CSI: Hangman #10

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Wow! Tenth thread already! For the newcomers, and as a refreser to the rest of us, please be sure to READ THE RULES BEFORE PLAYING

- No more than 3 letter guesses should be requested before each update. This makes it easier for the person updating the quote, and helps to maintain an even pace for the game
- Each person may guess only two letters per game (one at a time!)
- when you are the one posting the quote, please update only after 3 letters have been guessed.
- When you guess a quote, please wait for the original poster to confirm that you are correct before posting a new quote
- This game is for all three CSI shows, please try not to have more than two quotes from the same series in a row.
- When posting a new quote, please state which CSI show it is from

Link to previous thread: Here

And, we left off in the last thread with a new puzzle:

lostladyknight said:
Las Vegas because I don't know any other shows. Sorry kids.

C1: ---------- - ----- -- -------.
C2: --- ----- - ------ ----- -- ----?
C1: - ----- ----.
C2: ------ -- ---.

Good Luck!

And wolfesgamergirl has asked for an A.
Las Vegas!

C1: -e-----e-- a ----e -– -ass---.
C2: --- ----- a -e-a-e ----- -- ---s?
C1: - ----- -a—e.
C2: S-a-e- -- ---.

Letters guessed: A, E, S.
Thanks guys!

C1: De----te-- a -r--e -– -ass---.
C2: --- t---- a -e-a-e ----d d- t--s?
C1: - ----d -a—e.
C2: S-ared -- ---.

Letters Guessed: A,D,E,R,S,T
C1: De-i-itel- a -ri-e -– -assi--.
C2: --- thi-- a -e-ale ---ld d- this?
C1: I ---ld ha—e.
C2: S-ared -- ---.

Letters Guessed: A,D,E,H,I,L,R,S,T

Good job so far guys!
Catherine: Definitely a crime of passion.
Grissom: You think a female could do this?
Catherine: I could have.
Grissom: Scared of you.

Evaluation Day
Happy B-day lostladyknight

I thought a mod wanted to add to the rules that each person is only allowed to guess 2 letters. Or are we allowed to request more than 2 letters? just a question :)

btw love the quote! :D
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