CSI: Miami: Deadly Figure

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    hehe Carro, dont jump to conclusions fast :) :lol:

    Here's another update:

    The sun in Miami went down before it had the chance to shine. Horatio went home to rest, but had only two hours to do so before his cell phone rang. Horatio got dressed up quickly, washed up his face, and headed downstairs. Yelina was sleeping on the coach and Katrina was next to her.

    "Hey honey, why don't you go sleep upstairs?" Horatio said to Yelina gently
    "Horatio?" Yelina said but her eyes were still closed. "Oh I have to go work"
    "I called in the Chief; you can have the day off. You and Katrina go out. It's been a while since that happened" Horatio smiled
    "Thanks Horatio"

    Yelina sat up and stretched her arms.

    "I'm still sleepy" she said smiling "Are you going to work?"
    "Yea, I am"
    "Thanks, I'll carry Katrina upstairs"
    "I'll carry her"

    Horatio carried Katrina up to the guestroom and put her on the bed.

    "I'll sleep next to her just in case something happens" said Yelina
    "OK, if you need anything, honey, just give me a call." Horatio gave Yelina a kiss on the cheek. He left the room, quietly, and closed the door very carefully as he did not want to make a noise to wake Katrina up.

    Horatio went downstairs opened up a drawer using the key, took his badge, gun, and the Hummer's key, and locked the house door. He started the engine, and took off to the building. He saw Rick in the interrogation room, and entered.

    "Rick" Horatio greeted
    "Horatio, you better have a good reason for bringing me in here" said Rick
    "Oh, trust me Rick, I do"

    Horatio sat down on the chair, and he was facing Rick. Eric entered the room, and gave Horatio a file.

    "So, Rick, what where you doing in Ryan's room?"
    "Yea, I came to talk to him. After what happened, I have the right to."
    "But the Chief hasn't said anything about you visiting him"
    "He didn't. I just went there as a friend.''
    "A friend or an enemy?" said Horatio "we recovered your hand print from the window"
    "I opened up the window for fresh air"
    "But the print wasn't on the handle Rick, it was on the glass"
    "So I touched the glass, big deal"
    "Rick, it is a big deal. Ryan is in a coma."
    "Listen Horatio, take this from me, and don't jump to conclusions. I can have your job for it."
    "I am doing my job. You will be treated like any suspect that I have treated, so literally you can't fire me for doing my job" said Horatio with a breeze of confidence
    "Don't start accusing me, if you don't have anything to back up your accusation"

    Rick got out of his seat, and opened the door. Before he left the room, he looked back at Horatio.

    "Horatio, don't play this game"
    "I... already have started... and for you my friend, the game is over"

    Rick left the room. Horatio remained still on his seat, Calleigh walked in the room.

    "How did it go?"
    "We can't nail him with what we have. Take Warrick, go back to Ryan's room. And search it from the inside out. And all the pills, analysis them. Look for fingerprints. The window Calleigh, search it from the outside, and inside"
    "Ok Horatio, I will."

    Horatio went left the room, and went to the DNA Lab, where he saw Eric.

    "I'm just waiting for the blood drops result."
    "Eric, Go back to Ryan's apartment, try look for anything that might've gotten him to where he is now"
    "Sure, but what about the results?"
    "I'll have them sent to my office"
    "Yea sure"

    Horatio and Eric left the lab. Eric took of to Ryan's apartment. Horatio was about to leaving the building, and go back to the hospital to help Warrick and Calleigh, but he saw a visitor he never would've expected to be here: Mac Taylor from the New York crime lab.
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    Oh, a Miami/NY crossover! Awesome! You manage to surprise me all the time!! :p Can't wait to hear what Mac is there for! It's getting more and more interesting, update soon!
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    Thanks Carro! You'll find out by tommorow hopefuly :p .. :D :lol:
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    brill update miami85 :)

    loved the part between H and Rick :lol:

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