CSI Icon Challenge - Detectives - Winners!

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Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

Congrats to all the winners!!!

I'm in shock over getting 2nd place. WOW, thanks to all that voted for me!
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

Congrats to all the winners, you all did an amazing job!
and..OMG! first place wow!
Oh cainesugar it is a shame you have to leave us but RL is always getting in the way hehe.. Nevertheless, I am sure ILJT will do a great job just like you did.
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

Congrats to all the winners! Lovely icons!

I'm sorry to see you go, Lilly, but I hope you'll still be around. Sometimes I think I'd rather have internet life than Real Life, but I suppose priorities have to be made. Good luck with high school. :D

I'm pleased that the challenges will carry on. Looking forward to it, ILJT. :D
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

I am shocked I placed! :eek: I am very pleased! :D
Congrats to the other winners! They were all really great. Sue - a big congrats to you! I knew you could do it! :D

Lilly - good luck with RL & high school! I hope to see you are around here still.

ILJT - can't wait to see what you have for us with the next challenge!
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone :)

I'll try to get the next challenge up in the next few days. If everything goes right here, one should be up tomorrow.
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

I glad the challenges are still on, because I can't wait to participate. i missed this one but I;m holding out for the next :D

congrats to all the winners, i know it;s late but, yeah, the icons were brilliant :D
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

Here we go, a new challenge!

CSI Icon Challenge- Funny Faces

I thought after Lily's last challenge, we would lighten the mood with some laughs.


1. You may enter up to 3 icons.
2. There are two categories to this challenge - Beginner and Advanced. Please refer to these helpful guidelines if you need help determining what category to enter. Please be fair to others. If you keep winning in beginners, move up to advanced; let someone else win beginners and see if you place in advanced. That's how you get better, by challenging yourself.
3. Please size all icons to 100x100 pixels. I know that the new rule allows your icons to be 120x120 but for this challenge, I'd like it to stay at 100x100. If anyone has any questions or has a problem with it (I'm sorry!) please PM me.
4. Please PM your entry to me, ILuvJonathanTogo, by 10pm Tuesday, December 11th, Pacific time.
5. No vulgar words or phrases allowed.
6. Don't go running around posting your icons elsewhere, it's not cool. You don't want to win because your friends voted for you, you want to win because you deserved it.
7. No animations allowed.
8. You can use any cap you find, from any of the 3 CSIs.

Subject: Icon Challenge: Beginners (or advanced if you're advanced)

Body: Images, urls. (If you can't send images, just the urls are fine)

Most importantly, above everything, Have fun!
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

Of course I am in this one. Should be fun!
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

Wooo I'm so in for this one!

i came third in the last challenge, first thing ive ever won :D

so proud of myself lol
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