CSI: Miami Icons #6 - Showcase, Links, and Requests

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Shazz I really like your coloring and the first two icons are great, but somehow the cropping of the 3rd one isn't right...maybe if you'd chosen a crop that's a bit more to the right so that her face wouldn't be that much cut off...it kinda looks as if her face "flows" out of the icon, if that makes any sense :lol:
Great icons everyone!

7x20 Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing icons for episodic100:


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Rita, I love your icons :adore:
they are sooo cute! You coloring is stunning :D
I'll snag some, will credit ;)
Three new Ryan ones from me. I was just playing around with some newly installed photoshop brushes. They're not great, but I thought I'd share them anyway:

Shazza: I really like them. The cropping on the second and third is really good, but it's pretty centered on the first. I love your colouring on all three though. The third could probably use a little more blurring but other than that it's great. And I don't think you really need to make room for textures because just your colouring by itself looks great.

Orla: Your icons are great as always. :) I commented at your LJ. You're improving more and more with every batch.

Something Wicked: I love the Valera icon. Awesome texture and I love the text. :D

GNRF: I love them, I think the first is the best. The two blue lines give Ryan in the middle a sort of magnifyed effect. At least to my eyes. ;)
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