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    Chapter Twelve: Injured ankle
    Catherine walks up to the front door of the house yawning into her left hand, she unlocks the front door of the house and walks into the house. At the same time two labradoodle puppies come running up to Catherine and the puppies are yelps at her, Catherine looks at the puppies that come to the Willows house before Catherine left for work last night and the first puppy to reach Catherine is a little girl puppy, which is gray and white and her name is Gray. Night reaches Catherine next and the puppy is named Night because he is all black. Catherine reaches down and pats Gray and Night and at the same time Lindsey and Kevin walk downstairs and into the living room. Catherine looks up at her daughter and Kevin and sees Lindsey is wearing a pair of black jeans and pink empire waist blouse and Kevin is wearing a black polo shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Lindsey and Kevin walk up the puppies and Catherine and then Kevin put leashes on Gray and Night, at the same time Katie wheels her wheelchair over to the puppies, Kevin, Lindsey and Catherine and Catherine notice Katie is wearing a black jean skirt and purple blouse. Katie takes the short leash of Night, who is in training to be her service dog and then Katie puts on his purple nylon dog vest harness onto Night. The vest harness also says service dog in training on both sides of the vest and has a clear plastic pocket on the side that has Night picture ID in the pocket and patch on both side of the vest that say service dog in training do not pat.

    “Lindsey’s are the three of you taking the puppies out for a walk before for school?”

    “Yes mom.”

    “Ok, but when the three of you get home keep it down, because I am exhaust and I am going to bed.”

    “Sure mom we will be quiet and do you want me to sent Gray upstairs before we leave for school?”

    “Yes, that way she can let me know when she needs to go outside to use the bathroom.”

    Kevin, Lindsey, Katie and the two puppies Gray and Night head outside and Catherine close the door behind Katie who is the last one out of the house. Catherine then heads upstairs to the master bedroom and changes into a gray nightshirt, then gets into bed and fell right to sleep. Meanwhile, Kevin and Lindsey are laughing at the sight of Katie walking Night for the first time and wheel her wheelchair toward the dog park, but Kevin and Lindsey know they have to let Katie walk Night without helping her because Night is learning to walk along sided of the right-hand side of Katie’s wheelchair and not run in front of the wheelchair or pull the wheelchair, when on a flat surface, he can help Katie by pull her up a ramp if Katie needs help get up the ramp. Lindsey is walking Gary and the puppy walks into Sara and Gil front yard and the puppy is sniffing around the yard.

    “Gary’s come on, we are walking on the sidewalk and are going to the dog park, this is our neighbors’ yard not the park.”

    Gray takes off a full speed and run back onto the sidewalk and then Gray start running down the sidewalk toward the park, making Lindsey’s run too. Once Kevin, Lindsey, Katie and the puppies get to the park, they let Gray and Night off their leashes, since the dog park is fenced and the puppies start run around the park. Lindsey and Kevin watch the puppies playing and Lindsey decides to play catch with Gray and Katie is playing catch with Night too, because today is the first day he will be going to school and working and she wants him to have some fun this morning. After a few minutes of playing catch with Gray, Lindsey put her right foot into a mole hole and twist her right ankle and pain start shoot up the ankle. Lindsey pulls her foot out of the mole hole and takes a few steps to see what it feels like to walk on the hurt ankle. Lindsey stop walking because the ankle hurts, but Gray runs up to Lindsey and is wigging her tail. Lindsey takes the ball from the puppy mouth and throws the ball. Gray runs after the bell and Lindsey lift her right foot of the ground and move the foot and ankle around, but stop because it only makes the ankle hurt more. Lindsey puts her foot back down on the ground and pushes through the pain, because she is having too much fun to stop playing catch with Gray. Katie looks over at Lindsey and knows that Lindsey is hiding something from her and Kevin, but before she can say anything to Lindsey Night come running up to her with the ball and he drops the ball into her lap and at the same time Lindsey run after Gray who is now catching a duck that fly into the dog park. After being at the park for a half hour it is time to leave because Katie, Lindsey and Kevin need to go home and finish getting ready for school and Katie needs to get Night ready for his first day of going to school with her. Katie put Night leash on and Lindsey put Gray leash on and then Kevin, Katie and Lindsey with the two puppies leave the dog park. Katie is in front of Lindsey Gray and Kevin and she is wheeling her wheelchair toward the Willows home and Night is walking on the right-hand side of Katie’s wheelchair and he is not walking faster then Katie. Lindsey keeps up with Kevin at first, but then her ankle start hurt too badly and she has to start walking slowly. Katie, Night and Kevin reach the front door of the house at the same time. Katie open up the front door and then Katie and Night heads inside the house, Kevin close the front door once Katie and Night is inside and he waits for Lindsey and Gray who are still five houses away. Kevin notices that Lindsey is walking slowly and Gray trying to make Lindsey walk faster. Kevin open up the front door, as Lindsey walks up to the door. Then Lindsey, Gray and Kevin walk into the house, Lindsey let Gray off the leash once Kevin has closed the front door Gray run upstairs and into Catherine’s bedroom, seeing the door to the master bedroom is open and the puppy jumps up and to the bed. Gray then lay down next to Catherine, as Katie wheels her wheelchair to her bedroom and Night walk beside Katie. At the same time Kevin and Lindsey takes off they shoes and then the two of them start walking over to the staircase, when they reach the staircase Lindsey and Kevin start walking up the stairs, but after make it up four steps Lindsey stops walking and leans up against the railing of the staircase. Kevin does not notice because he is focusing on get up the stairs on his crutch. After resting for a few moments Lindsey slowly starts walking again but after only three steps her right ankle gives out. Lindsey grabs the rail and stops herself from fell down. Lindsay slowly sits down on the seventh steps and start crying, because the pain is too much to handle. After sitting on the step for a minute Lindsey knows that Kevin would probably be wonder where she at, so she stands up from the step with all her weight on the left leg, then puts the right foot onto the step, but pick up the right ankle up after a few seconds, because it hurt too badly to put weight on her right ankle. Lindsey sits down on the seventh step and start crying into her hands. At the same time Catherine wakes up from her sound sleep and sit up in her bed, because she has a feeling that something has happened to Lindsey. Catherine gets out of bed and then walks out of her bedroom into the hallway and is followed by Gray. Catherine sees that Kevin and Lindsey’s bedroom door is open and no one is in the bedroom, then see the door of the main bathroom on the second floor is close, at the same time Gray run by Catherine and toward the staircase. Catherine walks over to the staircase and sees Lindsey sitting on the seventh step and that Lindsey is crying really hard into her hands and that Gray is standing beside Lindsey and the puppy is trying to make Lindsey’s feel better.

    “Linds what is wrong, is it the babies?”

    “No, I was playing catch with Gray in the dog park and I put my right foot into a mole hole and twisted my right ankle. My ankle was sore when it happened, but was not bothering me that bad, so I continue to play with Gray. My right ankle start hurt more as Katie, Kevin and I brought the puppies home and by the time I walk over to the staircase I was limping. As I was walking up the staircase my right ankle gave out, I sat down on the seventh step for a minute and then stand up with all my weight on my left leg, then I put my right foot down on the step to see if I could put weight on my right ankle but it hurt too badly to put weight on the ankle, so I pick the foot off of the step and then I sat down on the step.”

    Catherine Kneels in front of her daughter and lightly pick up Lindsey’s right ankle and looks at the ankle, which is black and blue and has starts to swell up. Catherine looks up at Lindsey with a worried look on her face and sees that Lindsey is wipe the tears off her face with both of her hands, as Gray lick Lindsey’s left ear.

    “Mom, do you think I break my ankle because Sara will be so mad at me there is only three weeks and six days left to her wedding?”

    “No but I think you should go to the ER and have the ankle look at, to be on the safe side.”


    At the same time Kevin come hop over to them on his crutches and see Catherine looking at Lindsey’s right ankle. Kevin sits down on the step next to Lindsey and take her left hand and Gray is now sitting on Lindsey’s lap and she is licking the tears off of Lindsey face.

    “I hear what your mom side Linds do you want me to come with you to the ER, honey?”

    “No, go to school and get my homework for today, I will get a note from the ER that will cover my abuse for today.”

    “Good, because without a doctor note, the school would not give you an excuse abuse seeing you used all your excuse abuse days up.”

    “Linds, I will go get ready and then I will take you to the ER.”

    “Ok, Kevin’s you, Katie and Night need to get going to school and I will see you tonight.”

    “I love you Lindsey.”

    “I love you too.”
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    Kevin stands up and puts his crutches under his armpits, then he hops downstairs on his crutches and over to the front door of the house. He puts his black tennis shoes on and a minute later Kevin, Katie and Night leaves for school. Meanwhile, Lindsey is still sitting on the seventh step of the staircase and in the master bedroom Catherine has throws on a pair of dark blue jeans and a black short sleeve shirt with a v-neckline. Catherine is currently on the phone talking to Jefferson High school secretary.

    “You have reached Jefferson High school main office, this is secretary Smith how can I help you this morning.”

    “This is Catherine Willows, Lindsey Willows mother, she will not be in school today because she twists her right ankle really badly this morning and I am taking her to the ER to have the ankle look at.”

    “That is fine, but make sure to get a note from the ER doctor for the school.”

    “I will and have a good day.”

    “Have a good day yourself and bye.”

    Catherine hits the end button on the cordless phone and then puts the cordless phone onto the holder on the nightstand. Catherine then walks into the master bathroom and brushes her tooth and then combs her hair. Once her hair is combed Catherine put her hair into a ponytail. A few minute later Catherine walks up to Lindsey still sitting on the seventh step of the staircase. Catherine help Lindsey stands up from the step and then help Lindsey walks down the stairs and over to the couch. Once Lindsey is sitting on the couch, Catherine goes and grabs her daughter black flip flop and then take the flip flop over to Lindsey. A few minutes later Catherine is helping Lindsey outside and then help Lindsey walks over to the SUV. Once at the SUV Catherine open up the passengers’ door of the SUV and then helps her daughter into the SUV. Catherine close the passengers’ door, as Lindsey put on the seat belt. Two minutes later Catherine is driving to Desert Palm hospital ER. Once at the ER Catherine parks her car in the first row of parking for ER visitors and then Catherine goes into the ER and grab one of the black hospital wheelchair that leg rest are straight and not bent. A minute later Catherine is pushing the wheelchair outside and then pushes the wheelchair over to her SUV, which is parked in the first parking space of the first row of ER visitor parking. Lindsey open up the passengers’ door of the SUV, as her mom puts the brakes on the wheelchair. Catherine then helps Lindsey out of the SUV and into the wheelchair. Once sitting in the wheelchair Lindsey puts her legs on the leg rests and rests her feet on the footplate. Then Catherine close the passengers’ door of the SUV and a few moments later Catherine is backing the wheelchair away from SUV, then turns the wheelchair around so Lindsey is looking at the doors of the ER, then Catherine start pushes the wheelchair Lindsey’s is sitting in toward the doors of the ER. Once in the ER Catherine sign Lindsey into the ER and write the reason Lindsey come to the ER down. Catherine pushes the wheelchair Lindsey sitting in over to the first row of chair in the waiting area and then Catherine sits down on the first chair. Ten minutes later a nurse who is five feet six inches tall with long blonde hair, blue eyes and were red scrub walks over to Lindsey and Catherine and behind the wheelchair Lindsey is sitting in.

    “I am nurse Stone and I will be your nurse today.”

    Nurse Stone pushes Lindsey back to the exam area and over to the first bed and Catherine follows the nurse and Lindsey. The nurse put the brakes on the wheelchair and then help Lindsey out of the wheelchair and onto the hospital bed. Then Lindsey tells the nurse what happened to her right ankle and the nurse make notes on Lindsey’s chart. The nurse then looks down at Lindsey’s right ankle, which is very bruised and swell and the nurse make a few more notes on Lindsey’s chart.

    “I am going to go talk with the doctor on duty and see if she wants to see you first or if she wants you to go to x-ray first.”


    The nurse walks away from Lindsey and Catherine to go find the doctor. A few minutes later Nurse Stone comes back over to Lindsey and help Lindsey out of the bed and into the wheelchair. Then the nurse takes Lindsey to have x-rays done. Catherine waits in the exam area for Lindsey to come back from having x-ray.
    A half hour later Lindsey and Catherine are waiting for the doctor to come back and tell them what is wrong with Lindsey’s right ankle and Lindsey also has an ice pack on her right ankle. In addition Catherine and Lindsey are looking at baby catalogs to pass the time. Dr. Fairy who is wearing a black dress and white lab coat walks into the curtain area Lindsey Willows is in and set down the x-rays she was looking at and a white Aircast Air-Stirrup ankle brace and a white wrap onto the end of the hospital bed. Catherine smiles at the female doctor and the doctor smile at Catherine.

    “Dr. Fairy the last time I seen you, was the day you went into labor how your baby girl?”
    “Suzie doing great and I just come back to work today, she up in the daycare for hospital workers.”

    “Do you have a picture of her?”

    “Yes I do Lindsey.

    Dr. Fairy takes a picture out of the right pocket of her lab coat and hands the picture to Lindsey. Lindsey looks at the picture of the baby girl that look like her mom, then Lindsey’s show the picture to her mom. When Catherine is done looking at the picture, she hands the picture of the baby to Dr. Fairy and at the same time Lindsey start to talk.

    “She is really cute.”

    “Thank you Lindsey. I have looked at your X-rays and you did not break the right ankle, but the bone is badly bruises and you also sprained your ankle. You need to stay off the right ankle the rest of this week and next week too. I am going to give you a pair of crutches to use. In addition you need to keep the ankle rises above heart level, as much as you can and you need to ice your ankle a lot too.”

    “I take it that the white wrap and white Aircast Air-Stirrup brace is what I have to wear for the next two weeks?”

    “I want you to wear the wrap and white Aircast Air-Stirrup brace for the next three weeks and then wear the wrap for four whole weeks.”

    “So I have to wear the wrap one week longer then the Aircast Air-Stirrup ankle brace?”

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    Dr. Fairy picks up the white wrap and wrap Lindsey right ankle and then the doctor puts the Aircast Air-Stirrup ankle brace onto Lindsey right ankle and then does up the two white closure straps. At the same time Nurse Stone walks over to Lindsey with a pair of crutches and set the crutches next to the bed.

    “Lindsey you will be able to wear shoe over the Aircast Air-Stirrup ankle brace and wrap.”

    “Thank you for letting me know.”

    “Lindsey will you stand up so I can see how tall to make the crutches?”

    Lindsey puts her legs over the edge of the bed and then stand up from the hospital bed, putting all her weight on the left ankle. Then Dr. Fairy changes the height of the crutches, then hand the crutches to Lindsey. Lindsey puts the crutches under her underarms.

    “Lindsey walk a few step, so I can make sure the crutches are the right height and theat you are able to use them.”

    Lindsey walk away from the bed using the crutches and putting no weight on her injury right ankle. Lindsey stop walking when she reach the end of the hospital bed and Dr. Fairy.

    “That is good Lindsey, I think the crutches are the right height but after using them for a while you will be able to tell if the crutches need to be tall or if you need to lower them a little. Catherine take Lindsey home and make sure she take it easy.”

    “I will Dr. Fairy.”

    Dr. Fairy hands Catherine the discharge paperwork and Catherine signs the paperwork, then hands the paperwork to the doctor. Lindsey and Catherine walk out of the exam area of the ER and into the waiting room. Four minutes later Lindsey is waiting outside by the ER doors and Catherine is walking out to the SUV, because she is going to pull the SUV up to the ER doors so Lindsey does not have to walk to the parking lot. A minute later Catherine pulls up in front of the ER doors and puts the SUV into parked position. Catherine then gets out of the SUV and walks around to the passenger side and open up the passengers’ door. Lindsey hops over to the SUV and then hands her mom the crutches. Lindsey gets into the SUV and at the same time Catherine put the crutches onto the back seat of the SUV. A few minutes later Catherine is driving Lindsey home from the hospital. Once home Lindsey sits down on the couch and then put her back up against the left arm of the couch if standing in front of the couch looking at the couch and then Lindsey puts her leg up on the couch in front of her. Catherine gathers up some pillows and then puts the pillows under Lindsey’s right ankle. Gray jumps up onto the couch and lays down on Lindsey’s lap, as Catherine head upstairs.
    Four hours later Lindsey is setting on the couch with her right ankle rest above heart level on several pillows and she is icing the right ankle again. Lindsey is also planing how she would do the nursery if she has boys and also planing how she wants to do the nursery if she has girls, as Lindsey is thinking about nurseries she has been write down idea down on a piece of notebook paper to show Kevin. Lindsey looks down at the piece of notebook paper and sees she has enough ideas write down, so she picks up the novel her English class is reading and started reading the novel for her English class, but after only reading one page, Lindsey put the book down because she needs to use the bathroom. She puts her feet over the edges of the couch and stands up with all of her wight on her left leg and grabs her crutches. Lindsey puts the crutches under her underarms and then she the hop to the downstairs half bathroom. Once she reaches the half bath door, she open up the door and then hops to the bathroom thinking to herself this is the eighth times in the last four hours I had to get up to urinate. I really hate this part of being pregnant. A few minutes later Lindsey comes out of the half bath and head over to the couch. Lindsey has just get to the couch when her mom walks over to her.

    “Linds is every thing ok?”

    “Yes, I just had to use the bathroom again is all.”

    “Can I get you anything Linds?”

    “Yes, can you make me grill chesses and bananas sandwich. Also, some tomato soup.”

    “Sure Linds, What do you want to drink?”

    “A root beer float.”

    “Ok, Linds. I want you to sit down on the couch and put your legs onto the couch and your right ankle back up on the pillows and put the ice pack back on!”


    Lindsey sits down in the couch and then puts her leg up onto the couch and her right ankle onto pillows. Then put the ice pack back on her right ankle. Lindsey then picks up the novel she is reading for English and read the novel until her mom brings her lunch into the living room. After lunch Lindsey head upstair and goes into her bedroom, she then lays down on her bed and takes a nap because she is tried, at the same time Catherine is outside in the backyard, because Gray need to go outside.
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    Chapter Thirteen: bad news from the obgyn
    Friday morning Lindsey and Kevin meet Sara’s niece Caitlin outside the main office of the school, because Sara asked them to show Caitlin around Jefferson High school before school, so Caitlin knows where all of her classes are location at and where all the restrooms and the lunch room are at in the school. When Caitlin who is wearing a pair of fade jean and gray tee shirt walks out of the main office, she sees that both Lindsey and Kevin are using crutches just like Sara said they would be and that Lindsey is wearing light-blue jeans and a purple empire waist blouse and Kevin is wearing a pair of black pants and blue polo shirt.

    “Hi Caitlin I am Lindsey and this is my boyfriend Kevin.”

    “Nice to meet the two of you, sorry that I my voice is hoarse, I have been sick with the flu and stomach flu that going around, but I am better now.”

    “(Lindsey and Kevin) that is fine can we see your class schedule?”

    Caitlin show Lindsey and Kevin her class schedule and Lindsey see that she has two classes with Caitlin, which are gym class first hour and lunch hour. Lindsey, Kevin and Caitlin start walking around the school showing Caitlin where everything is at, they show Caitlin where her second hour class is first and as they walk by the classroom Lindsey look over at Caitlin and start to talk.

    “If you are in eleven grade, why are you taking tenth grade gym?”

    “Because I did not take gym last year due to tear my ACL, M.C.L., PCL and dislocated my kneecap and tear the muscles on both sides of my left knee.”

    “How did you do that?”

    “Kevin’s I am an elite gymnast and training at CAT gymnastic center for the last four years and I am still training there. The injured to my knee happened after get back from the national championship at the beginning of September 2005 and I was training for the world trails and I was doing an Arabian double front when I went to land the move, which I had too much high on so I add another flip and ended up land with my left knee straight and I hear a loud pop then my left leg went out on me.”

    “Which cause you to have to take tenth grade gym this year instead?”

    “Yes Lindsey.”

    Kevin and Lindsey’s show Caitlin around the rest of the high school and when the bell to head to first hour rings Caitlin and Lindsey head to the girls gym and Lindsey show Caitlin where the gym teachers’ office is, so Caitlin can get a gym locker, a lock for her locker and her gym clothing. As Caitlin and Lindsey walk up to the door of the gym teachers’ office, the gym teacher, who is sitting at her desk stand up from her desk chair. Lindsey and Caitlin notice there is a pair of gym short, a tee shirt, sock and on top of the clothing are a lock and a piece of paper with locker number and locker combination and each of these items is on top of the desk. The gym teacher pick up the gym clothing, lock and piece of paper and walk over to the office door.

    “You must be Caitlin Ranch-Sidle?”


    “Here is a piece of paper with your locker number and lock combination, a lock for the locker and your gym clothing.”

    “Thank you.”

    Caitlin goes to find her gym locker and at the same time Lindsey heads into the gym and set her crutches down on the floor. Lindsey then sits down on the first bench of the bleacher and once the bell for class to start rings Lindsey starts watches her gym class, which is starting gymnastic in today class. Lindsey watches Caitlin mount the balance beam with a layout step-out and Lindsey could tell that Caitlin is in the zone and she feels right at home with what the gym class is doing. Once Caitlin has done her double back dismount the gym teacher walks over to Caitlin, with a huge smile on her face.

    “That was a great routine, Caitlin. Would you mind help me with this unit and give a help hand to your classmate that need help?”

    “No, I am fine help classmate that needs help.”

    Lindsey watches Caitlin help other students with gymnastics and showing classmate how to do a skill the correct way if their ask her. At the end of gym class Lindsey walks over to Caitlin before she heads into the locker room.

    “Caitlin you are a great gymnast.”

    “Thank you, I need to changes and then go to second hour see you at lunch.”


    Caitlin heads into the locker room and Lindsey leaves the gym, then slowly starts to walk toward her second hour class using her crutches and not putting weight on her right ankle, which is still very sore after three full days of not putting weight on the ankle. Meanwhile Catherine is at home and is sitting on the couch and working on cases paperwork when her cellphone start ringing. Catherine grabs the cellphone off the coffee table and looks at the caller ID and sees it is Nick cellphone number, she flips open the cellphone and puts the cellphone up to her left ear.

    “Willows speaking.”

    “Hi Cath the night shift is need over at the Book house at 417 Flamingo road there been a 410 reckless driver, 413B person with other deadly weapon and a 419.

    “What happened?”

    “A teenage drive his new mustang into the front of the Book house, the passenger’s in the car are hurt and the five- year-old girl who was sitting on the couch was tv is dead, Jim thinks the impact from the car killed her.”

    “What about the drive of the car?”

    “Not even a cut or bruise. He is talking to Jim Brass and Sofia right now. This is a all heads on deck case.”

    “Ok, Nick I just have to head upstairs and changes because I am wearing my pajama, then I will leave the house and head to the crime scene.”

    “I will see you there, bye.”


    Catherine set the cases files on the coffee table and then stand up from the couch. She heads upstairs to the master bedroom and walks over to the closet, which is on the wall across from the bed and on the right-hand side of the master bathroom door. Catherine pulls a pair of black dress pants and teal colored blouse out of the closet and then walks over to her bed and set the pants and blouse onto the bed.
    Sixteen minutes later Catherine pulls up to the crime scene and parks her SUV on the side of the street behind Sara’s SUV. That Sara drive and Gil ride in, to get to the crime scene. The first thing Catherine sees when she gets out of her SUV is a red mustang back end stick out of the front of the two story house and then she looks through the breaking wall and notices David lean over the body of the five-year-old girl check the liver temperature for the time of death. Catherine looks over at Sara and sees she is cry and Gil is not say anything to Sara to try and calm Sara down or make her feel better. Catherine walks over to Sara and gives her a hug and Sara put her head down on Catherine left shoulder and start crying harder.

    “Gil why don’t you go talk to Jim, I will stay and calm Sara down.

    ‘Ok, Cath.”

    Gil walks off and heads over to where Jim Brass and Sofia who are talking to the boy that drive his car through the front of the house, at the same time Catherine who is still hug Sara start rub Sara back and starts to talk to her.

    “Sara, what is wrong?”
    “The girl was so young and she did nothing wrong Cath! She was just watching tv and that sixteen year-old boy killed her.”

    “I know Sara, but god must of decide it was her time to join him in heaven.”
    “Let go process the crime scene, so we can put him behind bars for kill her.”

    “That sounds good to me.”

    Catherine stop hug Sara and then Sara and Catherine walk over to the front door of the house, which is where Gil, Brass Sofia and the teenage boy are and see the girl parents standing in the driveway of the house crying. Sara and Catherine walk past Gil, Brass, Sofia and the teenage boy and walk into the house and the sight that Catherine and Sara see when their walk into the house is the five-year-old girl lay on the floor by the wall across from them and that her head is crack open and there is brain matter everywhere. Sara and Catherine walk over to David and Catherine can see that Sara is having a hard time with seeing the little girl body laying on the floor, but before Catherine can say anything to Sara David starts to talk.

    “She been dead since 6:30 this morning.”

    “Thank you David.”

    “Can I take her to the coroners’ lab now?”
    At the same time Gil walks into the house and then he walk over to Sara, Catherine and David. Gil looks over at Sara and sees she has stop crying for now, so he looks at David, who is still kneel next to the body of the girl.

    “Yes David you can take her body. We get all the pictures of her at the crime scene that we will need.”
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    David puts the little girl into a body bag and then take the body bag out to the van. At the same time Sara, Catherine, Nick, Gil, Warrick and Greg start process the crime scene, despite the fact they already know that the drive is going to jail for killing the little girl, seeing that he was drive under the influence and his blood alcohol level was over the legal blood alcohol level. Sara takes some pictures of fingerprints in the blood that are on the front bumper of the car and then take swabs of blood that is on the car front bump. Gil is collect the brain matters and put the brain matter into bio hazard bags, while Catherine, Nick and Greg collect blood swabs from the blood pools on the living room floor, so Wendy can make sure it matches the blood from the car front bumper. Sofia has gone to the hospital to get pictures of the injury passengers that were in the car and get they statements and blood alcohol levels too. Ten minutes later Catherine stops collect swabs from the floor and walks over to Sara and looks at Sara and Catherine notice that Sara looks like she could start crying at any second again. Sara looks at Catherine and notice she look scary and worried about something.

    “Cath, Is everything ok?”

    “It just the boy that did this is sixteen years old, Lindsey almost the same age, I am just happy that she is only pregnant and is not drink and drive and crush her car into houses.”

    At the same time a cellphone start ringing and Sara check her cellphone, but it is not her cellphone that is ringing. Sara looks at Catherine, as Catherine pulls her cellphone off her hip and sees it is the nurse from the high school calling her. Catherine’s flip the cellphone open and then puts the cellphone up to her right ear.

    “What wrong with Lindsey Willows, Nurse Micky?”

    “Lindsey is fine Catherine.”

    “Then why are you call me?”

    “I was call your cellphone, because I could not get a hold of you on the house phone and Katie want me to let you know she was going home because she start her period and has really bad cramps.”

    “Thank you for letting me know.”

    “You are welcome, bye.”

    Catherine flip her cellphone close and put the cellphone back on her hip. Catherine then take a deep breathe and at the same time Sara start to talk.

    “Is Lindsey ok?”

    “She is fine, Katie has really bad cramps and is going home is all.”

    Sara and Catherine get back to work processing the crime scene. Two hours later
    Catherine and Sara are in the evidence room looking over the pictures of the crime scene, when Catherine cellphone starts ring and it is the ring tone Lindsey number is set on. Catherine grabs her cellphone off her hip and flips the cellphone open thinking I wonder what Lindsey is calling about?
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    “Hi Linds what is up?”

    “I am waiting outside the high school to be pick up for my obgyn check up.”

    “We just went to the obgyn on Monday.”

    “I know but Dr. Moonstar call Wednesday evening and want to see me today to do more blood work, because when she looked over the full blood work she notice a few things that worried her and tell me to come in for my blood work and not to eat anything after midnight last night.”

    “I forget about you have an appointment today, I got call into work but I will be there in five.”

    “Ok, see you then bye.”


    Catherine flip her cellphone close and then put the cellphone back onto her hip. Catherine then look at Sara who is staring at a picture of the front of the house and the car that is through the front wall.

    “You need to leave the lab Cath?”

    “Yes Lindsey has a check up to run some blood work.”

    “Ok, I can do this on my own.”
    “Thank you.”

    Catherine runs out of the evidence room and head to her office to get her purse. She then runs out of the crime lab and to her SUV in the parking lot. A minute later Catherine is driving to Jefferson high school to pick up Lindsey. Lindsey and Catherine get to Dr. Moonstar office a minute before Lindsey appointment. On the way to the scale Lindsey tell the nurse what happened to her ankle and that she just badly bruise the bone and sprained right ankle, The first thing the nurse does after Lindsey is sitting on the exam table of exam room number four is start drawing blood.

    “Nurse Rise’s I know that Dr. Moonstar wants to do more blood work, but she told me Monday everything is fine and did not tell me on the phone the reason why she need to run more blood work, she just said she was worried about a few things and that I should not eat or drink anything after midnight because that would mess up the results, so why are you taking blood for?”

    The nurse that has long red hair and brown eyes take the full tube and out of the hypodermic needle and put a new tube onto the hypodermic needle and then looks up at Lindsey with a sad look on her face, but the nurse does not say anything because the second tube is full of bleed. The nurse takes the tube out of the hypodermic needle and then pull the hypodermic needle out off Lindsey left arm. Lindsey watches the nurse set the tube and hypodermic needle onto the tray that is beside the exam table and then the nurse grabs a band aid. Lindsey watch the nurse who is wearing pink scrub, as she puts the band aid onto the tiny needle prick that is bleeding, at the same time the nurse start to talk.

    “She wants to redo the blood test for Gestation diabetes and that is why you are having more blood work done today.”

    “Will I find out before the end of the appointment?”

    “Yes I put a rush on the blood work for you.”
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    Nurse Rise’s throw the needle into the bio hazard bin and then gather up the tubes of blood. Nurse Rose walks out of the exam room and Lindsey slide back on the exam table, so her legs are up on the exam table, because her right ankle has starts to hurt because of dangle over the edge of the exam table. A minute later Dr. Moonstar comes into the exam room and look over Lindsey’s chart to see that during the past three days since the last appointment Lindsey has not gain a pound of weight, but everything else beside for having a badly bruise bone and sprained right ankle is fine. The doctor then has Lindsey’s lay down and take a measurement of Lindsey’s belly to see if the measurements have changes, but the measurements have not change. Dr. Moonstar put the measurement tape away and Lindsey sits up on the exam table.

    “Lindsey’s have you been eating like you should or have you been skip meals?”

    “Yes I have been eating three meals a day and snacks in between meals if I am hunger.”

    “That is good that you are eating three meals a day and having snacks in between meals if you are hunger, but I want you to slow down and rest more to see if that will help you gain weight.”

    “Ok, I need to start off my right ankle as much as possible right now.”

    At the same time nurse Rose come into the exam room and hands Dr. Moonstar the paperwork. The doctor starts to read over the paperwork and at the same time the nurse walks out of the exam room shutting the door behind her. Lindsey watches the doctor read the paperwork and notice for the first time that the doctor is wearing a black a-line skirt, a red blouse that is tuck into the skirt, white lab coat and a pair of red high heel pumps. After a minute Dr. Moonstar attaches the paperwork to Lindsey’s chart and then looks at Lindsey and Catherine with a small smile on her face.

    “When I take a closer look at your blood work Wednesday, I notice some odd numbers for your blood sugar levels, which could have been because of eating before the blood work was done or an error in the blood work, but since you were not told you were not allowed to eat before you last appointment I am think it what you eat that cause the odd numbers. So I had you come in today after not eat or drink anything since midnight to run a blood test for just gestation diabetes Type A1 and you have gestation diabetes, which means that me, you and your mother will have to monitor your diabetes. I want you to start eating more whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables and eat less junk food, for snacks have some fruit. In addition you will have to check you blood sugar in the morning before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner and before going to bed for the night. Same time you will need to check your blood sugar throughout the day if it feels like your blood sugar is to high or too low. If change your diet controls your blood sugar levels you will not need to go on insulin injections, I want you to keep a journal of your blood glucose levels each time you test and what you have been eating between today and your next appointment and at the start of your next check up, I will test your blood glucose level and then look at the number you are getting to the one I get to see if diet change is helping control the blood glucose, if not I will start you on a low dose of insulin. Right now your levels are lower then there should be, I will write you a note on a prescribe pad let your pharmacies know you need to get a blood glucose kit and test strips because there are keep behind the drop off and pick up counter at the pharmacy. And I will write a note for the high school to let them know you have gestation diabetes and will be carry around a blood glucose monitor and test strips to use if you need to test your glucose level during the school day. Some of my teenage patients schools allow them to test in the restroom or classroom, but some have to go to the nurse office when they need to test. Take the note to the school office when you get back to school to let them know.”

    “So I should go get the blood glucose monitor and test strips before going back to school.”

    “Yes and before you leave I will show you how to test your blood sugar, the nurse has gone to get a blood glucose monitor and test strips right now, so I can show you and then you can do the test yourself let me see you understand what to do.”

    “Ok, what else do I need to know?”

    “Lindsey when you test your blood sugar levels there should be between seventy through a hundred thirty before breakfast and the same for before lunch and dinner. If you happen to test two hours after eating a meal then your blood sugar level should be greater then a hundred eighty. The level at bed time should be between ninety through hundred fifty, if you are low eat something to rise your blood sugar levels and then recheck.”

    “Why to you want me to write everything down?”

    “So I will know if after change your diet if the blood glucose levels stay low or if they become too high with just a diet change, which will help me know what is the best way to treat your gestation diabetes.”
    “What are the symptoms of high blood sugar and what are the symptoms of low blood sugar?”

    “The symptoms of high blood sugar are feeling very thirsty, peeing more often than usual, feeling exhausted, feeling nauseous and having blurred vision. The symptoms of low blood sugar are confusion, dizziness, feeling shaky, hunger, headaches, irritability, pounding heart or racing pulse, pale skin, sweating, trembling, weakness and anxiety
    and if not treat you could get more severe symptoms of poor coordination, poor concentration, numbness in mouth and tongue, passing out, nightmares or bad dream and coma. So you need to eat something to rise you blood sugar when you are low and same time you will have to eat more then just one apple. When your blood sugar feel low test to see what your level is and if low eat some thing make a note in your journal with you number before eat and then test your blood sugar level after eat and write down the new number for your blood sugar level and write what you eat, if you have to eat something else let me know and then write down what you eat and the new blood sugar lever. This will help you learn what food help rise your blood sugar levels and what food do not help.”

    “Is there anything else I should know?”

    “Not right now.”

    At the same time Nurse Rose walks into the exam room and hand Dr. Moonstar the blood glucose monitor and test strips and then the nurse walk out of the exam room shutting the door behind her. Doctor Moonstar put on a pair of medical gloves and then using Lindsey middle finger on her left hand, show Lindsey how to test her blood glucose level using the blood glucose monitor and test strips and then Lindsey does it on her own to show Dr. Moonstar and her mom she know what to do.

    “I have a question when I get my blood glucose monitor kit what come in the kit?”
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    “The kit come with a carrying case, lancing device or lancet pen to prick your finger with, meter and test strips. But the kit does not come with a lot of test strips, so I would buy a box of test strips, which is the reason I write a kit and test strip on the note for your pharmacies. That is all for today, I will see you next time.”

    “(Lindsey and Catherine) Bye.”

    Dr. Moonstar hands Lindsey a printout on gestation diabetes Type A1. Then the doctor throw out the needle she uses to prick Lindsey’s finger into the bio hazard bin and then throw out the pair of medical gloves as she walks out of the exam room. Lindsey careful get off the exam table and Catherine hand Lindsey her crutches. Lindsey puts the crutches under her underarms and then Catherine and Lindsey walks out of the exam room. After leave the obgyn office Lindsey and Catherine swing by the drug store and pick up blood glucose monitor and test strips. Catherine drops Lindsey off at school to go to sixth and seventh hours and then Catherine head back to work. Once at work Catherine finds Sara sitting in the break room and goes into the break room to get an update on the case. Meanwhile, Lindsey is sitting in her family plan class stare at the chapter in the textbook that she was supposed to be fellow along with the student in the class that is reading out loud and each student is taking turns reading part of the chapter out loud, but Lindsey is not able to focus on the reading. She kept thinking about Gestation diabetes. Kevin keeps looking over at Lindsey know that she thinking about having Gestation diabetes, because he been thinking about it since Lindsey got back to school and tell him about it. Lindsey also has the printout that Dr. Moonstar had give her on Gestation diabetes type A1 set on the open textbook and keep looking at the printout. Lindsey keeps read over the part that say it is very important to not eat a lot of junk food, because it could raise you blood glucose levels too high and too high of level could lead to lager babies. Here some risk of Complications for the Mother:
    * Hypertension
    * Preeclampsia
    * Increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes
    Here are the risk of complications for the babies of mother with gestation diabetes Type A1
    * Macrosomia (macrosomia can also increase the likelihood of a caesarean-section delivery)
    * Hypoglycemia
    * Jaundice
    * Low calcium and magnesium
    * Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)
    * Increased risk for childhood and adult obesity
    * Increased risk of type 2 diabetes later in life. Lindsey stop reading the printout when she hear Mrs. Johnson talking to her.

    “Lindsey’s it you turn to read part of the chapter out loud.”

    “I am not sure where we are at in the chapter Mrs. Johnson?”

    “We are at the top of page 456.”

    Lindsey’s flip to the pages and starts reading and gets as far as the third line when the bell rings for seventh hour. Lindsey and Kevin gather up they textbooks and notebooks put then in they textbooks and notebooks into they backpacks. Then Lindsey and Kevin hop to next hour on they crutches. Meanwhile, back at the lab Catherine just get the DUI results for the diver of the red mustang he had a blood alcohol level of 1.55 and the legal limit is 0.08, and being that he is only sixteen and he is not even old enough to be drink alcohol. The CSI confirms that the driver of the red mustang David Cools is at fault for kill the five-year-old girl Sam Book. Catherine hands in her case paperwork for the case to Gil, then heads home to get some sleep, before she has to come back in for the night shift. At the same time in Lindsey and Kevin seventh hour math class Lindsey is again reading the first page of the printout on Gestational diabetes and the first page tells what Gestational diabetes is, which is that Gestational diabetes affects about 4% of all pregnant women. There is about 135,000 cases of gestational diabetes in the United States each year. Doctor do not know what causes gestational diabetes, but have some clues as what might cause gestational diabetes. The placenta supports the baby as it grows and hormones from the placenta help the baby develop, but these hormones also block the action of the mother's insulin in her body, this problem is called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance makes it hard for the mother's body to use insulin. She may need up to three times as much insulin. Gestational diabetes starts when your body is not able to make and use all the insulin it needs for pregnancy and without enough insulin, glucose cannot leave the blood and be changed to energy. Glucose builds up in the blood to high levels. This is called hyperglycemia ( get the information from American Diabetes association website). As she reads, the printout Lindsey is highlight the important info she needs to remember. She highlights the part that tells why pregnant women end up getting Gestational diabetes. She read further down the pages and comes across the next important thing she needs to know. When you have gestational diabetes, your pancreas works overtime to produce insulin, but the insulin does not lower your blood glucose levels. Although insulin does not cross the placenta, glucose and other nutrients do. So extra blood glucose goes through the placenta, giving the baby high blood glucose levels and this causes the baby's pancreas to make extra insulin to get rid of the blood glucose. Since the baby is getting more energy than it needs to grow and develop, the extra energy is stored as fat. This can lead to macrosomia or a fat baby. Babies with macrosomia face health problems of their own, including damage to their shoulders during birth. Because of the extra insulin made by the baby's pancreas, newborns may have very low blood glucose levels at birth and are also at higher risk for breathing problems. Babies with excess insulin become children who are at risk for obesity and adults who are at risk for type 2 diabetes (I get the information from the American Diabetes association website). Great I going to end up with three fat babies, I so hope that the doctor catches that I have gestational diabetes in time and I can keep under control so my babies are born at a health weight and I hope I can keep my glucose levels under control. Lindsey has to start work on her math because the teacher has seen that she was not working on math and has told Lindsey to stop reading the printout and get to work on math. After school gets out, Lindsey and Kevin go to Driver education and it is the first day of book work for the class. Lindsey and Kevin sit in the back row of the classroom and listen and take notes on what the diver education teacher Mr. Clock tells the class.
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    Chapter fourteen: Driving lesson
    It has been five and half weeks now since Lindsey hurt her right ankle and found out she has Gestational diabetes and it has been a week since Sara and Gil wedding. Lindsey and Kevin have got they learns Permit to drive with adults over twenty-one-year-olds with a legal driver license. Catherine is taken Lindsey and Kevin out for drive lessons. Lindsey gets into the SUV and behind the wheel first and Kevin gets into the back of the SUV because Catherine’s is sitting on the passenger seat. Lindsey starts the SUV up, then puts the SUV into reverse and backs the SUV out of the driveway onto the street. Lindsey then puts the SUV into drive and slower drives down the road. She drives to the last street before the strip and pulls into the Wendy parking lot and then pulls into the eighth parking space. Lindsey puts the SUV into the park position and then Lindsey and Kevin switch seats. A minute later Kevin moves the seat back because the seat too close to the steering wheel and then Kevin changes the review mirror so he can see out of it. After he and Lindsey have put they seat belts on, Kevin puts the SUV in reverse and backs out of the parking space, then he puts the SUV into drive. A minute later Kevin pulls out of Wendy parking lot and drive Lindsey, Catherine and himself home. When they get home, he pulls the SUV into the driveway and puts the SUV into parked position and turns off the vehicle.

    “Kevin you did a great job and so did you Lindsey.”

    “I am starved let get something to eat?”

    “I agree with Linds let go inside and get something to eat.”

    “That is fine Lindsey and Kevin, I am hunger too.”

    The three of them get out of the SUV and then the three of them head inside the house. Once inside the house, Lindsey, Kevin and Lindsey head to the kitchen and see that Katie had made lunch for all of them. They join Katie at the table and each of them put some fruit salad on their plates along with the gilled chicken and green beans. Kevin also sees that Katie has made a strawberry cake and put whip cream frosted on top of the cake. The four of them start to eat and after a few minutes Kevin looks over at his sister, who is sitting across from him at the kitchen table.

    “Katie you are a great cook”

    “Thank you.”

    “You should become a chef.”

    “I plan on it I have apply to several Culinary colleges in the USA and oversea I am just waiting to hear if I get into any of them Catherine.”

    After they finishes eat the meal, Katie cuts a piece of cake for each of them and a piece of cake on each of they plates. After they finish eating they piece of cake, Catherine and Lindsey put the dish into the dishwasher then all four of them go out to see a movie seeing that Catherine has the night off of work.
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    Author note: This chapter was not in the original version put on Talk CSI, but I have decided to add a chapter.
    Chapter Fifteen: Ultrasound
    After school on Monday, April sixteen Lindsey and Catherine are at Dr. Moonstar office and are sitting in exam room six, Catherine is sitting on the chair beside the exam table and is wearing a pair of navy dress pants and a navy short sleeved blouse. Catherine is looking at Lindsey who is sitting on the exam table and wearing a pink empire waist blouse that has short sleeves and a pair of light-blue jeans. Lindsey is resting her hands on her very large baby bump and waiting for Dr. Moonstar to come back to do a ultrasound and Lindsey is happy because she is far enough along that she can find out the sex of the babies. After sitting the exam room for twelve minutes Dr. Moonstar walks into the exam room wearing a pair of blue scrub and the doctor is looking at Lindsey’s chart and sees that Lindsey is at the right weight for the first time in the pregnancy. Dr. Moonstar set Lindsey’s chart down on the counter and then put on a pair of medical gloves. Dr. Moonstar then gets out the measurement tape and Lindsey lay back on the exam table, then Dr. Moonstar measuring Lindsey’s belly.

    “I am sorry that I keep you waiting Lindsey, I was delivery a baby girl, which is why I am late for your appointment.”

    “That is fine Dr. Moonstar, is my belly the right maturement and do I need to gain any more weight?”

    ‘Your belly is the right size and you are at the right weight for where you are at in your pregnancy. You should gain a few more pounds before the next appointment.”
    Dr. Moonstar put the measurement tape away and then pick up the ultrasound gel. Lindsey lifts up her blouse and the doctor puts some gel onto Lindsey’s stomach. Dr. Moonstar set the probe onto Lindsey’s stomach and then start to move the probe around and Lindsey, Catherine and the doctor hear the babies’ heartbeat through the ultrasound speaker. After a few minutes of looking at the monitor of the ultrasound the doctor looks at Lindsey.

    “Do you still want to know the sex of the babies Lindsey?”


    Dr. Moonstar points to the private area of one of the fetus on the monitor of the ultrasound. Lindsey and Catherine look to where the doctor is point and Catherine sees it is a boy right away, but Lindsey is having a hard time.

    “This baby is a boy and the other two are girls’ Lindsey.”

    “I am having a son and two daughters?”


    “Mom we need to go update my register at babiesRus so it says two girls and a boy.”

    “Sure Lindsey’s we will do that after the appointment.”

    Dr. Moonstar looks at the ultrasound monitor for a few more minutes and then printout the images for Lindsey and Catherine. A half hour later Lindsey and Catherine are at babiesRus, Lindsey has already changes the register to say two girls and a boy and now Lindsey and Catherine are walking around and are adding items onto the register. Right now Lindsey is looking at the infant car seats, because last time Lindsey only put bath items, cribs and diaper on the register seeing that she did not know the sex of the babies. After add on the infant car seats and stroller Lindsey wants, Lindsey and Catherine looks at the bedding and then the two of them look at the clothing. Then the two of them look around the store to see if there is anything else that Lindsey wants to put on the register.
    Lindsey and Catherine get home a half hour before Catherine has to go into work. Lindsey and Catherine head inside the house, Lindsey heads upstairs to her and Kevin’s bedroom and Catherine goes into the kitchen to make herself something to eat before going into work.
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    Chapter Sixteen: Baby shower
    The long await day of May 26, 2007, which is Lindsey and Sara’s baby shower is finally here. Lindsey and Sara are sitting at the front table in the hall that they are having the shower at. Lindsey is wearing a white short sleeve shirt with butterflies on the front and a pair of black dress pants and Sara is wearing a pink empire waist dress that is past the knees in length. Sara and Lindsey try to help Catherine, Lily (Catherine Mom) and Helen (Gil mom) and Gil set up for the baby shower, but the four of them would not let Lindsey and Sara help them set up. Lindsey and Sara see Lily and Helen set the two cakes on the dessert table, Sara’s cake is chocolate with pink and blue buttercream icing on the cake and yellow ducks and brown teddy bears on top of the cake. Lindsey cake is shape like a stroller and is a strawberry cake with whip cream frosted on the cake. The baby shower guests start to slower arrive and Lindsey and Sara get up and meet the guests as they come into the hall. When Gil aunt Heather and his cousin Danielle with her three and half week old son and Daughter get there the four of them walks over to Sara and Lindsey and Danielle shows Lindsey and Sara her daughter Dakota and son Daniel. Sara looks up at Danielle with a huge smile on her face.

    “Your son and daughter are so cute, Daniella.”

    “Yes when the two of them are quiet and not cry at the top of their lungs, but I love both of them and I am so glad I had them. Sara you can hold Dakota and Lindsey’s you can hold Daniel.”

    Sara set down and hold Dakota and Lindsey sits down next to Sara holding Daniel. Dakota took right to Sara and little Dakota rest her head against Sara chests listening to the sound of Sara heart beat and falls right back to sleep. Lindsey is having a little more problem with Daniel because he is being a hand full and he would not stop kicking his feet and keep put his hands into his mouth. Lindsey finally stands up and walks around the hall and Daniel stop kicking, but then he gets hunger and try to breasts feed through Lindsey’s short sleeved shirt. Daniella sees this and walk over to Lindsey and takes her son from Lindsey.

    “For not have any teeth yet he has a strong bit, I am so glad that I am not breast feeding.”

    “Lindsey’s we should go sit down because Helen and Lily have start the first baby shower games and call tables up to get food.”

    Daniella and Lindsey go take they seats and after all the baby shower games are done and everyone has finish eating, Lindsey and Sara starts taking turns open up they babies gifts. Gil is sitting next to Sara and help her open up the babies gifts and Kevin is sitting next to Lindsey and help her open up the babies gifts. Sara opens up the first gift which is from her co-worker Wendy and Sara hold up a pink dress with butterflies and a pair of overall and a blue shirt that had dragonflies on them for all the guests to see. Then Lindsey open up the next gift which is also for Wendy, who bought her a pink dress, a purple dress and a pair of jean shorts and a green tank top for the boy she is having. Then Sara open up the next gift, which is from Warrick and Tina Brown, when Sara has the wrapping paper off the gift, she sees Warrick and Tina have got all the bath supplies she asked for. Lindsey open up the next gift, which is from Greg and Sofia and see the two of them get her and Kevin two highchairs. Then Sara open her next gift, which is from Nick and Catherine, Lindsey and Kevin and see they get her and Gil they highchairs they ask for. Lindsey then open up the gift from her mom and Nick and see they get her a third highchair. It takes Lindsey and Sara an hour and half to open all the gifts and both of them get everything they had register for at babiesRus. Sara, Lindsey and the guest then all go get a piece of Sara and Lindsey baby shower cakes. When the shower end Catherine, Greg, Warrick and Nick help Sara, Gil, Lindsey and Kevin load the gift into Sara’s and Catherine’s SUV.
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    Chapter Seventeen: Sixteenth birthday
    It the evening of June 4, 2007 and it is Lindsey sixteenth birthday. Lindsey has just finish take her driver test and is waiting for Mr. Tom to total up her score and let her know if she passes the driver test. After a few minutes Mr. Tom hand Lindsey a piece of paper and it says a certificate to give to the Las Vegas security of State to get your driver license. Lindsey’s switch to the passengers seat and Catherine gets behind the wheel and drives Lindsey to the security of State to get her license. On the way home from the security of states Catherine lets Lindsey drive.

    “I am so happy it was the last day of school for my tenth grade year and my birthday and I pass my driver test and have my license.”

    “You are grown up too fast Lindsey, It seem like only yesterday you were a baby and I was holding you in my arms.”
    “Mom, don’t get all mash on me!”

    “ Sorry Linds, It just seem like the first fifteen years went by so fast.”

    “I know.”

    Lindsey pulls her mom SUV into the driveway, then puts the SUV into parked position and turns the SUV off. Catherine and Lindsey head inside the house to see that Kevin and Katie have decorated the house for Lindsey sixteenth birthday and when they walk into the kitchen learn that Katie has also made dinner for all of them and Kevin is sitting the meal on the dinning room table. Lindsey can smell Veggie Enchiladas as she and Catherine walk into the dinning room. Catherine and Lindsey see a strawberry birthday cake in the center of the table and see that Gil and Sara have joined them for dinner. Kevin pulls a chair out for Lindsey and Lindsey sit down on the chair, then Kevin push the chair in. Kevin then sits down on the chair next to Lindsey and at the sometime Katie wheels over to the table. Katie dishes out the Enchiladas and Sara hands the plate of food out to each person. After everyone has a plate of food, they begin eating and of cause talking to each other during dinner. Katie who is sitting across from Lindsey, look over at Lindsey and see she has a huge smile on her face.

    “Linds, did you pass your driver test?”

    “Yes Katie.”

    (Sarah and Gil) Congratulation on become a license driver.”

    “Thank you and Sara and Gil are you ready for your son and daughter to be born?”

    “No, There are still to many cases I need to finish up and to much stuff around the house that I need to do before the babies come in July.”

    “That what I thought you would say Sara, what about you Gil.”

    “I am ready, I have set the nurseries up. I am ready to go and I cannot wait to see what my son and daughter look like.”

    “So Lindsey and Kevin are you ready for your daughters and son to be born?”

    “Yes, I am tire of being pregnant Sara.”

    “What about you Kevin?”

    “No, I have not get the nurseries set up, I have the walls of the nurseries paint but none of baby stuff in them yet.”

    “What the nurseries themes?”

    “Gil our son room is under the sea and our daughters room is a beach party.”

    After they finish the Enchiladas Catherine cut a piece of cake for everyone and Gil hand the plate with cake on it to each person then and at the same time everyone is singing happy birthday to Lindsey. When the song ends everyone has a piece of cake and they start to eat the cake.
    That night after dinner there is a knock on the front door, Lindsey stands up and walks to the door and answers it. To find Caitlin standing at the door and Caitlin has a bag from family video in her left hand. Lindsey’s step back from the door and let her into the house.

    “Sorry I was not able to make dinner, but I had gymnastic practice. Kevin can you go out to my car and get Lindsey’s birthday gift off the backseat for me?”


    Caitlin hand her key to Kevin and he head outside, shutting the front door of the house behind him. At the same time Lindsey and Caitlin walk over to the couch. Lindsey and Caitlin sits down on the couch, as Catherine, Katie, Gil and Sara walks into the living room.

    “It is ok that you missed dinner and I see you bring movies to watch.”

    “Yes and the gift Kevin getting out of my car is from Gil, Sara, Helen) and me, so when you see the size do not be surprise and how big it is.”


    At the same time Kevin walks into the house carry a very large gift and the gift is wrapped in pink wrapping paper that say happy sixteenth birthday on it. Kevin set the gift down in front of the couch on the coffee table next to the gifts from Katie, Kevin and Catherine. At the same time Sara hand Caitlin a plate with a piece of strawberry cake on it, Caitlin eats her piece of cake as Lindsey starts open up her gifts. She opens the gift from Sara, Gil, Helen, Caitlin first. Lindsey rips the wrapping paper off to see a brand-new CD player.

    “Thank you, Both Kevin and my CD players break, so we have been use our portable CD players when we want to listen to any music.”
    (Caitlin, Sara and Gil) You welcome Lindsey.”

    Lindsey’s pick up the next gift which is from Katie and take the tissue paper out of the gift bag and finds several CD in the bag. She pulls them out to found they are CD of baby lullabies. The CD Katie got her are Lullaby Themes for Sleepy Dreams, Disney Baby Lullaby, baby best: Lullabies, Baby sleep. Lindsey smiles really big at Katie and Katie smiles back at her.

    “Thank you Katie I did not think you were watching me looking at the lullaby CD when we went to the music store at the mall last week. You got me all the once I had the cashier do a price check on.”

    “Yes and I knew you did not have the money to get them and you really want them, so I went back after dropped you off at home and bought them.”

    Catherine hands Lindsey’s the second to last gifts, which is from her and Lindsey rips the wrapping paper off the gift box. She lift the lid off and take out a nightshirt she unfolds it and looks at what it says on the front, which is Mamma needs to get her beauty sleep!

    “I really love it mom, It will be prefect for after the babies are born.”
    “I thought you would I bought myself the one that says Grandma needs to get her beauty sleep!”

    Lindsey picks up the last gift which is from Kevin and take the tissue paper out of the small gift bag and sees a jewelry box inside the bag. Lindsey pulls the box out of the bag and open it up to see a pair of blue moonstone earrings. Lindsey hugs Kevin and kisses him on the lips and Kevin kisses her back.

    “You like the earrings Linds?”

    “I love the earrings Kevin.”

    Kevin’s pick up the box the new Cd player is in and he carries the CD player into his and Lindsey’s bedroom and hooks it up, as Lindsey and Caitlin watch the movie Stick it. A half hour later Catherine goes into work with Sara and Gil. The three of them are walking into the crime lab when Sofia, Greg, Warrick and Nick walk out of the doors all carrying they crime scene kits and the CSI and Sofia stops in front of Sara, Gil and Catherine. Gil looks at Sofia and start to talk.

    “Sofia, what cases do we have tonight?”

    “There is a 419, but it could be a possible 420 homicides out at the low rent apartment building on Fremont Street.”
    “How many are dead?”

    “Sara three is sixteen-year-old mother and her two infants dead.”

    “Ok, let take two of the SUV. Nick, Warrick and Greg in one. Catherine, Sara and I in the other.”

    All the CSI gets into the SUV there are going in and Sofia gets into her car. Then the seven of them head to the crime scene, when they get to the crime scene all seven of them walks up to Officer Flavor, who is waiting from them outside of apartment number fourteen.

    “You are later then normal Detective Curtis and what with the uniform office having to clear the entire scene that you are the detective of, before you can cross the yellow tape and go into the crime scene?”

    “I am pregnant that is way. Have you clean the whole apartment yet Officer Flavor?”

    “Yes and how far along are you?”

    “One week and three and half days, now can you tell us where the bodies are?”

    “Yes, the mom is laying on the living room floor and both babies are laying in the hallway leading to the two bedroom and the bathroom. As you can see, the door to the apartment has been force open from the outside.”

    The six CSI and Sofia walk into the apartment, but since David or Dr. Robbins is not there yet. They start processing the crime scene around the victims bodies and Sofia takes pictures of the victim at the scene. As Sara and Catherine are process, the babies room the two of them notice there is also two toddler beds in the room with the two cribs. At the same time Catherine and Sara hear crying come from the closet, Sara walks over to the closet and open up the closet door to see two little girls that could be no older then one and the two girls were hugging each other and look very scary. Sarah kneels down in front of the closet door. The two girls stop hugging each other and stand up, then the girls runs up to Sara. The little girls grab a hold of Sara legs and Sara pick up the two girls and put one on each of her hips.

    (Twin girls) Is Mommy ok?”

    “Catherine, go get Sofia and bring her into the bedroom.”

    “Sure Sara.”

    Catherine walks out the children bedroom and walk over to where Sofia is standing, which is in front of the tv and stops in front of Sofia. Sofia looks at Catherine and sees a worried look is on Catherine face.

    “Catherine what is it?”
    ‘You need to come to the children bedroom with me.”

    Sofia fellow Catherine into the children bedroom and stop dead when she sees the two blond hair girl in Sara arms. Sofia takes her cellphone off her hips and calls social service. Then Sara and Sofia take the two girl outside to wait for the social service worker, as Catherine goes back to processing the children bedroom. It is a long night at the apartment and David confirm that the mother and twin girl infants were murder.
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    Chapter Eighteen: My water break
    It has been four weeks since the sixteen-year-old mother and her two infant girls were killed and the two twin girls were left without any family. Sofia is standing in front of apartment fifteen at the some low rent apartment building on Fremont Street. She has just flipped her cellphone close form talking to Gil and let him know that she needs him, Catherine, Warrick, Nick and Greg to come out to the crime scene. Sofia puts her hand on her stomach and thinks I have gain so much weight in the last six weeks and my pants are getting too tight. After five minutes a crime lab SUV pulls up in front of the apartment building. Greg, Nick, Warrick and Catherine get out of the SUV and they head up the staircase and stop in front of Sofia.

    “Where is Gil at, Catherine?”

    “He will be here in a few minutes he is getting Sara and the babies settle at home first, then he will be here.”

    “That is fine, this case is like the one we had four weeks ago in the apartment right next story.”

    The four CSI follows Sofia into the apartment and see the younger mother lay on the floor and two infants laying next to her and David is already checking the liver temperatures, Catherine see two little girls standing in the hallway looking at they mom and they have tears running down both of they faces. A few moments later both girls run over to Catherine and Sofia. Sofia pick up one of the girl and Catherine pick up the other girl and Sofia turn so she is facing Catherine.

    “I find them hiding in the closet in the children bedroom. Just like Lacy and Lavender Grades were.”

    “Have you already call social service for the girls?”

    “Yes, the Social worker is on her way.”

    “Are you all right Sofia?”

    “Yes, I just have morning sickness, I am just going to go outside and get some fresh air.

    “That is fine, but take the little girls outside with you.”

    Catherine put the girl she is holding into Sofia left are, seeing that the other girl is in Sofia’s right arm. Then Sofia walks outside with the little girls. At the same time Catherine starts process the crime scene. She has only been collect evidence when her cellphone starts ringing in the tone of I don’t won’t to be me, which is Lindsey ring tone. Catherine Heart skips a beat. She hopes everything is ok, because Lindsey had a stomachache all day and at dinner time she asks to be excused and as she was walking out of the kitchen to head upstairs to her bedroom she was holding her lower back. Catherine grabs her cellphone out of the holder that is on her hips and flips the cellphone open.

    “Linds, what is up?”

    “My water has break mom!”

    “You need to go to the hospital right now!”

    “I know Kevin is driving me to the hospital right now.”

    “Good, I will meet you at Desert Palms Hospital.”

    “But mom, It three weeks too early!”

    “The babies will be fine and so will you Linds.”

    “Ok, mom sees you at the hospital bye.”

    “Bye Linds.”

    Catherine flips her cellphone close and then puts the cellphone back on her hips. Catherine gives the evidences she has collect so far to Grey and a few minute later walks at of the apartment. Catherine is walking over to the SUV she drivers to the crime scenes and at the same time Gil pulls up in one of the crime lab SUV. Catherine stop walking to the SUV and runs up to Gil as he gets out of the SUV and she has a worried look on her face.

    “Gil I need to take the SUV that I drive to the crime scene and go back to the crime lab and get my SUV Lindsey in labor.”


    “Thank you.”

    Catherine walks over to the crime lab SUV she drive to the crime scene and gets into the SUV, she then hands to the crime lab. Once at the crime lab Catherine runs inside the lab and drops the keys to the SUV off then runs back out outside and to her SUV in the parking lot. Catherine then heads to the hospitals.

    The End

    To find out what happens next stay turn for the sequel: Linds I’m a mother and I’m a grandmother!
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