's a meanie.

Katie: I AM NOT!

Speed: *lifts head*

Katie: Oh. You were talking about...nevermind. *waves hand* Ignore me.

Speed: *slides backpack over* This your Barbie backpack?

Steph: *nods*

Speed: *opens bag* Crackers, juice boxes and Monopoly money. *smirks* Looks like you were all set.

Steph: *sniffs* Yup.

Speed: *picks up plastic knife* What's this for?

Steph: Protection.

Speed: *looks at Steph*

Steph: Lotsa meanies out there.

Speed: That's true.

Katie: Okay, I want to hug her.

Speed: *places hand on Steph's head* Why don't we get you something real to eat, would you like that?

Steph: *nods*

Speed: Okay. *picks up Steph* Get her backpack.

Katie: *grabs backpack*

Steph: *wraps arms around Speed's neck*

Speed: *looks at Katie*

Katie: *touches chest*

Hummerhome, outside mansion

Steph: *munching fries*

Katie: Does she look like she's on the skinny side to you?

Speed: Yep. Stephanie, can you tell me what you ate at the other grandma's house?

Steph: *dunks fries in ketchup* She wouldn't lemme eat 'til I gots manners.

Speed: *lifts brow* What does that mean?

Steph: *gobbles down fries*

Katie: *hands over water*

Steph: *grabs cup* I had to cross ma legs and...*touches chin*...fold ma napkin right and mmm...eat lotsa caviar.

Katie: What else did she make you do?

Steph: I couldn't sleep 'til ma nails was clean.

Katie: *looks at Steph's hands* Yours are full of bandaids.

Steph: Yup. She cleaned too hard.

Katie: Ugh, I don't know if I want to hear the rest of this.

Steph: *shoves burger into mouth*

Speed: ...Did the other grandma hurt you anywhere else?

Katie: *shakes head* Tim, don't.

Speed: *lifts hand*

Steph: *chewing, shakes head*

Speed: *sigh* Good.

Katie: Should we call them?

Speed: *looks at watch* It's still late in Brazil, I don't want to worry them. We can call in the morning.

Katie: And you're sure it was okay for Josh to keep an eye on Brooklyn while they're in Brazil.

Speed: He said he sent Cait to Australia to spend the rest of the summer with Carly's parents. They're a real military family so he was hoping that would rub off on her in a positive way. I guess he has the time. He's not working for the rest of the month.

Katie: *wraps arms around Steph* You poor dear.

Steph: *drinks water*

Speed: H said it was okay that she tag along for a while.

Katie: Who's going to tell Mrs. Finch that Steph's not going back?

Speed: I'll tell her tomorrow.

Brazil, resort room

Lori: One more shot.

Scott: No. No more.

Lori: *smiles* Aw, c'mon Scott. You've already had 8, what's another one?

Scott: *lifts finger* You are tryin' to get me wasted.

Lori: You're already wasted.

Scott: *shakes head* No I'm not.

Lori: Then crawl across this bed and tell me that again to my face.

Scott: *jumps off bed, staggers sideways, trips over table*

Table collapses

Scott: *falls over*

Lori: *looks down at floor*

Scott: *blinks* Whoa, this floor is real close to the ceiling.

Lori: *slides off bed, sits on floor* You're just real drunk.

Scott: *sits up, leans against dresser* And YOU are real purdy. *laughs*

Lori: Yeah I know. *grabs Scott's arm* Let's get that glass out of your arm.

Scott: What glass? *stumbles forward*

Lori: ACK! *falls over*

Scott: *looks down, smiles* Well here we are. Right where I want you.

Lori: *smiles* I bid you good luck. 8 shots of tequila probably won't get you far.

Scott: Doesn't mean we can't have a little fun, right?

Lori: Ooh. I like this side of you.

Scott: You were right. I am WAY too resplondisble, I need to let loose every once in a while. Y'know?

Lori: *laughs* Yes you do.

Scott: You are the most exciting person I've ever known.

Lori: Well thank you.

Scott: *strokes Lori's hair* And you're so pretty.

Lori: *smiling* You've said that.

Scott: *rolls over onto floor* Wow there's a lot of glass on this floor. Someone might get hurt.

Lori: That was you, hon. You broke the table.

Scott: *looks over at table* Oh shit. *starts to laugh* Oopsies.

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Well at least she doesn't have to be there anymore! i still think the whole team should have went in ans did the night ops thing! It wouldhave been alot funnier.

Oh Scott is so drunk hes wollowing in glass. Hes going to have a headack in th emorning Lol!

great update Geni!
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