Tonight's the Franz Ferdinand & Death Cab for Cutie concert- very excited! :D It's been awhile since I've been to a concert!
I watched The Click Five last Saturday - for free! There were about 20,000 people and they said it was the biggest concert they've ever performed in. So that was pretty cool, especially since I didn't think I was even going. But it was awesome. They rocked out! :cool:
Dude, I just bought front row tix for Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band in July when they play here in Canada. :D I'm *so* excited!!
I just got back from the Franz Ferdinand & Death Cab for Cutie concert-- it was awesome! Even their opening act, The Cribs, which I didn't know anything about were great. Franz Ferdinand are such great live performers, real high energy!
It was cool that it was the last show of their tour too. All the bands decided to throw around their instruments and pieces of the set! :lol:
On Friday Bedouin Soundclash was playing in my town so I went, and I have to say that they're amazing live! Jay Malinowski's voice sounds exactly like it does on their CD.

I had a disposable camera in my purse but it only had 1 picture left on the film, so sadly, I could only get 1 photo.

When the Night Feels my Song
I'm going to see Whirlwind Heat in Seattle on Friday. Very excited! :D They're playing with some band I don't know. I think they're called 'be your own Pet' or something. Anyone know them?
I'm still eagerly awaiting an Idina Menzel concert. Hoping she decides to come to Canada. Or NY.

Other then that, I'm hoping to get a ticket for Pink's Toronto concert date. But I dunno if that'll pan out.
I'm going to Lowlands, maybe. It's a huge dutch festival. Hoping to get enough money. I'm going to Donavon Frankenreiter, on the 4th of July.
I just went to Warped Tour on 6/23!

And my friend had this VIP pass, so during TAI's set, we got backstage for one song! And met Sonny Moore!

And I got a crapload of autographs, and got trampled to death during Motion City's set
I need help on deciding which concert I should try to get tickets to. The first concer is an Aerosmith/Motley Crue concert in late september and I heard today that there were still tickets avaible. The second concert is for Def Leppard in October and I'm not sure if there are still tickets. Hopefully I can find someway to get enough money for both.
Last night was the Whirlwind Heat show and I've gotta say it was awesome!! It was also really cool that it was in such a small club as opposed to a large stadium. The guys are really nice as well (got a couple lovely photos too :D).
So yeah... The Pink tocket didn't work out, because I'm poor, but I might get to go to see Hot Hot Heat sometime, which has been my wish for ages. So yeah.
madgeorge said:
I'm still eagerly awaiting an Idina Menzel concert. Hoping she decides to come to Canada. Or NY.

wait wait wait. What now? She is doing a tour/concert thing? info per piacere.