CSI Magazine

I got the magazine on the 7th and it was $9.99. I wasn't going to buy it but as i was flipping through it standing in the book store, I was reading one section that they dedicated to a survey people filled out and sent in from back in the second volume (the miami one). They picked a few questions and a few responses from that survey. As I was reading them, I read one and then read the name and location and realized it was me. LOL, so then naturally I had to buy the magazine. For anyone who reads/buys it they put my response under the, Who is your favorite character? I put 'Calleigh Duquesne - a strong, professional, respectable character'. Seven little words but it made me excited.
$32.95 for ONE magazine??? you gotta be kidding? :eek: :eeK:
Whoa! That can't be right! Isnt that for a subscription?

*laughs* Well, I can just go: "Hey, Grandpop? Remember that CSI magazine that you asked if it was worth buying? ...Can I get the new issue?" XD Gotta love spoilering grandparents.

Of course, I read the last edition in the mall's Borders when I was waiting for my mom to get done clothes shopping (I hate shopping. And I'm a girl.), and that made it free. :rolleyes:

ah, you gave me an idea there. i can ask my aunt to send me a copy
*crosses fingers* it is darn expensive! even if i'll buy it here, maybe 10 bucks more. lucky you you get to read it from the shelf...and it's FREE!

hey, do you know there's an interview on Detective Angell in the latest ish?
it's posted on it's publishing site
I saw the mag today in Barnes & Noble. I read a little bit of it. Its got some really interesting articles in it. I really liked the interview with Emmanuelle Vaugier aka Det. Angell. If it wasn't $9.99, I'd buy it. I wish they got it in at my library because you can check out magazines there.
To those who have already got the mag - I can't find it here in the UK yet - is it any good? who is interviewed in it?