Criminal Minds #3: Beware The Office Of Unfettered Omniscience

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Thanks, Destiny. The next ep looks good. I thought the last ep was fair. Nothing super great, but then again sometimes I have to watch an ep twice before I get the full impact and all the nuances. But I wonder why they're doing repeats during a sweeps month. Unless February is no longer a sweeps month. Hmmm.
well you also have the may sweeps and though the futon critic lists N/A for 516 it is listing it for 3-3-10. So maybe they did what they thought were good enough for Feb. and looking forward? I don't know, but alot of shows are repeats (heck Bones for instance last new ep 2-2, won't be back with a new one until about April. - NCIS last new ep will be 2-9, won't be back until 3-2, NCIS: LA last new ep will be 2-9, not back until 3-2) so it's something alot of shows are doing.

Now sure if it has something to do with the olympics, the superbowl, maybe the repeats brought in better ratings when they last ran. The sky and grass are going to switch colors for two minutes those nights, or the moon can't decide if it will be full or even out lol. :lol:

No clue can't help ya there but if I hear anything news worthy on it I will post it. BTW.. You're welcome. ;)

ETA: I am not sure of this so it maybe unreliable info but explains some, but these are the dates of sweeps.

November 2009: October 29 – November 25, 2009
February 2010: February 4 - March 3, 2010
May 2010: April 29 – May 26, 2010
July 2010: July 1 – July 28, 2010

The explains some part is that most would be returning either at the end of the period or right in the middle. Again not sure if these are correct dates.
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Thanks for the promo,Destiny.:thumbsup:

Last episode was not bad.The unsub was not the best of the season but it was entertaining.I liked Morgan teasing Reid about being normal.Who likes Paperwork,anyway?
Destiny, regarding your last post: Maybe the reason they're having less new eps is because of the economy.

I liked what you said about the sky and grass changing colors, and the sounded kinda cool.

Those dates for the sweeps seem accurate, because May 26th would be right after the finales. Then I guess they have to have a sweeps in summer, too, for whatever reason...

Electra, I like Morgan and Reid scenes, too. He's like Reid's older brother, and it's funny. :lol:

The Unsub sure was a handsome one. Maybe I'll like the episode better if I watch it again.
3 Promotional Pictures for "Public Enemy"

Anything on ‘Criminal Minds‘ would be lovely!

Series regular Matthew Gray Gubler, who by the way is now 100-percent recovered from that nasty knee injury he sustained over the summer, is your director for the episode “Mosley Lane,” airing March 3. The set-up: The BAU profiles a child abductor who may have been harboring children for more than eight (!) years. Guest stars include Brooke Smith (’Grey’s Anatomy’) and Ann Cusack (’The Unit’).
Hstetlerfan, Morgan and Reid is one of my favorite duos.I like that Morgan is like a big brother like when he was teaching reid how to talk to women.And when Emily is with them is even more fun.

So today is a repeat.:(
Okay all I am going to say without the spoiler box is that (how do I put this so as not to spoil...) someone has some serious issues. :wtf:

The 17th & 24th are Repeats.
#504 Hopeless (17th)
#505 Cradle to Grave (24th)

ETA: If your interested and have Twitter, you can read Matthews Gray Gubler (should make Ducky happy lol) discuss his directing of an episode mentioned above. Official Gublernation twitter
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^ Are you talking about an unsub on an upcoming episode, Destiny?

Last week's episode (I finally watched it lol):

Victor Webster. yum. :)

Haha that drawing looks nothing like him.

Cop of the Week: I can't believe you guys have your own jet.
Emily: We take turns piloting. Wanna give her a try?
COTW: Really?
Emily: (shakes head and mouths a "no") :lol:

How the heck does that kid have blonde hair when both parents are dark haired? Not too great of a casting job there. Unless the mom is a natural blonde and just died her hair dark, but I doubt that.


This week's episode:

Man, this unsub is brazen killing in public like that.

Aww at JJ with the little girl. Cute little girl.

Connor looks a little like Steve Busemi. :lol: I was thinking it was Sean Whalin, but I'm not sure anymore. :lol:

Hotch: There are lots of ways that sons defeat their fathers.
Reid: I just keep getting PHDs. :guffaw:
Are you talking about an unsub on an upcoming episode, Destiny?
Nope I was referring to the unsub in "Public Enemy" I didn't want to give a way to much so I just used the "someone has issues" (ie daddy issues). :lol: it was generic I know but I didn't require a spoiler box for it. ;)
Course I was going to add that shortly after saying keep each other in sight (the cops) one cop gets killed, who didn't see that coming? It's like watching a horror movie and telling them don't go in that room, run out of the house, nope they just can't resist following the script and BOOM killed. I could see they knew the guy, but still they were told everyone is a suspect, so duh on them. :lol:

How the heck does that kid have blonde hair when both parents are dark haired? Not too great of a casting job there. Unless the mom is a natural blonde and just died her hair dark, but I doubt that.
Actually my parents both have naturally dark hair, when I was younger I had light brownish, blondish (minus the blond girl looking) type of hair, as I got older it darkened down to about a medium brown (I have non-dyed changeable hair color brown shades & tones, hard to explain, so are the eyes that go with that). I can go one step and easily farther then myself, my cousin, both parents dark haired, her sibs dark haired, her, Red head! Apparently that is not unusual had another cousin just like that, came from some great, great, great, yadda yadda yadda grandparent on my uncles (mothers Brother) side, and a couple less greats on her mothers side.

Anyway it really isn't that unusual, it could have to do with the decendants of the parents/kid.
Is blonde hair a recessive gene like blue eyes?
Here's what I found. I believe this.

The genetics of hair colors are not yet firmly established. According to one theory, at least two gene pairs control human hair color.

One gene, (brown/blond) has a dominant brown allele and a recessive blond allele. A person with a brown allele will have brown hair; a person with no brown alleles will be blond. This explains why two brown-haired parents can produce a blond-haired child.

The other gene pair is a non-red/red pair, where the not-red allele (which suppresses production of pheomelanin) is dominant and the allele for red hair is recessive. A person with two copies of the red-haired allele will have red hair, but it will be either auburn or bright reddish orange depending on whether the first gene pair gives brown or blond hair, respectively.

I know the site isn't all reliable but from experience I will say this is close to it that I can agree with.

As to eyes, they can also be recessive, some say if they don't change by six months that is the color they will be, but thats more opinion then fact. But there are some fact

Thing is with "Me" my eyes as a baby were changeable depending upon my mood, the shade of my hair color did the same happy lighter, mad darker, content equal out. As I got older my Hair got darker but didn't stop changing, I can even have a smokey hue to it (like a highlight if you will) but as a baby it would confuse people one day they see me my eyes were one shade/hue and the next time another, and as I got older more and more.

I don't know if this guy knows what he is talking about but this is definitly interesting about genetics
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Thanks for the links/articles, Destiny.

Um when did Morgan ask Reid if he could be normal just once? I somehow missed that as I was watching last week's episode. :lol:
Thanks for the links/articles, Destiny.

Um when did Morgan ask Reid if he could be normal just once? I somehow missed that as I was watching last week's episode. :lol:
You're welcome.

As to your question right after the unsub returns home (to his family) and his son see's him, and then says he wants Pancakes, the next scene they (Morgan and Reid) are sitting at a table loaded with files and Reid is speed reading and Morgan says "your not enjoying this are you?" and Reid says "I like a good paper trail I find it meditative" and Morgan replies "Is it really that hard for you to be normal just one time?" then Hotch walks in and informs them that the unsub burned another alias and Reid says he noticed the family aspect of the unsub having a wife and kid.
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