Criminal Minds #3: Beware The Office Of Unfettered Omniscience

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Yeah I remember that episode. It was because she said something silly over the phone I think. Addressed them all in some silly way like she does often... something like "my fine feathered friends" only not that. :lol:

:lol: Yeah, it was something like that. Hotch does respect her, though, and knows what an asset she is to the team. (I'm continuing to profile him, and lovin' every minute of it.)

Yeah. I love that when she said "I've never done that before sir", he came back with encouraging words... something like "You'll be fine". And he was right too. She did a good job.
Oh, my goodness. I am finally back. *dances*

I don't actually have time to read all of the latest conversation, but let me begin by saying that my show just keeps getting better. The last episode made me cry. A lot.

Yet we get nothing this week. Darn President.
Welcome back, Bryn Elizabeth! :) :thumbsup: Yes, the show is my favorite. Too bad it's a repeat this Wednesday. Hmm, I wonder which ep they're going to repeat if it's on at all, that is. Last night, they showed "Haunted" which is the first case Hotch works after his ordeal with the Reaper.

Yes, the last new ep was sad with both Hotch and JJ crying at the end. Great acting by both actors.
More info on the CM spin-off.. Source: EW

Scoop: Forest Whitaker to headline 'Criminal Minds' spin-off!

Oscar winner Forest Whitaker is nearing a deal to headline CBS’ in-the-works spin-off of Criminal Minds, sources confirm to me semi-exclusively.

Whitaker would play Cooper, the new team’s fiercely loyal and intensely private leader. A former star profiler in the BAU, Coop’s been off the grid for the last eight years — leaving only a trail of rumors in his wake.

Minds 2.0 will follow the NCIS/NCIS: LA model in that the new team will be introduced in an episode of Minds this spring before being launched into their own show next fall. Seasoned industry professionals like myself refer to it as a “planted” spin-off.

This is Whitaker’s first regular TV gig since his mesmerizing turn as Michael Chiklis’ arch-nemesis, Jon Kavanaugh, on The Shield.

MOD: On a side Note, I am thinking with the info starting to come out that maybe I should start a thread related to the spin-off, It would have to be generic naming until they firmly settle on what they will be calling I have heard so many different names. But once they settle I can change the name, thinking "Criminal minds: Spin-off" or as in the story "Criminal minds 2.0". Don't know yet. But conversation from here regarding it will be moved to there (even if I have to quote ya lmao).
Forrest Whitaker is cool. But I wonder what happened to them saying they wanted the boss to be a woman? :lol: I still think they should get Alex O'Loughlin to play on it too.
Don't forget there is the "Leader" and then there is the "Boss", [Hotch = Leader], [Strauss = Boss] that might not have been what they meant but it makes sense a little. :lol:
^Maybe Strauss will decide to go pick on the new guy, and move to the spinoff! :lol: :devil:

Thanks for that spoiler news, Destiny.

IMO, Alex O' Laughlin wouldn't have been right for this role, but at least he would've been cute. I wanted someone cute and/or handsome as the lead. I wanted someone with a haunted look (Gideon) or an intense look (Hotch). So I'm disappointed.

I still can't believe they're thinking of casting Alex O' Laughlin in the McGarret role for the new Hawaii 5-0. He's a very good actor, but as McGarret? :confused: I think I'd rather have him in the lead for the CM spinoff than as McGarret. At least I would get to :drool:.

Soooo, I wonder who they're going to cast as the supporting actors in the CM spinoff??? I like Skeet Ulrich. David Lee Smith needs a show since Miami doesn't really want to use his acting talent and he's barely in the show.
Ok... FW, I don't know what to think. Seriously. My other half hates him with the passion but on the other hand he doesn't watch CM (he says it's way too dark)

So with this.. what's the difference to original? I mean with NCIS even the basic idea is the same, it's stated that LA is specialised in undercover action. Or did I miss something (again :p )
I mentioned creating a thread for the discussion of the spin-off so that we could keep this one on point, and I have done so, I used a generic name until one is officially given to it (and they hopefully don't change it) You can find it here or look for the thread "Criminal mind "The Spin-off" I also posted the story about Forest Whitaker joining the SO as well.

~What is with Morgan's new facial hair? Um..
~ Is it a sign that the Valentine's Day commercial was M/G? Was it?
~ I'm SO not paying attention to this. Like at all.
~She called him "Sug," which is definitely his dog's name.
~I'm so oblivious that I didn't even realize that this was set in Ft. Lauderdale. Fail.
~Why is this little boy so feminine?
~"Is it really that hard for you to be normal just one time?"
~South Florida! Represent!
~"Morgan, pull the son out of school." Even Hotch knows Morgan and children go together. Squee.
Sadly, that's all I have.

Also, I win.
Air Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#515) "Public Enemy"

THE BAU TEAM PROFILES A SERIAL KILLER WHO MURDERS HIS VICTIMS IN PUBLIC PLACES TO INSTILL FEAR IN A CITY'S INHABITANTS. - serial killer who targets random victims in highly visible places to create a sense of public fear is the subject of a BAU investigation. - The BAU is summoned to Rhode Island to investigate a serial killer in Providence who is murdering random victims in highly visible places just to generate public fear.

Guest Cast:
Meg Collins.... Sprague Grayden
Paul Collins.... David Lee Landry
Sophia Collins.... Anna Clark
Father Kendellen.... Larry Clarke
Parishioner.... Debra Leigh
Layperson #1....Dwayne Standridge
Layperson #2.... Curtis Fortier
Unsub.... Nate Mooney
Detective Moreland.... Frank John Hughes
Reporter #1.... Leah Allers
Reporter #2.... Rob Roy Cesar
Officer Liddy.... Sean Patrick Murphy
Officer Gardella.... Brantley M. Dunaway
Tara Kelly.... Natalie Brooke Edwards
Looky-Lou.... Shane Zeranski
Library Mother.... Jennifer M. Cortese
Clerk.... Ryan Kyler Bailey
Billy O'Brien.... Timothy Brennen
Young Connor.... Randon Davitt
Salesman.... Dan Mailley

Promotional picture (Emily) Youtube: Preview from CBS

The 17th & 24th are Repeats.
#504 Hopeless (17th)
#505 Cradle to Grave (24th)
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