heartagram69 said:
im going to the HIM concert on sunday :D :D :D im so hyped

Heh, have a great time! ;) Take pics, even though, I dont like HIM but I like to look at concert pictures! :D
ineverysunflower said:
Guess who got last minute tickets to see HelloGoodbye, Panic at the disco, and The Academy Is...?? ME! i bought some tickets from people who had extra. the concert was last was AMAZING

I am very jealous right now. I wanted to go to that concert!
I'm obsessivly monitering Idina Menzel's concert listings(none at present) and am hooked onto all her email updates, waiting for her to book some shows. I don't care if it means driving 8 hours(or more) each way, I MUST see her! And if God/the Fates/Buddha/Allah/Other-various-deities would happen to step in and let me MEET her I totally wouldn't be opposed... *hint hint* :D
I just got back from Korn/Mudvayne/10 Years at the Mohegan Sun Arena (Uncasville, CT). It was an awesome show! It's been about 7 years since I've seen Korn, so it was a real treat for me.

This past January I saw Sevendust/Nonpoint at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT. In December I saw Sevendust/Mudvayne and Static-X/Ill Nino at Lupo's in Providence, RI. I've also been to Ozzfest 2002, Best Music Poll 2002 (a local radio station concert) Green Day last September in Hartford, CT, and a few others that I can't remember at the moment. :)
Oooh, concerts. They're fun.

I've seen two in my life:

- dcTalk's farewell tour, way back in like '97. Very fun.
- Gwen Stefani and the Black Eyed Peas in Nov 2005. THAT was so cool! BEP especially were great - they did all their hits, all upbeat songs and they're just awesome live. Gwen was awesome too in her own style, although not all her songs were upbeat (she did every song on her CD + 2 others). Hollaback Girl was, of course, the finale and the best.

Brad Paisley's Time Well Wasted tour is coming to my area...but I won't be here when he comes! I'm so disappointed!
3 years ago, my favourite EVER band(Hot Hot Heat) came to Toronto ON MY BIRTHDAY and my mom didn't let me go. I didn't speak to her for nearly a month.

But I just heard an interview with Idina saying she would be doing a big tour for her upcoming album, here's hoping I can snag tickets!!! I've already made it clear to my mom that whether or not she agrees, I'll be going this time. Besides, by then, I'll probably be 18. I'll take a greyhound bus there if I have to, but I MUST see her.
I still can't believe it... a little over a week and I'm gonna fly to Scotland! :D I'm so excited! I'll attend a soundcheck in Glasgow, Darren makes it accessable for his fans from the official fanclub :) *is a member fortunately lol*

And, if that weren't enough excitement... three Darren Hayes concerts and the soundcheck thingy... I'm going to see the Kaiser Chiefs, too :D They're opening their UK tour in Glasgow and I'll attend the show! :D (they will play new material btw. *g* So I'm gonna hear it first then). It's so amazing! Kaiser Chiefs x3 this year for me! Can't wait! :D

Btw. the concert I've been to on March 10 was UNBELIEVABLE! :D I had such a great time! If anyone is interested, here are my fotos (including the amazing support group 'We are Scientists')...

Simply click on 'Kaisers': Kaiser Chiefs photoalbum
Have a great time seeing Metric, my friends all love them, though I haven't heard much of thier stuff. I hope you enjoy it, :D
This year I'm going to Ahoy Open Air, where I will see Live (whoohoo!!) and I'll visit Pinkpop. One of the largest festivals we have in Holland, I can't wait for that one. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nickelback, I always wanted to see both :)
A friend of mine just saw Nickelback on Wednesday. He said the set was disappointingly short (only about 45 minutes of actual music), and the emptier Chad's bottle got, the more he talked and the less he played :p