CSI: Hangman #10

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Uuuh!! I know, I know! One of my favorite SMacked shipper moments!!

Stella: There's something gooey here.
Mac: Gooey? There's a good forensic word. Gooey, I have to use that more.

S1x07, Rain

Ages ago, I even did a wallpaper with that quote on :p

OK, as we are nearly at 1000 posts this looks like a good place to stop. As I have already said, we are looking at what to do with the hangman game, so don't open a new thread just now. :)

BonaTaylor, it'll be your turn first in the next thread if that's OK. (And I love the wallpaper, it's fantastic). :D

Thanks everyone, we'll get back to you.

Not open for further replies.