CSI: Miami Icons #6 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

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GNRF: I love those. Aaw, I just love Shootout, it's such a cute Ryan episode. :lol: Good job on those.

FieldMouse: Those are really good, especially the last one. I like the tiny text. :)

These are mine from the white challenge.

GregNickRyanFan those are good. I especialy love the one with Ryan and the baby. He looks so paternal. :))

Thanks. Yeah, he just looks so cute with that baby, I couldn't resist. :lol: . I like yours too. On that last one, the text looks like a poem. :) And of course I love Ryan's smirk.

GNRF: I love those. Aaw, I just love Shootout, it's such a cute Ryan episode. :lol: Good job on those.

Thank you. :) Yeah, I love the ep too. He's so protective of that baby. It's cute. Your Calleigh ones are pretty too. She makes it easy, doesn't she? :lol: I like the second one the best. :)
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GNRF - love that one with the baby! *melts*
Missie - that 2nd one is totally :drool:
Luf - that 2nd Cal one is so gorgeous.
dongpeiyen1000 - your 140x140 icon of Ryan is totally :drool: as well.
:thumbsup: everyone!
I liked all the ones from the white challenge it was very hard to choose, so great job everyone! :thumbsup:

Here are my three:


And two old ones i made of Ryan:

Great icons everyone!!

Nattybatty, I didn't know that was your work - I voted for the Nat & Jake ones in the challenge, they were both so good - great job!!:)
I have a request for anyone who's willing. I don't have a specific cap in mind, but would love a good one of Natalia, close up with her eyes brought out; with the text "brown-eyed girl"

These are the best Natalia pics I had saved on my computer.


If you find a pic you'd rather have used, I'll be glad to make you another one. :)
Great icons everyone!!- Everyone 's work is amazing and everyone is progressing nicely! :D

I posted some icons at my LJ:
This set contains:

[04] CSI LV: Challenge Enteries
[07] CSI Miami: Challenge Enteries & Other
[02] Hayley Williams/Paramore



The rest are at MyLivejournal<3!!!
Enjoy!! :) - Promise to have more up later!! Please post any requests you have for me here or PM with them! thank you! x
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