CSI: Cyber

Will you watch CSI: Cyber?

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I decided to try it since my mom had recorded it and she liked it.

I have to admit, I'm not sure. I think it was okay but I can't see how they can make it a crime every week as to just hacking and cyber stuff.

If we talk about crimes and cases, then we have a lot of were to take from the computers world, they are case of strange porn, snuff, child porn, online kills or webcam shows, dead rings, drugs, credit cards, bitcoins, sex slaves, people that wants dead bodys or even meat, online crimes happen every day.

The problem for me is that the show is set in the U.S and for me this is really hard to believe, that in the US would happen something like this, when even the old child porn sites are down, every week a new CP page came out and every week an old page came down, so for me Europe and Asia are the right point to begin a show like this.

The other problem is that they have to show in the detectives some personality, because in the original seasons of CSI, even Grissom was piss off when the FBI take the case, because he do all the job and the FBI take the credits, it will be nice to show that when Zuiker is the same fricking writer.

And i am praying for take down so many technology that doesnt exits in real life, like CSI: New York and Miami did and in both case it was crap, because there is nothing worst that a CGI morgue or even a lot of crappy tech that find criminals from knowhere.
Funny line from The Hollywood Reporter:

"The series is based on the work of cyber psychologist Mary Aiken. But just because the show is inspired by real life events doesn’t make it any less predictable. By now the formula is established: Find a known actor to headline your series (in this case, Arquette), throw in a song by The Who (“I Can See for Miles”) and demonstrate a fondness for slow motion and dramatic close-ups. Just the name CSI: Cyber sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit. What’s next? CSI: Whole Foods?" :guffaw:

It was okay, but not particularly gripping. We've seen the same characters having the same jobs in so many shows already that it didn't feel like the first episode of a new series but the 20th of any procedural out there. I'm not very fond of the main lead, although I can't pinpoint why yet.
Patricia Arquette was good (not her best role though), but the show was weak... If former writers really want to write for CSI they should return to the original show, not creating a useless show..

I'm not expecting this show to be renewed...
The show definitely isn't old-school CSI, but rather seemed to be a collection of old CBS procedural characters and scenes:

1. FBI gets to bogart any case they want (CM)
2. Semi-brooding lead with a mysterious past (Caruso)
3. Scruffy techno-dude who doesn't have to dress in FBI blue (5-0/CM)
4. Outrageously invasive technology (CSINY)
5. Forecsics in 2 minutes (CSIM)
6. Bad guy trying to turn good.
7. Random pretty girl stuck in the lab (Anna Belknap)
8. Concerned father-figure boss (NCIS, CSILV)

It was ok...just ok. And BTW, how did they get from Baltimore to upstate NY in 5 seconds? Did they teleport. Maybe Honest Abe knows.

That's so true. I think they just put too much into that very first episode, and I hope, as I find the show rather promising, that they are going to slow down a bit and give the characters some proper room to evolve and the plot to be less rushed. I also think that some lines, especially those for Avery, should be rewritten. As much as I like PA, and as much as her character is supposed to keep a cool head, I find her rather too cool. She reminds me of a female Aaron Hotchner ;) The thing is that when you create a show with CSI, there is the bossy FBI that is disliked by everyone, but if you create a show with the FBI, local police and CSI are both a bunch of idiots.
Ask Matt: CSI: Cyber or Broadchurch?

Question: I've got to say I was disappointed in the first episode of CSI: Cyber. The visual effects were cool, but the cast lacks chemistry and the plot, while interesting, seemed to be thrown together. James Van Der Beek's character was especially laughable and seemed more fitting of an SNL parody. Watching Patricia Arquette and Peter MacNicol, it made me miss Medium and Numb3rs even more. Does the show get better, or should I watch Broadchurch Season 2 on BBC America instead? —Brian

Matt Roush: Is this even a serious choice? If you must decide, by all means go with Broadchurch, an excellent continuation of a masterful mystery drama that's anything but formulaic. Whereas with CSI: Cyber, what you see is what you get. For me, the most distinctive aspect of this latest spinoff is in the nature of the cases, which as they explore the dark side of technology and the Internet tend to be a shade more interesting than the typical procedural corpse-of-the-week. Agreed that the chemistry is lacking among the largely generic character types, and the action hero that James Van Der Beek is attempting to bring to life is just silly. And should you need more urging to get immersed in Broadchurch, our next question is another testimonial.
Is this the first thing you've seen Patricia in, or you just don't like the actress?

It's the first time I see her. I should probably watch some of her previous work though, as having seen Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue before made it easier to get used to the characters. What do you think I should start with?
Is this the first thing you've seen Patricia in, or you just don't like the actress?

It's the first time I see her. I should probably watch some of her previous work though, as having seen Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue before made it easier to get used to the characters. What do you think I should start with?

She had a role on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, but I never watched that show. I did watch her on Medium, which was excellent. She's done other movies as well, one I can remember seeing was Stigmata, with Gabriel Byrne. Check out all her credits here. It's only been one episode, so hopefully for everyone that wasn't impressed, the storylines/writing/character interaction will improve.
For me second episode was better than series premiere. Was more action and not CSI thing and I like it very much. And ratings for now shows it not drop much.