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    “Sorry about the wait, it has been a really busy day and we are short shift because of the flu and stomach flu that is going around.”

    “You are suppose to be off to after you have your baby!”

    “I know and that how short staff we are and that the hospital had to call in Doctor on maternity leave!”

    “Catherine I am going to push on your stomach, tell me if it hurt.”


    The doctor set the chart on the end of the bed and then start to push on Catherine’s stomach, the doctors start on the right and then on the left, but it does not seem to cause Catherine any pain. The doctor pick up the chart and then take a pin out of the chest pocket on the right side of her scrub top and make a note on the chart.

    “Coughing, so what is wrong?”

    “You should have come in soon, I going to admit you into the hospital to keep an eye on you and put you on medicines that you can only be give through an IV.”
    “What do I have?”

    “You have the flu and stomach flu, but the flu and stomach flu (viruses) that going around is really strong and if you did not get the flu shoot it hit you really hard and take twice as long to get over it. The people who had a flu shoot are still catching the flu and stomach but not as bad and are usually better in a few days.”

    “Lindsey was right I should have had a flu shot, when I take her into get her, coughing.”
    “I think after this year the head of the lab will require anyone that work for the LVPD to get a flu shoot.”

    “Sara’s you do get a flu shoot right?”


    “Good. I need to call Lindsey and let her know what going on.”

    “I already had the nurse call Lindsey’s cellphone and she comes in after school to see Kevin and you.”

    “Thank you Dr. Fairy.”

    “You are welcome.”

    Sara stays with Catherine until she get moves upstairs to a hospital room and then Sara head back to the crime lab to work on her and Catherine case. At the same time Catherine lay her head down on the pillow of her hospital bed and falls to sleep. Catherine sleeps until Lindsey walks into her hospital room at four o’clock that evening. When Lindsey’s see her mom lay on the hospital bed, Lindsey start crying. Catherine sits up in the bed and when Lindsey reaches the bed gives her a hug.

    “I will be fine Lindsey.”

    “I know it is just feel alone right now with you and Kevin in the hospital.”

    “You are never alone Lindsey.”

    Lindsey sits down on the side of her moms’ hospital bed and the two of them visit for thirty minutes before Lindsey goes to visit Kevin. Before head home Lindsey check on her mom to find she is resting and leave her a note saying I will be back tomorrow after school and to give her a call if she wants her to bring anything from home to make the hospital more comfortable. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday Catherine rests most of the days and spent sometime with Lindsey and Kevin when the two of them stop each afternoon. Sunday morning Dr. Fairy who is wearing purple scrubs come into Catherine hospital room with her hands on her back and walks over to the side of the hospital bed.

    “Good morning Catherine, how are you feeling this morning?”

    “A lot better Dr. Fairy, I think that I am over the worse of the flu and stomach flu now.”

    “I think so too, I am let you go home today and your co-worker Sara is coming to pick you up at eleven o’clock, but I do not want you to go back to work until Tuesday night.”

    “That is fine, it will be nice to have a few more nights off of work.”

    “I will come in with the discharge paper when Sara get here.”

    “That is fine.”

    Dr. Fairy walks out of the hospital room hold her back and Catherine can tell the doctor is not feeling a hundred percent and that her back is sore. Catherine rest for an hour and then get out of bed and changes out of the hospital and into a pair of old fade blue jean and a blue sweatshirt, so she is ready when Sara get to there. When Sara walk into the hospital room Catherine see a white gold Victorian engagement ring that has a medium size round diamond in the center of the ring with eight small round diamonds around it on Sara's left ring finger. The two of them talks as Catherine wait for the doctor to bring the discharge paper for Catherine to sign at eleven thirty Dr. Fairy walks into the hospital room and give Catherine the discharge paper and Catherine sign the paper and give then to the doctor as a nurse open the hospital room door and push a wheelchair into the room. Dr. Fairy looks at the paper and then grab her stomach with her left hand. The doctor hand the discharge paper to the nurse and the nurse can tell the doctor is in labor.

    “I am going to head up to labor and deliver Nurse Rose, I am in labor.”

    “Take a seat in the wheelchair and I will take you upstairs to the sixth floor and then come back take Catherine outside to Sara’s SUV, if that is fine with Catherine.”

    “Ahem that is fine, I am not in any hurry, it more important for you to get upstair to labor and deliver and have your daughter.”

    “Thank you Catherine.”

    The doctor sits down on the wheelchair and Nurse Rose pushes Dr. Fairy out of the room. Catherine and Sara go back to talking as they wait for the nurse to come back. At eleven forty a nurse is help Catherine into Sara’s SUV.
    Twenty minutes later at twelve o’clock on Lindsey and Kevin are waiting at the front door for Sara to bring Catherine home from the hospital. Lindsey gets a big smile on her face when Sara’s SUV pulls into the driveway. A minute later Sara gets out of the SUV and walks over to the passage’s side and helps Catherine out of the SUV and helps Catherine up to the front door. Lindsey already has the front door when Sara and Catherine walk up to the door. Once Catherine is inside the house, Lindsey hugs her mom and Catherine hug Lindsey back. Catherine watch Lindsey and Catherine hug.

    “Catherine, do you want me to stay for a while or are you fine here with Lindsey and Kevin?”

    “Go home Sara and get same rest, you have to work tonight.”

    “Ok, I will see you when you get back to work then, but if you need anything that Lindsey or Kevin can help you with just sent Lindsey over to tell me or call me.”

    “I will, but I should be fine.”

    Sara walk over to the front door and leave the house. Lindsey close the front door behind Sara and Catherine walks over to the couch and sit down on the couch, then lay down on the couch. A few moments later Lindsey walks over to the couch and sit down on the coffee table in front of her mom and stare at her mom.

    “Mom I was so worry about you, why did you hide it from me that you were sick for two and half week!”

    “I did not want to worry you Linds!”

    “Mom when I get that call, on my cellphone from Desert Palm Hospital it worried me a lot more, I though they were calling to tell me you get shoots at a crime scene. I was so scary, then the nurse told me the doctor was admitting you into the hospital because you were dehydrated and run a fever of a hundred and four point six degrees Fahrenheit and that you have been sick with the flu and stomach flu for two and half weeks.”

    “I am sorry Lindsey, I did not mean to scary you.”
    “From now on just tell me the truth mom!”

    “I will Lindsey.”

    “Mom, I want you to go into your room and lay down and only get up if you need to use the bathroom. If you need anything at all, just yell for me and I will get it for you.”

    “Linds I know you mean well, but I can take care of myself and the first thing I want to do is take a shower.”

    “Mom the doctor wants you to take it easy still!”

    “I know Linds, but I can still take a shower, I will relax after I get out of the shower. How about the three of watch a movie together?”

    “Ok mom.”

    Catherine sits up and then stand up from the couch and head upstairs to her bedroom and the master bathroom to take a shower. A half hour later Catherine walks into the living room wearing a pair of black pajama pants and gray nightshirt. Catherine sits down on the couch beside Lindsey and Kevin is sitting on Lindsey right side. Then Catherine, Lindsey and Kevin begin watch the first Fast and furious movie, then the three of them watch the second and third movies in the fast and furious series. After the third movie is over Catherine heads upstairs to her bedroom and goes to bed because is exhausted. Lindsey and Kevin go into the kitchen and set down at the kitchen table to finish they homework, then Lindsey and Kevin go to bed, because they have to get up for school in the morning.
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    Chapter Six: To sick to go to high school
    Catherine wakes up Monday to the sound of the high school bus going down the street. She lays in bed listening to how silent it is in her house in the morning. Catherine gets out of bed and put her robe on and tie it close. Catherine then walks out of her bedroom, then head downstairs and into the living room. Catherine looks around and sees that Kevin backpack is gone, but Lindsey’s backpack is on the couch. Catherine thinks to herself I hope she just forgets her backpack and not miss the bus again. Catherine walks upstairs and to her daughters’ bedroom and see that the door is close, so Catherine knocks on Lindsey bedroom doors. After getting no answers from Lindsey, Catherine open up the bedroom door up and then Catherine walks into Lindsey’ bedroom. As soon Catherine enters her daughters’ bedroom, she sees Lindsey lay on her bed cry and that she is wearing a pair of light blue jeans and a lavender long sleeve shirt. Catherine walks over to the bed and sits down on the bed next to Lindsey.

    “Linds what wrong, it is not the babies, is it?

    “Sniffling, coughing no Mom.”

    “What wrong then baby, you did not catch the flu and stomach flu from me did you?”

    Lindsey shakes her head no because she does not think that she has the flu and stomach flu and sniffling some more. Lindsey starts to hold her throat with her right hand and is trying not to cough because it hurt her throat too much.

    “What is wrong then?”

    “My throat hurt and I have a cough.”

    Catherine puts her left hand onto Lindsey’s forehead that feels a little warm to the touch. Catherine takes her hand off of Lindsey’s forehead and Lindsey close her eyes and starts coughing into her right hand.

    “You are running a little warm. I will be back in shortly with a flashlight to look at your throat and the thermometer to take your temperature.”

    “Alright mom.”

    Catherine stands up from the bed and walks out of Lindsey’s bedroom, then head into the main bathroom on the second floor that Lindsey and Kevin and gets the thermometer out of the medicine cabinet. Then Catherine goes and gets the tiny flashlight that kept in her purse. A few minutes later Catherine walks into Lindsey’s bedroom room. The first thing Catherine does is take Lindsey temperature and then Lindsey open up her mouth and Catherine looks at her daughter throat.

    “Your tonsils are inflamed and your throat is very red.”

    “Do I have I fever, because I can’t go to school If I do, Mom and I really can’t afraid too miss school today?”

    “Yes you are running a fever of a hundred and one point one degree Fahrenheit. I am going to call the doctor and get you an appointment, for today. Did Kevin make you stay home?”

    “Yes, he said I look pale and I was run warm so he had me lay back down coughing.”

    “He did the right thing, you need to think of your health and the babies health now too.”

    “I know that mom.”

    “Just rest Linds, I will be back shortly to let you know what the doctor officer say.”


    Catherine walks out of Lindsey room and head to the master bedroom. She pick up the cordless phone and call the doctor right away. Meanwhile Lindsey is laying on her bed and has pulled the cover up because she is cold. A few minutes later Catherine walks into her daughters’ bedroom and over to Lindsey bed.

    “Coughing what did the doctor say?”

    “I am to bring you in right away. I am going to go get ready and then we will leave for the doctor office.”

    “ok, Mom.”

    Catherine walks out of Lindsey’s bedroom and head to her bedroom. Three minutes later Catherine walks into the living room wearing a pair of black jeans and a red blouse and puts her black dress boots on. Then Lindsey and Catherine leave the house and Catherine drives Lindsey to the doctor officer. An hour later Lindsey walks out of the examined room in her doctors’ office and walks into the waiting room where her mom is waiting for her. Catherine sees Lindsey walks toward her coughing into her right hand and knows that her daughter is tired by just look at her and can tell that Lindsey has starts to feel worse and her cough has got worse too.

    “What did Dr. Pop say Linds?”

    “That I have tonsillitis and he think coughing because of having morning sickness and get sick so much because of the morning sickness that it made my tonsils coughing become infect and swell up. He writes me a prescribing for two of Z packs. He tells me two pick them up right away coughing.”

    “That is fine, we will go get the prescribing filled right away.”

    Catherine and Lindsey walk out of the Doctors’ office and over to Catherine’s SUV and then Catherine drives to the drug’s store to get Lindsey prescribing filled. There are at the drug store for twenty minute. On the way home Lindsey take her first dose from the Z packs, which is two pills and is drinking a bottle of Sprite. Once home Lindsey and Catherine sit on the couch watching movies and for lunch Catherine makes then some chicken noddle soup to eat, the two of them spent the afternoon rest and watching movies until Kevin gets home from school and he has Lindsey homework from her classes.
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    Chapter seven: return to school and work
    Catherine walks into the kitchen Tuesday morning to see that Kevin and Lindsey are sitting at the kitchen table and are eating breakfast, Lindsey is wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and pink long sleeve shirt and Kevin is wearing wide leg black jeans and a blue polo shirt. Catherine walks up behind her Lindsey’s and Catherine put her right hand onto Lindsey’s forehead, which feels warm to the touch. Catherine takes her hand off Lindsey’s forehead and walks up beside Lindsey with her hands on her hips.

    “Linds where do you think you are going, you are still run a fever?”

    “Coughing, School mom.”

    “You need to take it easy until the fever break and the z-pack start to work. Lindsey’s you have to think about more then yourself now. You have to think about the health of the babies too.”

    Lindsey put the spoon down in her bowl of cereal and start hold her throat with her right hand, as she looks at her mom.

    “mom I have tests coughing in history, English, biology today coughing that I can’t miss!”

    “You can take a make up test Linds.”
    “Coughing my teachers don’t do make up tests, if you miss a test you get zero points for the test.”

    “Then you are going to have to take zeros for the three test Linds!”

    “Coughing I can’t I need to get good grades because I already miss tests in these classes the day I came home from school to take an early pregnancy test.”

    “If I knew that you had tests that day I would have made you stay in school, you can go to school today. You have Biology second hour, history third hour and English four hour right?”


    “But I want you to go to the nurse and get a pass to come home sick after English class is over ok and I want you to sit out of gym.”

    “I was planing coughing on sit out coughing of gym anywhere, we are play soccer in gym class right now, I do not think I could play coughing without get winding.”

    “I want you to take some Tylenol cold and flu it will help bring your fever down; because it feels like your fever has gone up since last night and it will also help keep you from coughing so much.”

    “Can I take Tylenol, since I’m pregnant?”
    “Yes and take some cough drops to school with you.”

    “Ok mom coughing.”

    Lindsey finish eat, as Catherine goes to get her daughter some Tylenol cold and flu and grab and a bag of cough drop. A minutes later Lindsey take the Tylenol cold and flu and puts a cough drop into her moth. Lindsey then put the bag of cough drop into her backpack, then Lindsey and Kevin head outside to catch the bus. Ten minutes later on the bus Lindsey and Kevin are sitting on the eight seats in the row behind the bus driver. Lindsey lay her head on Kevin’s left shoulder and close her eyes. Kevin feels Lindsey’s forehead and look down at his pregnant girlfriend and see Lindsey is holding her throat.

    “You know your mom was right Linds you should have stayed home.”

    “Don’t start with me coughing Kevin’s I am not in the mood and I feel awful.”

    “That would because you are burning up and you tonsils are still really swell because you have not been on the Z-pack long enough for it to stay working.”

    “I know that I am burning up, I check my temperature coughing when I get up and I was running a fever of hundred and three point nine degree Fahrenheit.”

    “You are so going home after you finish your English test Linds.”

    “My Mom side coughing to come home at the end of four hour.”

    “Go up to the teacher as soon as you finish your test and ask for a pass to go to the nurse, by then you will be ready to go to sleep.”

    “I already want to go back to bed.”

    “You will be lucky if the gym teacher does not send you to the nurse, when she sees how you look and sound.”

    “Can I just rest until we get to school?”

    “Sure Linds.”

    The two of them stop talking and Lindsey falls to sleep during the bus ride to school, Kevin wakes up Lindsey as the bus pull into the high school parking lot. The two of them stand up when the bus comes to a stop and then get off the bus. Lindsey and Kevin slowly walk into the high school and then the two of them go to they locker and put away the textbooks and notebooks they do not need. Then Kevin makes sure Lindsey get to her gym class and is rest comfortable on a bleacher, before head to the boys gym for his gym class, which he also has to sit out off, because of his knee. Lindsey sleep through gym class and her friend Beth wake her up at the end of gym class and then the two girls head to Biology and as they are walking to class Beth can tell that Lindsey should not be at school because she looks flush, tried, coughing a holding her throat with her right hand.

    “Lindsey go see the school nurse and go home sick.”

    “I coughing will after the English test.”

    The teenage girls have reach the Biology class room and head into the class room. Once Lindsey has taken a seat, she gets a cough drop out of her backpack and then unwrap the cough drop and put the cough drop into her mouth. When the bell for class to start rings, the teacher passes out the tests. Lindsey starts the test right away and as she taking the test she is thinking between having tonsillitis, which is making me run a fever along with having a really sore throat, a cough and morning sickness I feel awful and do not know how I am going to get good grades on the tests much less make it through fourth hour. Lindsey makes it through second hour and then start to walk to history class with Beth and Lindsey has her left hand on her forehead and try not to cough because her throat is very sore, but half way to class Lindsey morning sickness start acting up and she runs into the girls’ restroom and into the first stall. Lindsey makes it into the history classroom right as the bell for third hour rings. Lindsey sits down at the last desk in the row by the class door and gets a pen out of her backpack. Once she has a copy of the test Lindsey starts to take the test, as she coughs into her left hand. Once finishes the test Lindsey hand her copy of the test to the teacher who was walking by her desk and then lay her head down on the desk and wait for class to end. Lindsey then heads to English class and sees six essay questions on the chalkboard and that each student has to pick two of the essay questions and write the question onto a piece of paper and then answers the question. Lindsey walks over to the third row of desk and sits down at the third desk in the row, behind Kevin who is looking at her with a worried look and next to Beth. Lindsey smiles at her boyfriend and then get her history notebook out of her backpack and take a piece of paper out of the notebook. She put the notebook back into her backpack and get out a pen and a cough drop. When the bell for class to start rings, Lindsey and the rest of the class start the first essay question they choose to do. Lindsey’s pick the third and fifth essay question the third one is long and the fifth one is a short one, once Lindsey has finish take the test she stands up from the desk and grab her backpack and test and walks up to the teachers’ desk coughing into her left hand, the teacher who has long brown hair and brown eyes and is wearing a purple dress, is grading papers. Once at the teachers’ desk Lindsey hand the teacher the piece of paper with the two essay questions on it and then turn her head away from the teacher and cough into her right hand. Mrs. Weiss who as been listening to Lindsey coughing does not like the sound of the cough and does not like how flush Lindsey looks.

    “Can I help you Lindsey Willow?”

    “I feel awful coughing can I go see the nurse?”

    “I will write you a pass to go see the nurse, what should I say is wrong with you?”

    “That my tonsils are swelling and I have a sore throat, a cough and I am running a fever.”

    “How do you know that you are running a fever?”

    “Because I was coughing running one yesterday and this morning, I only come to school because of test in second hour coughing third hour and this class.”

    “You should have stay home Lindsey.”

    “I can’t afford to take zero coughing on my test, so I made my mom let me come to school.”

    Mrs. Weiss writes out the pass to the school nurse then hand the pass to Lindsey. Lindsey walks out of the classroom and closes the door behind her because students are still taking the test. Lindsey then heads to the nurse office. Once at the nurse office Lindsey take a seat in the chair by the nurse desk and wait to be seen, because the nurse is already taking a ninth grade boy temperature. Lindsey walks through the front door of her mom house doing the middle of four hour. Catherine stands up from the couch and walks over to Lindsey. Catherine does not like how flush her daughter look and Catherine put her right hand onto Lindsey’s forehead, which feel very warm to Catherine hand.
    “Did you get your English test done because there is still a half hour left in that class?”

    “Yes we just had to choose coughing two essay questions out of the six choices coughing and answers both of them. I did the third coughing and fifth one and I was done I take my test up to Mrs. Weiss and coughing asked for a pass to see the school nurse.”

    “I want you to go lay down on your bed, I will come into your bedroom in a minute to check you temperature.”

    “The nurse check it before she would write me out a pass coughing to go home and I was run a fever of hundred and four point one degrees Fahrenheit.”

    “I want you to go take takes two Tylenol. Then I want you to take a cool shower and after the shower change into you Pajama.”

    “Ok mom, coughing.”
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    Lindsey goes upstairs and into the main bathroom on the second floor. Once in the bathroom Lindsey open up the white medicine cabinet that is above the sink that is inset into white quartz and the quartz is sitting on a black cabinet, which is right after the door and on the right-hand wall if standing in the bathroom door. The white toilet is after the sink on the left side if stand in front of the sink and looking at the sink and toilet, the bathtubs and shower combination that have white quartz subway tiles on the walls, is after the toilet and up against the wall against from the bathroom door. Lindsey takes the bottle of Tylenol off the first shelf of the medicine cabinet and open up the bottle. She pours out two pills and then take the Tylenol. Lindsey goes into her bedroom and grabs her pink pajama and then head back into the bathroom to takes a cool shower. Thirty-eight minutes later Catherine walks into her daughters’ bedroom and see Lindsey laying in bed with the bedspread pulled all the way up. Catherine put the thermometer into Lindsey mouth and thirty second later the digital thermometer beep. Catherine takes the thermometer out of Lindsey’s mouth and looks at the digital display.

    “Your fever has gone down, it seems like the shower and the Tylenol must have starts to work.”

    “Coughing what is my temperature now mom?”

    “It is a hundred and two point one degrees Fahrenheit Linds.”

    “I am cold.”

    “Do you want me to get you an extra blanket?”


    Catherine set the thermometer on the nightstand and then leave Lindsey’s bedroom and goes and gets an extra blanket out of the closet in the Laundry room. A few minutes later Catherine walks into Lindsey’s bedroom, which has lavender walls and Catherine walks over to the bed, which white cast iron headboard in up against the right-hand wall if standing in the bedroom door. Catherine lays the blanket on top of Lindsey thin lavender bedspreads.

    “Is that better Linds?”

    “Yes mom, thanks.”

    “Try and get some sleep, I will wake you up for dinner and see how you are feeling and if you want me to stay home from work tonight I will.”

    “Coughing no moms you need to go to work tonight you miss enough days already.”

    “Linds, I can miss another day of work. Let just see how you are feeling this evening!”

    “Ok, coughing, because it you ask, coughing this sec I will say coughing stay home with me.”

    “Get some rest now.”

    Catherine’s lean down and kiss Lindsey on the forehead. Then Catherine walks over to the bedroom door and flip the light switch that on the left side of the door, if looking at the door and turns off the bedroom over head light. Catherine then walks out of Lindsey’s bedroom and closes the door behind her. Catherine goes into her own bedroom to take a nap, so she won’t be exhausted if she does go into work that night. Once in her bedroom Catherine lay down on her bed and pull the bedspread up and then set her alarm clock. Catherine wakes up at 5:30p.m. when her alarm clock beep at her. She gets out of bed and head downstair and walks past the staircase that is in the living room and the other side of the room across from the front door and walk into a hallway that has a door on the right-hand side which is to a half bath and a door on the left-hand side that leads into the downstair bedroom that has a connected bathroom, but right now the bedroom is Catherine office. Catherine walks past the half bath and the bedroom and into the kitchen and starts make Egg drop soup for dinner. The dinning room is through the doorway on the right side of the kitchen and the laundry room, which is a small room off the back of the house, is through the doorway on the left-hand wall if standing in the kitchen door way. After Catherine has the soup going, she hands Kevin the spoon to keep stirring it, so she can go wake Lindsey up for dinner and check on her daughter. Catherine walks out of the kitchen and head to the staircase. A minute later Catherine opens up Lindsey bedroom door and then walks up to Lindsey’s bed. Catherine walks over to her daughter bed and feel Lindsey’s forehead and is relieved to see that Lindsey fever has finally break. Catherine light shakes Lindsey on the shoulders and start talking to her.

    “Lindsey wake up dinner is almost ready!”

    Lindsey sits up in her bed and start rubbing her eyes and is trying not to coughing, because she does not want her throat to start hurting like it was before laying down and taking the nap.

    “Ahem what are we have for dinner?”

    “Egg drop soup, how are you feel Linds?”
    “Ok my throat still hurt a little, but better then this morning or when I come home for school.”

    “Your fevers finally break.”

    “Good, maybe I been able to stay awake long enough this evening to get some school work done coughing.”

    “That would be a good idea seeing that you have yesterday homework and today homework to do. Kevin brought your math and Family planing homework home and your English homework home since you left class before the teacher passed out to the homework to the class.”

    Lindsey gets out of bed and put on her pink robe that has frogs on it and ties the robe closed. Then Catherine and Lindsey walk out of Lindsey’s bed and head downstair. Then Lindsey and Catherine walk to the kitchen. Lindsey and Kevin sit down at the kitchen table and Catherine fills three bowls up with soup and give one of the bowls to Lindsey, then hand Kevin his bowl and lastly Catherine sits down at the table with her bowl of soup.

    “So Linds, do you want me to stay home from work tonight?”

    “You can go to work mom, Kevin will be here if I need anything.”

    “Ok, But I want you to take your temperature before you go to bed at 11:30pm and call me and tell me if you temperature is still normal or if your fever has come back!”

    “Ok mom, I will.”

    “I want to start your homework after dinner, but if you cannot get all of your homework finish, do not push yourself, I still want you to take it easy and get lots of rest tonight and drink lots of water.

    “Yes mom, coughing.”
    “She does sound better, that the first time I hear her cough since I get home from school.”

    “I think the Z-pack is starting to work.”

    (Catherine and Kevin) That good Linds.”

    The three of them stop talking and finish eating. After Dinner Lindsey and Kevin go into the living room to work on homework and Catherine put the left over egg drop soup in a Gladlocker storage bowl and put the dirty dish in the dishwasher. An hour later Catherine driver Kevin to his physical therapy appointment and Catherine brings Kevin back home after his physical therapy appointment and take short nap before having to head into work. Catherine wakes up to her alarm clock buzz in her ears. She gets out of bed and changes out of the jeans and tee shirt she is wearing into work clothing, then redoes her hair and brushes her tooth. A Few minutes later Catherine walk into the living room and up to Lindsey. Lindsey look up at her mom and see that her mom is now wear black dress pants and a black long sleeve blouse.”

    “Linds, how are you feel?”

    “Ok, I am tire but fine, now leave for work before you are late.”

    “ I am all ready running late, but remember to call at 11:30 and let me know if you fever has come back.”

    “Yes mom.”

    Catherine grabs her purse and then leave the house to go to work. Catherine gets to the crime lab at the sometime as Greg, Warrick and Nick does and the four of them head into the crime lab and head to the break room together. When Nick, Warrick, Greg and Catherine walk into the break room the three of them see Sofia asleep on the break room couch and notice Sofia is sweat badly and is also shivering, despite having a blanket cover her. But the four of them just sit down at the table because they do not have the heart to wake her up, so they let her sleep see that Gil or Sara is not there yet and Sofia is filling in for Ecklie why he on his leave of absents, so she does not have to go out in the field as a detective or a CSI in lest she is needed. Her main job right now is to over see the CSI and make sure they are doing their job and Nick, Warrick, Catherine and Greg know Sofia has been pull in over time because she been filling in for them while they were out sick. Nick, Warrick, Catherine and Greg look at the clock on the break room wall to see what the time is and at the same time Gil and Sara walk into the break room and look over at Sofia who is sleep on the couch and then look at Greg, Warrick, Nick and Catherine, as they sit at the table. Gil set the assignment sheet on the table, then start to talk.

    “Nice to have my whole team back at work, how are you all feeling?”

    “A hundred percent better Grissom.”

    “That is good to know Nick, what about you Greg?”

    “Better, I am still a little weak.”

    “Has your doctor clear you to come back to work?”


    “Warrick how are you feeling?”

    “Ok Grissom, but I’m still tired and weak.”

    “Did you doctor clear you to be back at work?”
    “Yes, he tells me to take a break when I need them.”

    “That is fine Warrick and Greg I want you to take breaks to if your feel you need them too.”

    “Ok Grissom.”

    Gil looks at Nick, Warrick and Greg and see that Nick does look like well and well resting too, but can tell that Warrick and Greg still look tired and not a hundred percent yet. Gil then looks at Catherine and see she still looks tired.

    “How are you feeling Catherine?”

    “A lot better, but I am still wear out easy though.”

    “As I tell Warrick and Greg if you need a break take it, the same goes for you Nick.”
    “Thank Grissom, but I should not need any break, beside short one to use the men room and get a drink of pop or water. And should we wake Sofia and sent her home Gil because she looks unwell?”

    “No, let her sleep and she is here because her apartment building caught fire this evening, so she has no place to stay right now.”
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    Everyone look over at Sofia, but Greg who has been dating Sofia is thinking where did she not get a hotel room or call him to pick her up, he would have let her stay at his place. Greg looks at Gil Grissom with a worried look on his face and start to talk.

    “Sofia could get a hotel room Grissom!”

    “With all the conferences going on right now, there is limited hotel left. In addition everyone else that live in that building needs a place to stay right now too and Sofia was going to get a hotel room but they were only one room left at the Palm and her next door neighbor that are an elder couple has no family in town to stay with, so she let them have the room.”

    Nick who starts looking at the sheet of paper, which is in front Gil Grissom, clear his throat and Gil Grissom who sitting at the end of the table with his back to the door of the break room, turns his head and look over at Nick that is sitting on his left side.

    “Can we have our assignments now?”

    “That would be 402 Fire at Sofia’s apartment building, the whole team is working the case, so go get your crime scene kit and meet out at the SUV in five minute.”
    “Do we know where the fire start Grissom?”

    “Yes Greg, the fire start in the seat area by the front door.”

    The CSI all gets they crime scene kits and then meet outside at the first crime lab SUV and puts they crime scene kits into the first two SUV. Sara gets behind the wheel of the first SUV, Gil open the passengers’ door and gets into the first SUV and Catherine gets into the back of the SUV. Nick, Greg and Warrick who put they crime kits in the second SUV walks around to the doors of the SUV and Nick gets behind the wheel. Greg gets into the back and Warrick open the passengers’ door of the SUV and then get into the SUV. Once at Sofia apartment building Gil, Sara, Catherine, Nick, Warrick and Greg walk up to the doors and then the six of them walk into the building. Jim Brass walks over to the CSI and has a concern look on his face.

    “Gil how is Sofia doing?”

    “She was sleep on the break room couch when we left the crime lab, but it does not look like she is doing well, she was sweat really badly and shivering at the sometime.”

    “It is good to see y’all feeling better and back at work.”

    Sara who has been looking around the entrance area of the apartment building, looks at Jim Brass and then start to talk.

    “Did anyone die?”

    “Two people, a female and man and they were an elder couple that could not get down the stairs fast enough and inhaled too much smoke.”

    “How more people were injury?”

    “Nick only one, her knee went out going down the stairs, Sofia was walking down the stairs at the sometime and helps her up from the stair she was sitting on. Then Sofia helps the young lady get out of the building and across the street to safety.

    “That was nice of Sofia, seeing that she is sick.”

    “Yes it was Greg, It was her neighbor that lives in the apartment on the left-hand side of her and she is a college student on Las Vegas University gymnastics team.”

    “Did Sofia wake up when she smells the smoke Jim?”

    “No Catherine, Sofia elder neighbor Mr. and Mrs. Clue who live in the apartment on the right-hand side of Sofia know where she keeps her spare key. Mrs. Clue saw her came home for work early sick the day before, so she gets Sofia spare key out from the hide spot and opens up Sofia door and went into the apartment and wakes Sofia up and let her know they had to get out of the building because of a fire.”

    “Would that be the elder couple she let have the last room at the Palms?”

    “Yes it would, Warrick.”

    “Sara, Greg, Warrick, Catherine and Nick let get to work to prove if this fire was arson or if it was because of old wire or something else along these lines.”

    “(Sara, Nick, Warrick, Catherine and Nick) sure Grissom.”

    The CSI gets to work on going through the burn items and processing the scene. Catherine start going through items in the burn trash can that is in the seat area where the fires start and several minutes later Catherine’s cellphone start ringing and she knows by the ring tone it is Lindsey calling. Catherine pulls the cellphone off her hip, then flip the cellphone open.

    “Hi, Lindsey”
    “I’m calling to let you know if my fevers stay down or if it went back up!”

    Did your fever go up or stay down?”

    “The thermometer coughing says my fever is now ninety-nine point nine degrees Fahrenheit and my throat has starts to hurt more, so I take some Tylenol.”

    “You do the right thing Linds. Now go get some sleep.”

    “Ok mom, I love you.”
    “I love you too.’

    Catherine’s flip her cellphone shut and then puts the cellphone back on her hip. Sara who is working beside Catherine look over at her co-worker with a worried look on her face because she know Lindsey has been sick.

    “Dis Lindsey fevers stay down Cath?”

    “It went back up a little, her fever is now ninety-nine point nine degrees Fahrenheit and her throat so start hurt again, so she took some Tylenol and is going to go to bed for the night.”

    “Poor Lindsey getting Tonsillitis while pregnant, it is no funny being sick when you are pregnant.”

    “I am just happy she did not catch the flu and stomach flu from me.”

    “Let hope she gets over tonsilitis and stay health the rest of the pregnancy.”

    “That would be great if Lindsay could start health the rest of the pregnancy, Sara.

    Sara and Catherine get back to work, because the two of them notice that Gil Grissom is looking at that. It takes Greg, Warrick, Nick, Sara, Catherine, Gil three hours to processes the apartment building. Nick, Warrick and Greg put evidences into the back of the SUV they come into, as Sara, Catherine and Gil put evidence into the SUV they come in and five minutes later the six of them are heading back to the crime lab. Once back at the lab Nick, Sara, Warrick, Greg and Gil check the evidence in and Catherine goes to the break room to see how Sofia is doing. Catherine walks into the break room to see Sofia sit up on the couch and throwing up into the break room trash can that she had pull over to the couch, Catherine then sees Hodges heat up his dinner in the microwave. Catherine walks over to the microwave and take Hodges food out of the microwave and hand it to him.

    “Catherine’s my meal is not done heat up yet!”

    “Do you have any feeling at all Hodges, can’t you see that Sofia has the flu and stomach flu that is going around and the smell is make Sofia sick to her stomach?”

    “Of cause I can, but I am hunger.”

    “Then leave the lab and driver too in an out burger, now take this gladwear bowl and throw what is in out in the trace lab.”
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    Hodges takes the bowl and stump out of the break room. Catherine goes over to the sink and pick up two clan towel and wet both of them down with cool water. Catherine then walks over to the couch and kneels down next to Sofia, who has lays back down. Catherine wipes Sofia face off with one of the wet towel and then folds the other towel in half and set it on Sofia’s Forehead. Sofia open up her eyes, then look at Catherine and give her a small smile.

    “Thank you Catherine for tell Hodges off and wipe my face off coughing and for on put a cool towel on my forehead.”

    “You are welcome. My motherly sides take over. Do you want me to put a new bag in the trash can?”


    Catherine stands up and goes and gets a new trash bag and from under the sink. Catherine then walks over to the trash can and take the old bag out and ties it close. Then Catherine put a new bag into the trash can and takes the bag of trash out to the dumpster. At the same time Sofia close her eyes and goes back to sleep. Ten minute later Catherine walks into Gil Grissom Office and over to the chairs in front of his desk. Catherine sits down on the chair on the right, if your back is to the officer door and gives Gil Grissom and worried look.

    “Gil I worry about Sofia, she burning up and can’t keep anything down. Do you know how long has Sofia been like this?”

    “Let see she went home early from Saturday Shift, because she said she was having really bad cramps and was tired. She comes in to work Sunday night and look really flush and would not eat anything at Jack Dinner when Sara, I and her want to get breakfast after working a crime scene all night, all she got was a glass of water, but she just sips at it and then went home after we get back to the crime lab because she had a sore throat, runny nose, headache, upset stomach, could not keep food down, was achy all over and exhausted. Sofia was on call yesterday and I had to call her in because it was a very busy night. But she spent most of the time in the bathroom, because she had to keep going to the bathroom and she kept throwing up in the trash can as she was using the bathroom. So Sara drive her home.”

    “I think one of us should take her to the ER to get check out and have her put on an IV to get fluids into her and medicine to reduce that fever she has. It has to be at lest a hundred and four point nine degrees Fahrenheit.”

    At the same time Hodges comes into Gil office pull Sofia with him. Sofia drops down into the chair next to Catherine. Both Gil, Catherine and Sofia laugh when they look at Hodges who is pointed at his T-shirt.

    “Gil look what Sofia did to my shirt, when I was in the break room heat my dinner up!”

    “It looks like she threw up on you!”

    “She did Gil!”

    “I tell you not to heat your dinner up in the break room and to go out and get something to eat. “

    “I want to eat what I bring from home Catherine!”

    “Hodges you know Sofia has the flu and stomach flu and is rest in the break room until she feeling up to drive to her Mom and Dad or to the shift ends and one of us can take her back to are place to stay at or driver Sofia out to her Mom and Dad place.”
    “Coughing I ask you to leave, I would have not got sick on you Hodges if you do not step in front of the trash can and starts tell me that I had no right to ask you to take your food out of the break room. Like you could not tell that I need to throw up, I had my hand over my mouth when you walk in front of the trash can Hodges.”

    Gil Grissom and Catherine are trying not to laugh at Hodges who is still pointed at his shirt and giving Sofia an evil look. Sofia on the other hand has her eyes shut and her right hand on her forehead. Catherine looks over at Sofia, as Gil takes a deep breath and then he starts to talk.

    “Hodges go home to take a shower and change your clothing and eat something there. Then come back and do your job.”


    Hodges stumps out of Gil office and then walks out of the crime lab and to his car in the parking lot. A minute later Hodges pull his car out of the parking lot and start driver home. Meanwhile back in Gil office Sofia grab the trash can and pull it over to her and start throwing up into the trash can. When Sofia stop throwing up, she leans back in the chair and closes her eyes. Catherine looks at Sofia and her mother instincts again.

    “Have you taken your temperature in the last couple of hours Sofia?”

    “Yes Catherine, Dr. Lee had just finish take my temperature and was put a new cool towel on my forehead when Hodges comes into the break room. Dr. Lee left the break room right as Hodges put his food in the microwave.”

    “How high was your fever Sofia?”

    “A hundred and four point nine degrees Fahrenheit coughing, Ah-choo.”

    “Bless you Sofia and Catherine’s I want you to take Sofia to the ER and have her look at.”

    “I really think that a good idea Grissom Ah-choo.”

    Gil pull a tissue out of the box of tissues on his desk and hand the tissue to Sofia. Sofia blow her nose and then throw the used tissue into the trash can. Catherine stand up and walk up to Sofia and then helps Sofia up from the chair and then the two of them walk out of Gil’s office and to the parking lot. Once outside Sofia stop walking and start coughing into her right hand. Catherine stop beside her co-worker and see that Sofia leg are shake badly, Catherine put her left arm around Sofia and when Sofia stop coughing, Catherine help Sofia walk out to her SUV. Once at Catherine’s SUV, Catherine open up the passenger door and then help Sofia into the passenger seat. Sofia put her seatbelt on as Catherine walks over to the drive side of the SUV and then get into the SUV and a minute later Catherine is take Sofia to the ER.
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    Chapter eight: Penbreak Case
    It has been four hours and fifteen minutes since Catherine take Sofia to the ER and Gil, Sara, Warrick, Nick and Greg were starts to get worry because Catherine has not come back yet and no one has heard from Catherine either and the night shift only has two hours left.

    “Gil what hospital was Catherine takes her to?”

    “Desert Palm Hospital ER, Sara.”

    “I am going to drive out there and check on them.”

    “I am sure, we will hear something soon Sara.”

    “We all sure get busy working on the Sofia building case.”

    Greg who as been reading a report looks up at his co-workers and give then a smile.

    “No the case is closed here the report.”

    Greg hold the report to Sara who is sitting across from him and Sara start to read from the report out loud so everyone can hear what the report says.

    “The fire was cause by an electrical fire in the wall.”

    At the same time Gil cellphone start ringing, Gil takes the cellphone off his hip and then flips the cellphone open when he sees it is Catherine cellphone number and hit speaker phone button.

    “Gil here.”

    “Sorry it has take so long for me to call and let you know what is going on.”

    “I have you on speck phone and we all want to know how Sofia doing?”

    “I am actually on my way back to the lab with her right now. They put her on an IV for the past four to give her fluids and medicine to reduce the fever, along with running some blood work. The blood work has come back saying that Sofia has a really bad cause of the flu and stomach flu.”

    “Shouldn’t the doctor have admitted her into the hospital?”

    “Sara, the doctor and I both try to talk Sofia into be admitting, but she refused to allow the doctor to admit her into the hospital.

    “Gil, we have the space at our house, let have Sofia come stay with us until she feels better enough to search for a new place to live.”

    “I am fine with that Sara.”
    “Thank you Sara and Gil, that is really nice of you coughing.”

    “Sara and I will meet you and Sofia in the parking lot when you get here and we will take Sofia to our place right away.”

    “Thank you that sound really nice ah-choo.”

    “(Sara and Gil) Bless you and you are welcome Sofia.”

    “Nick did you find out what cause Sofia apartment build to catch fire?”

    “Yes there wan an electrical fire in the wall and the case is closed.”
    “I am two minute from the lab, so I am going hang up, we see y’all when we get there

    “(Everyone) See you.
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    Warrick, Nick, Greg, Sara and Gil stand up and head to the locker room and get their things and then walk to the main lab and then head outside and to the parking lot. Catherine pulls her SUV into the parking lot and pull into the spot by Sara’s kia sportage. Gil help Sofia out of Catherine passenger seat and help Sofia gets into the passenger seat of SUV. Gil then gets into the back seat and Sara gets behind the wheel. The three of them put they seat belts on and a minute later Sara put the SUV into driver pull out of the parking space. A minute and half later Sara is driving home and Catherine is following behind in her SUV seeing she lives on the same street as Gil and Sara. Sara pulls the SUV into the attached garage of her and Gil house and once the SUV is parked and turned off Gil gets out of the SUV. He close the back door and then open up the massager door and then help Sofia out of the SUV and toward the door in the garage, which lead into the house. He then helps Sofia inside the house and upstairs to the guests’ bedroom and Sara is right behind them carry Sofia stuff.

    “I take it the two empty bedrooms close to the master bedroom are going to be the babies’ room Sara?”

    By now the three of them have walked into the guests’ bathroom and Gil Grissom is pointed at a door.

    “The bedroom has a connected bathroom.”

    “Coughing I see. I see you turn the bedroom across from this room into an office.”

    “Gil and Sara) yes.

    Sofia: I going to take a fast shower and then I am going lay down now and get some sleep because I am tired.”

    “(Sara and Gil) that is fine, if you need anything just let us know.”

    “Can I borrow a nightshirt and pajama pant Sara, because what I am wearing are dirty from the fire?”

    “Sure I will go get a nightshirt and pajama pants for you right now and bring them into you, there is towels in the bathroom all ready.”

    “Thanks for let me know, just put the nightshirt and pant onto the bed. I going to head into the bathroom and get into coughing the shower.”

    “All right.”

    Sara and Gil walk out of the guests’ bedroom and head to the master bedroom, as the same time Sofia walks into the bathroom connected to the guest room.
    Meanwhile next door at Catherine’s house, to a note on the coffee table, Catherine is sitting on the couch reading the note from Lindsey that say I went to school and so did Kevin. I did not have a fever when she wakes up that morning and feel better. I will see you when we get home from school at three o’clock, love Lindsey. Catherine stands up from the couch and head upstairs to her bedroom. Then walks into the master bathroom to takes a shower, because she smells like smoke for the crime scene at Sofia apartment building that turn out not to be a crime scene at all. A half hour later Catherine walks out of the bathroom wearing a pair of gray sweatpant and oversized black nightshirt. Catherine lays down on her bed to get some sleep, because it had been a long night and she is exhaust. Catherine is so exhaust that she forgot to set her alarm clock and fall to see shortly after laying her head onto the pillows.
    Catherine wakes up when she hears Lindsey and Kevin walk through the door of the house when they get home from school. Catherine gets out of bed and then walks out of her bedroom and over to the staircase. She walks downstairs and into the living room, to see the two teenage stands behind the couch and Lindsey stare at Kevin. Then Catherine notices a white gold ring that has a pink sapphire cut in a shape of a heart with a low pong sitting in the center of the ring and inset into the band of the ring in a pattern of diamonds then pink sapphire, which goes around the whole band and the ring is on Lindsey’s left ring finger. Catherine walks up next to Lindsey and notice that Lindsey is wearing a dark jean skirt and pink blouse and Kevin is wearing a pair of black pant and blue polo shirt.

    “Linds is there something you need to tell me about?”

    “Kevin asks me to marry him and I say yes mom.”
    “He what?”

    “He asks me to marry him.”

    “That what I thought you said.”

    “I just need you to sign this form say that you will allow me to get marry.”
    “What about Kevin did his parents sign the form?”


    Lindsey hold out the form and Catherine takes the form from Lindsey and read it through and then sing it and hand the form back to Lindsey, who still has a huge smile on her face.

    “I will let you marry Kevin, but Lindsey’s I want the two of you to live here with me.”

    “I am fine with that mom.”

    “I am fine with that too, But can my sister move in here to she needs some place to stay or the hospital won’t release her and she is ready to come home?”

    “Yes, we can turn my office that is downstairs into her bedroom and it has a full bathroom attached to the room.”

    “Thank you
    “It is no big deal and beside she is the aunt of my grandchildren.”
    “Do we have enough space?”

    “Yes Linds we have two guest rooms upstairs and once you and Kevin get marrying you will be sleep in the same room. So they will still be room enough for three babies, but two of the babies will have to share a room.”

    “Mom we want to get marry as soon as possible before I start to get to big.”

    “I understand that, is this weekend too soon?”

    (Kevin and Lindsey) No, that would be great.”

    “Let me get dress and then let go out to dinner.”

    (Kevin and Lindsey) Ok

    Catherine head upstairs and changes into a pair of dark gray dress pants and a pale pink blouse and then goes into the master bathroom and brush her tooth, then comb her hair. Ten minutes later Lindsey, Catherine and Kevin are at Gino pizza and are eating vegetables’ pizza. After finish dinner, Catherine head home to drop Kevin off at the house and then Lindsey and Catherine goes shopping to find Lindsey a dress to wear that weekend. Catherine and Lindsey go too bridal by Sara and Lindsey finds a white empire waist sun dress that has tiny pink rose on it after twenty minutes of looking, Lindsey goes to the fitting room and try the dress and I know she does not want to look at anymore dress because she is in love with the dress, so Catherine buys the dress for Lindsey to wear on her Saturday wedding. Ten minutes later Catherine and Lindsey walks out of bridal by Sara and head to Catherine SUV in the parking lot and twenty minute later Lindsey and Catherine walk into they house and Lindsey is carrying the dress bag that her dress is in. Catherine looks at her daughter and can tell that Lindsey is happy, but can tell Lindsey start to feel tired and her throat is sore too, because she start to sound hoarse in the bridal store and has been coughing too.
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    “Lindsey’s I want you to work on some homework tonight, but I want you to go to bed early and get a good night sleep.”

    Ahem ok, I think that I am going to take a nap for an hour or so. Then get up and do my homework coughing.”

    Catherine watch her daughter cough and notice that her face is a little red, Catherine place her right hand onto Lindsey’s forehead, which feel a little warm to the touch. Catherine take her hand off Lindsey’s forehead and give her daughter a worried look.
    “Yu are running a little warm. But that could just be because you been going all day without take a rest.”

    “Coughing, I know, do you think I should take some Tylenol?”

    “No not right now Linds you not run that hot, but take you temperature when you get up from you nap.”

    “Ok, yawning.”

    Lindsey walks over to the staircase and head upstairs. Lindsey then walks into her bedroom and put in her dress into the closet that is on the wall across from her bed. Lindsey then walks over to her bed and lay down on the bed and Lindsey pulls her bedspread up and goes right to sleep. Catherine watching tv until it is time for her to get ready for work and then Catherine goes upstairs and goes into her bed to fresh up a little seeing that she is all ready dress. A few minute later Catherine walk into Lindsey’s Bedroom and over to Lindsey’s bed. Catherine sits down on the edge of Lindsey’s bed and feel Lindsey’s forehead and is relieving to see that Lindsey is no long run warm, but at the same time Lindsey coughs in her sleep. Catherine take her hand off Lindsey’s forehead and Lindsey rolls onto her right side. Catherine let Lindsey sleep, because Lindsey look pale and would weather have Lindsey rest seeing that she is still sick. Catherine gets up from the bed and walks out of her daughters’ bedroom. Catherine goes downstairs and says good night to Kevin then leave for work. Fifteen minutes later Catherine walks into the crime lab and head to her office. She then sits down on her desk chair. Catherine knows she needs to meet Gil, Sara, Warrick, Nick and Greg in the break room for assignments, but she does not care. She is still trying to take in the news that Kevin and Lindsey gave her when they get home from school. Catherine is happy that Kevin and Lindsey are in love and they want to raise the babies together and are getting marrying. But she still feels that Lindsey is taking everything too fast, she only fifteen-year-old and will only turn sixteen a month and three weeks before the babies due date. Catherine looks up to see Sara standing at her office door. Catherine notices that Sara is wearing black dress pants and a red empire waist blouse.

    “You miss case assignment you are with me on a 417-Family Disturbance and 419 Dead Body.”

    “Sorry Sara, my mind somewhere else tonight.”

    “Lindsey not doing any better?”

    “She is doing better, but she and Kevin are getting marry on Saturday.”

    “She is only fifteen and not going to be sixteen until June 4.”
    “I know that and so do the two of them, but they want to be a family.”

    “Did you sign the form for her to get marry and do Kevin Mom and Dad Sign his form?”

    “Yes, How Sofia doing today?”

    “Ok, Helen has got here to eat some soup broth and she was able to keep it down. But her nose has started runny again and she still has a nasty cough and running a high fever though.”

    “That not good, we should get going.”

    Catherine stands up from the desk chair and then Catherine and Sara leave Catherine’s office and heads to the locker room to get they crime scene kits. Then the two of them head outside and to the parking lot and get into the third crime lab SUV and a few minutes later Sara is driving to the crime scene. When Sara and Catherine get to the crime scene, both of them get the crime scene kit out of the back of the SUV and then the two of then head inside the house that the crime happened in and the two of them see a woman sitting on the couch cover in blood and hold a hug knife and the knife is cover in blood. Jim Brass walks up to Catherine and Sara with a sad look on his face.

    “Her husband dead body is laying on the floor of the five-year-old daughters’ bedroom. Sara I want you to take the bedroom, the daughter is still sitting on her bed and I can’t get her to leave the room. I think maybe if you process the scene and talk to the little girl as you work, you could get her to talk or maybe come out of the room.”


    “Catherine’s I want you to process the Mother.”

    “Sure Jim.”

    Catherine walks over to the mother and Jim show Sara to the little girl room that is upstairs. When Sara walks into the little girl room and see the girl has brown eyes and dark brown hair that is shoulder length, Sara take a deep breathe and then set her crime scene kit on the floor. Sara open up her crime scene kit and get out a pair of latex gloves and is thinking I have seen crime scene like this before. Sara get her camera out of the kit and then start taking pictures of the father body. At the same time downstairs Catherine is taking pictures of the mother.

    Two hours later at P.D. Sara and Catherine are talk to the mother who stab her husband to death in front of they five-year-old daughter and Mrs. Penbreak is staring into space and Sara is stare at Mrs. Penbreak.

    “Why did you stab you husband in front of your daughter?
    “Because I could not take him abuse me or my daughter anymore Mrs. Willows.

    “So you Stab him twenty times in the heart in front if your five-year-old daughter.”

    “He was going too sexual assert her, Miss. Sidle.”
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    “So you take a huge knife and stab him, when you could have left with your doing the middle of the night. You do know that she now in shock and will not talk to anyone and she is sit and stare into space. By stab your husband to death you left her with no one to live with, since you or your husband had no other family and now she going to have to go into fosters care, do you know what happens to children in foster care”

    “No Miss. Sidle.”

    “(Yelling) let see some children are rape, some end up with breaking bones from physical abuse, they are not love and sometime the fostered parents have too many children and cannot give the children all the time they need. You screw up your daughter live and she will go back to school and will be call the girl that watched her mother stab her father to death right in front of her and you add the bad thing that could happen to her in foster care in addition to the abuse from her father and will never be able to put everything she was through, out of her mind and it will be with her for the rest of her live.”

    Mrs. Penbreak does not say anything, she just stare at Sara Sidle, who has cross her arm over her chest and is stare at Mrs. Penbreak with a very anger look on her face. Catherine looks over at Sara and then looks at Mrs. Penbreak, who now has a look of shock on her face. Catherine then look over at Jim Brass who is standing beside Mrs. Penbreak.

    “Jim Arrested her.

    Catherine stand up from the chair and then grab Sara left arm and pull her up from the chair. Then Catherine pull Sara out of the out of the room and through P.D. to the main door. Then Catherine pull Sara outside and over to the SUV in the parking lot. Catherine let go of Sara, who open up the passenger door of the SUV and gets into SUV and Catherine walks over to the driver side of the SUV and open up the door, then get into th SUV. Catherine then look over at Sara and know that what Sara see at the crime scene, seeing the five-year-old girl and the interview with Mrs. Penbreak has get to Sara.

    “Sara let go get something to eat and talk, I think it time we talk about what happened in your past that made you go off like that.”

    Catherine starts the SUV and a few moments later pulls out of the parking lot of P.D. five minutes later Catherine pulls the SUV into Jack Diner, Catherine pulls into a parking space by the door and a few moment later Sara and Catherine head inside and sits down at the normal table the CSI sits at when they come there. Catherine looks at Sara and sees that there are tears running down Sara face. Catherine who was sits across from Sara, stands up and walk to the other side of the table and sit down next to Sara.

    “Sara’s what happened in your childhood that cause you’re to be like this?”

    “I watched my mom stab my father to death in front of me in my bedroom at the age of twelve years old, a social worker came to take me away from the house and put me into fostering care and when I went back to school, I was known as the girl who watched their mother stabs her father to death. I was bounce around from one foster home to another foster home most of my preteen and teenage year, until I find one that let me stay until I finish high school and start at Harvard. In some of the home I was sexual abused, in some I was physical abuse. In one of the house I was sexual and physical abused. I was only loved by the fostered family I live from the time I was thirteen until I finished high school.”

    “I am so sorry Sara.”

    “After we eat can you take me back to the lab, so I can tell Grissom that I am going to take the rest of the night off?”

    “Do you want me to drop you off at home?”

    “Thank you that be nice, here are my SUV key hand then to Gil when you get back to the lab and will you clock me out?”


    Catherine and Sara eat they salad and once Catherine has pay for they meal, Sara and Catherine outside and walk over to the lab SUV. A minute later Catherine is driving Sara home. Catherine pulls into Sara and Gil driveway twenty minutes later and Sara get out of the SUV and start to walk to the front door. Catherine watch Sara until she walks through the front door of the house, then Catherine backs out of the drive way and head back to the crime lab. Meanwhile, Sara is upstairs in the master bathroom taking a shower and then she plan on take a nap. When Catherine gets back to the crime lab, she goes to the locker room and clock Sara out of work. The Catherine walks to Gil Grissom’s office and see the office door is open. Catherine walks into the office and up to Gil Grissom’s desk.

    “Where Sara at?”

    “The case we were work was too much like when her mother stab her father to death. She asks be to take home after we get something to eat, so I did. Her the keys to her suv and I already clock her out of worker.”
    “Ok and she told you about her mother.”

    “Yes and Know I understand her a lot better now.”
    “Catherine can you be in charge the rest of the night, I want to go home and be with Sara.”

    “Sure Gil.”

    Gil stands up from his desk chair and then walk out of his office and heads to the locker room to clock out of work. At the same time Catherine goes to her office, then work on the paperwork for the case her and Sara was working on and so she could close the case.
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    Chapter nine: Lindsey wedding day
    Saturday afternoon Lindsey who is in the dressing room of the wedding chapel is looking into a full length mirror at herself to see how she looks in the white empire waist sun dress that has tiny pink rose on it and comes to just below the knees in length. Lindsay’s start twirler around, so she can see the sun dress from all views. Lindsey stops twirler and look down at her stomach, which now has a very tiny bump that was not there a few weeks ago and smiles into the mirror, thinking I can’t believe this is really happening I am having triplets with Kevin and we are getting married today. Lindsey takes a deep breathe and then walks out of the door of the dressing room. Lindsey walks up to the door of the wedding room of the tiny wedding chapel and sees her mom sitting on the first chair in the front row on the right side of the alley and she is wearing a red strapless dress that just passes the knees in length and a pair of red high heel pumps. Lindsey also sees Katie sitting in her new wheelchair where the first chair would go in the first row on the left side of the alley. Lindsey who has not see Katie using her new TiLite aero z wheelchair notice that the wheelchair has a black backrest and seat with a violet stripe down the center of the backrest going from top to bottom and the backrest of the wheelchair is a little above the center of Katie back and there is a black feet rest. The wheelchair has black wheels. The push rings and the whole frame of the wheelchair is a dark purple. Lindsey notices that there are no armrests or push handles on the back of the wheelchair. At the same time here comes the bride start to play and Lindsey start walking down the alley. Lindsey notices that Katie is wearing a lavender dress that has cap sleeves, a scoop neckline and the dress just pass the knees in length and is wearing a pair of lavender high heel pumps. Lindsey sees that her boyfriend who is still using crutches, is wearing a pair of black suit pants, a white dress shirt, a black suit jacket, black sock and a pair of black dress shoes. When Lindsey reach Kevin, he takes his hands off of the hand grip of the crutches and takes Lindsey’s hands and the two of them smile at each other. Father Tom who is an elder men that is five feet nine, with hazel eyes and gray hair and dress in all black clear his throat. Catherine and Katie take they eyes off Lindsey and Kevin and look at Father Tom.

    “We are gather here today to join Lindsey Willows and Kevin Spring in marriage, is there anyone here that can see a reason they should not be marry speak now?”

    Father Tom stop talking and looks around the room, he first looks at Katie, then at Catherine Willows, then Father Tom look to the back of the room and at Mr. and Mrs. Spring who is sitting on the first and second chairs of the last row of chairs behind Katie and Katie and Kevin mom and dad are both wearing black. No one say anything so Father Tom start to talk again.

    “Kevin Springs do you take Lindsey Willows to be your wife?”

    “Yes I do.”

    “Lindsey Willows do you take Kevin Spring to be your husband?”

    “Yes I do.”

    Lindsey put a white gold wedding band onto Kevin’s left ring finger and then Kevin puts a white gold wedding band that has pink sapphire and diamonds inset into the band onto Lindsey’s left ring finger in front of the engagement ring and the wedding band matches the band of the engagement ring.

    “You may now kiss the bride now.”

    Kevin pull Lindsey close and then he warps his arm around her and the two of them start kisses each other. A few minutes later Kevin and Lindsey walk down the alley and out of the room. Catherine and Katie fellow Kevin and Lindsey’s down the alley and when Kevin and Lindsey reach the last row of chair they stop so Lindsay can talk to Kevin and Katie mom and dad.

    “Mr. and Mrs. Spring thank you for coming today.”

    “(Mr. and Mrs. Spring) Thank you for invited us Lindsey it was nice to see our son get married to you and enjoy your day.”

    Mr. and Mrs. Spring walk away from Lindsey, Catherine, Kevin and Katie and walk out of the wedding room. Lindsey goes to run after her father-in-law and mother-in-law but Kevin grab her hand and shake his head no. Lindsey, Kevin, Katie and Catherine stay in the wedding room for a few moments and then leave the wedding room and few minutes later the four of them are in Catherine’s SUV and Catherine is driving to the Sky Room restaurant to have an early dinner and celebrate Lindsey and Kevin wedding. Twelve minutes Lindsey, Kevin, Katie and Lindsey are sitting at the center table of the Sky Room restaurant and are waiting for they orders chicken parmesan.

    “Mom I wish that grandma could have been at the wedding.”

    “Me too Linds, but she on her annual cruise and could not get back in time because of short notices of the wedding. When she gets back in town, we will have grandma over and have a small wedding party to celebration Kevin and your wedding Lindsey.”

    “That sound fun mom.”

    A few minutes later the chicken parmesan gets brought over to the table and the four of them starts to eat, for dessert each of them orders a piece of Chocolate Cake. After they finish dinner Catherine drivers’ Lindsey, Kevin and Katie home and once at home Catherine goes upstairs to her bed to change out of the dress into pajama and then lays down to take a nap because she has to work that night. At the same time in the living room Lindsey and Kevin are sitting on the couch and have start looking through baby catalogs at nursery items and mark the stuff they want for the babies bedrooms. Katie is sitting at the Kitchen table and is work on her homework, so she can start caught up and can finish school on time with her class.
    That night when Catherine gets to the crime lab the first place she goes is to her office and put her purse in the bottom drawer and then Catherine lock the drawer. Catherine then looks at her desk and sees two notes, she picks up the first note to see that the note says that she in charge for the night because Gil Grissom was not able to make it into work. Catherine then read the second notes which just tell her Sofia would not be back to work until next Saturday. Catherine then notices the case assignments that are laying on the desk. She picks the case assignments up and then walks out of her office and head to the break room. Catherine walks into the break room and walks up to the table to see Sara, Greg, Nick and Warrick sitting at the table. Catherine set the assignments down on the table and looks at Sara.

    “Sara’s why is Gil not here tonight?”

    “He is wear out and has a migraine, so he called in sick.”

    “Just check. Nick, Greg, Warrick you are on 445 Explosive Device. Sara’s you are with me on a 415A assault or battery with a gun and 417 Family Disturbance.”

    “I max out on over time, so I can’t leave the lab tonight.”

    “Ok, then Greg you are with me tonight.”


    “Sara catch up on any paperwork because you are behind on!”


    With that Greg, Nick and Warrick stand up from the chairs they are sitting on and then Greg, Nick, Warrick and Catherine head out of the break room and go get they crime scene kits and then head out to the parking lot. Nick and Warrick get into the first suv one and Greg and Catherine gets into the second suv and then the four of them head out to they crime scenes. Catherine and Greg get to the crime scene and get they crime scene kit out of the back of the SUV and then follow Jim Brass into the house to see Mrs. Davis lay on the floor of the foyer with a gun shoot to the head. Catherine pulls her cellphone out and dials Sara cellphone number.

    “Sidle speaking”

    “Hi Sara can you look into seeing if a Mrs. Davis ever filed any charges against her Husband Mr., Davis?”

    “Sure I will get right on that and I will call you back as soon as I find anything out.”

    “Thank you.”

    Sara and Catherine flip they cellphone shut, Sara head to the computer lab and at the same time Catherine open up her crime scene kit and get out and pair of latex gloves. She puts on the gloves and then start helping Greg processes the scene. Catherine start processes the insides of the house and Greg is processes the outsides of the house. Greg and Catherine have been work for about an hour when Catherine cellphone start ring. Catherine takes the cellphone off her hip and see that it is Sara cellphone phone number on the cellphone ID. Catherine flips open the cellphone and takes the call.

    “Willows here.”

    “Catherine’s I looked into what you ask, Mrs. Davis filed five reports of physical abuse against her husband since September of 2006 and has a restrained order against him. Her husband cannot be within a three hundred yards of her or they son and daughter.”

    “Ok, Sara can you walk over to the coroners’ lab and get photos of Mrs. Davis body and any bruise and collect any evidence off the body.”
    “Sure I can do that, but are Mrs. Davis son and daughter ok?”

    “Yes, Jim Brass call Mrs. Heart (Mrs. Davis mom), they were stays at they grandma Heart house for the weekend because they mom was not feeling well.”


    “Sara’s I will talk to you when I get back to the lab.”

    “See you then.”

    Catherine flips her cellphone close and then put her cellphone back on her hip, which the cellphone holder is hook to the waist band of her black dress pant on the left side, since her SIG Sauer p220 is on the right side of the pants. Then Catherine walks over to Jim Brass and he looks at Catherine and notice that she looks happy and is wearing new dress pants and a new pink long sleeved blouse.

    “What do you need Catherine?”

    “Put a wire out on Mr. Davis car and have a uniform officer pick him up and bring him into P. D. He a suspect in his wife murder. She filed five reports of physical abuse against him in the last year and she has a restrained order against him.”

    “I will go out to my car and call that in right away.”
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    Jim Brass walks over to the front door and walks out of the house, at the same time Catherine walk up to the staircase that is across from the front down and then head upstairs to see if anything is missing for the second floor of the house. Meanwhile, at the crime lab Sara is walking into the coroners’ lab. Sara then walks over to the examined table that Mrs. Davis body lay on. Dr. Robbins walks up next to Sara, as she takes the pictures of the body. After taking the last picture of the body, Sara looks at Dr. Robbins.

    “Sara as you can see there is no evidence on the body that you can collect, but they are bruises all over her body. I have not got the bullet out yet, but when I have the bullets I will send them over to Bobby Dawson right away.”

    “The case of dead was the bullet to the head then?”

    “As far as I can tell yes, I will send my report over when I have the report finish.”

    “Sara is everything all right because you are really quiet tonight?”

    “I am just max out on over time and I can go out to the crime scene.”

    “It is more then that Sara!”

    “I am a little tire and worry about Gil, he called in sick tonight, he said he had a migraine, but he looks really pale when I went upstairs to say good bye and he would not let me kiss him.”

    “I am sure if he told you it was a migraine then that all it is Sara. Want to stay and help me with the autopsy?”

    “Sure, I have nothing else to do.”

    Dr. Robbins starts the autopsy and at the same time at the crime scene Greg walks into the house and Greg is holding an evidence bag with a gun in it. Catherine walks downstairs and over to Greg who standing in front of the front door. When Catherine reaches Greg hold up the evidence bag, so Catherine can look into the clear plastic bag at the gun.

    “I wonder if that gun was use to shoot Mrs. Davis?”
    “I find it lay on the step of the play house; which is not a save place to leave a load SIG Sauer p220 that is load with 9mm bullets.”

    “It is not a safe place for a gun.”

    “I test the gun for blood and it covers in blood and there are fingerprints on the gun too.”

    “The fingerprint are probable the husband fingerprints Greg.”

    “Are you almost done here, because I am finish outside.”

    “Yes, I am done in here let gathers the evidence up and load it into the back of the suv, then head back to the lab.”

    At the same time Greg cellphone start ringing, Greg takes the cellphone off his hip and looks at the call ID and sees it is Sara number. Greg flip his cellphone open and take the call.

    “Sanders here.”

    “The three bullets from the victim head look like they come from a 9mm, I am taken the bullets to Bobby Dawson right now to find out for sure.”

    “I find a SIG Sauer p220 9mm at the scene, that was cover in blood.”

    “Let see it match the bullets.”

    “I will bring the gun and bullets to Bobby when Catherine and I get back to the lab.”

    “I will meet you and Catherine in the parking lot to get the evidence and take the evidence inside and check into the lab, because you two need to go P.D. and talk to Mrs. Heart and the Divas daughter and son, they are already at P.D. waiting for you.”


    Greg flips his cellphone shut and put the cellphone back on his hip and then lets Catherine know what he learned from Sara. Catherine and Greg get back to the lab twenty minutes later and once Sara has all the evidences out of the SUV and is walking into the crime, Catherine backs out of the parking space and then drivers over to P.D.
    Once Catherine and Greg are at P.D. the two of them head into interrogative room one where Mrs. Heart and the Davis children Sephora (girl) and Stephan (boy) is waiting for them. Both Sephora and Stephan look up at Catherine and Greg when they enter the room. The first thing that the two CSI notices is that both of the Davis children has tears running down they face. Mrs. Heart put her left arm around Stephan and her right arm around Sephora to comfort them. Jim Brass clear his throat and Mrs. Heart and the two children looks at Jim Brass.

    “Mrs. Heart, Sephora and Stephan this is Catherine Willows and Greg Sander they are from the LVPD crime lab. Sephora and Stephan the two of them need to ask you a few questions about you mom and Dad relationship and Mrs. Heart the CSI have a few questions for you too.”

    Greg looks over at Catherine and she nods at Greg to give him the go ahead to start the interview with Mrs. Heart, Sephora and Stephan. Greg looks at Mrs. Heart and she looks at Greg.

    “Mrs. Heart’s what was your daughters’ relationship with her husband like?”

    “In the beginning it was love at first sight, the two of them could not get enough of each other. They were always kiss and hug each other and then the two of them get marrying after only dating for three months, because she find out she was pregnant with Sephora. Six months after the wedding they daughter was baby and a year later Stephan was born.”
    “How old are the children?”

    Sephora smiles at Catherine Willows and takes few deep breathe, then she start to talk to the female CSI.

    “I turn ten year old today and my brother turns nine tomorrow.”

    “Did your mom and dad fight a lot Sephora?”

    “Everyday Mr. Sander, dad was always getting mad over the little things and beat her up.”

    Greg look away from Sephora and at Stephan and he can tell that Stephan has something on his mind and that it could be important to the case.

    “Stephan do you have anything to add?”

    “Yes, Dad moved out of the house about three months ago, after moms find out she was pregnant again. She got a court order because she said it was not save for him to be around her, because he could hurt her or the unborn baby.”

    “Mrs. Heart did your Son in-law own a 9mm handgun?”

    “”Yes and he is a cap for LVPD.”
    Jim Brass looks at Catherine Willow and Greg Sander and runs his hands through his hair, as he starts to talk to the CSI.

    “That right he is and he did not show up at work today either.”

    “That all the questions Catherine Willows and I have for right now.”

    Catherine and Greg stand up from the chair they were sitting on and then walks out of the room. A minute later Greg is pulling the crime lab SUV out the parking lot Police Department and at the same time Catherine is calling Dr. Robbins to tell him to run a pregnancy test on Mrs. Davis. Dr. Robbins call Catherine back ten minutes later and she flip open her cellphone on the first ring and hits the speaker button on the cellphone.

    “Willows here.”

    “The pregnancy test is positive.”

    “Thank you for let me and Greg know.”

    Catherine flips her cellphone close as Greg pull into the crime lab parking lot and parks the SUV. The two of them get out of the SUV and then head into the crime lab and meet up with Sara in the break room. Sara who is sitting on the couch, looks up when Greg and Catherine walk into the room. Catherine and Greg walk over to the couch and sit down on the couch. Sara hands Greg and Catherine each a folder.

    “The husband has not been seen or hear from since his wife time of death. He has not been at work either and he is a Las Vegas police officer.”

    “Brass has a wire out on him and the car he drivers Sara.”

    “Catherine and Greg the gun found at the scene match the bullets from the wife body and the bullets Bobby test fire from the gun and the gun was register to the husband, the gun was his work gun. The blood on the gun belongs to his wife and the only fingerprints on the gun was his.”

    “Do you check out his officer file Sara?”

    “Yes Greg and there is several complain for use of unnecessary force and has been suspended from work a few times.”
    “Thank you Sara.”

    “You are welcome Catherine and do you mind if I take the rest of the night off, I been working too hard the past few weeks and could use a break to get some sleep?”

    “I do not mind go home. You need to take care of yourself, so that you and the babies stay healthy.”

    “Thank you.”

    Sara stands up from the couch and then walks out of the break room. Greg and Catherine watch Sara walk toward the locker room. Greg stands up from the couch and walks over to the break room snack machine to get a snack and at the same time Catherine stand up from the couch and then walks out of the break room and heads to her officer.
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    Chapter Ten: Bridesmaids dresses
    Sunday afternoon Catherine wakes up from her morning nap and changes into a pair of dark blue jean with boot cut legs and a long sleeved lavender shirt with a v-neckline. Catherine then goes into the master bathroom and brushes her tooth and then combs her hair and decides to wear her hair down. A few minutes later Catherine walks into the living room and sees that Sara sitting next to Lindsey on the couch. Catherine notice that Sara is wearing a black long sleeved shirt with a scoop neckline and Lindsey is wearing black long sleeved shirt that say Jefferson high school dance team on the front and a pair of light-blue jean with boot cut leg. Lindsey looks up at her mom and the two of them smile at each other.

    “Are you ready to go out and look for our bridesmaid dress and for Sara’s wedding, mom?”

    “Yes, but I have not eaten anything yet.”

    “We are going to stop and get some lunch afterwards.”

    “Ok Sara, then let go.”

    Sara and Lindsey stand up from the couch and then the three of them leave the house and head out to Sara SUV that is parked in Catherine’s driveway. Fifteen minutes later Sara, Catherine, and Lindsey are at Davis Bridal Shop looking for bridesmaids’ dresses for Catherine and Lindsey. Sara, Catherine and Lindsey are looking at different dresses, Lindsey who at a different rack of dresses walks over to her mom and Sara.

    “Sara what color is your dress?”

    “My dress is strapless white dress with a sweetheart neckline that has purple rose around the neckline and bottom trim of the dress and from the waist down it is losses flowing and there is a purple ribbon around the waist that tie at the back, so the dress can be losses or tighter.”

    “Your dress sound beautiful Sara.”

    “Thank you Lindsey and the dress is beautiful.”

    “What color of dress do you want us to wear?”

    “Catherine, I was thinking a light purple.”

    “There are some great light purple dresses on the rack that is on your right side Sara.”

    Sara, Catherine and Lindsey walk over there and start looking at the dresses. Lindsey takes one of the dress off of the rack and hold the dress up for Sara and her mom to see. The dress Lindsey shows her mom and Sara’s has spaghetti straps and is a light purple with dark purple rose on it. The dress also had a light purple ribbon around the waist so the dress could be ties lose or tight if need to be.

    “I love the dress Lindsey, do you and Catherine like it?”

    “(Lindsey and Catherine) I love the dress.”

    “Let go with this dress, Catherine and Lindsey try the dress on to find the size you need.”

    “Linds remember to buy you a few sizes big, so you have grown room.”

    Lindsey rolls her eyes at her mom and then grabs a few sizes of the dress that they pick and answers her mom.

    “yes, mom.”

    “Lindsey I had to buy my dress a few sizes bigger too.”

    Catherine grabs the size of dress that she normally wears and then Lindsey and Catherine head into the fitting room to try the dress on. After Catherine and Lindsey finds the size of dresses they need, the two of them go up to the counter and Catherine pays for her and Lindsey dresses. The cashier put Lindsey dress into and a black dress bag and the put Catherine dress into a black dress bag. Then Catherine, Sara and Lindsey leave the store and walks out to Sara SUV and hang the two dress bags up on the little hooks in the back of the SUV. A few minutes later Sara is driving to Jack Diner for lunch. Ten minutes later at Jack Diner Sara, Catherine and Lindsey are having lunch and the three ladies are looking at Bridal Magazines. Sara and Lindsey are eating veggie burger and Catherine is eating a grilled chicken sandwich. Lindsey looks up from the bridal magazine that she is looking through and look at Sara who is sitting across from her.

    “Sara, who is your flower girl?”

    “I do not know yet, Gil is going out to Santa Monica, California with his mom Helen on Monday to help her pack up all her stuff and put her house up for sale. He going to ask his uncle Tom Grissom younger daughter Allyson if her five-year-old daughter Amanda could be the flower girl in our wedding.”

    “Look at this picture of the cute flower girl dress, I saw this same dress at Davis Bridal, it would go good with our dress and your dress Sara.”

    “Yes it would, It is a really pretty shade of light purple with dark violet roses on it. I also really love the cute puff short sleeves and that the dress goes down to the ankles.”

    “It is the prefect dress for a five-year-old.”
    “Where are you and Gil, having the wedding at?”

    “The wedding is going to be in the backyard of Gil and my house and the wedding reception is going to behold at our place too.”

    “Is there enough room for everyone?”

    “Yes Catherine, there will be enough room, Gil does not have a large family. His mom Helen has two sister Haley and Hannan. Helen also has two bother Henry and Herman. Haley and her husband Sean have one daughter name Lacey and she also has a son name Lee. Lacey and her husband Logan have one set of twin baby girls name Shannon and Sara. Lee and his girlfriend Sam do not have any kids yet. Hannan has one daughter with her ex-husband David and they daughter name is Rose. Rose and her Boyfriend Jason have a set of two-year-old twin daughters’ Alex and Allice. Helen Brother Henry and his wife Heather have four kids, two sons and two daughters. They sons’ names are Dale and Dallan and his daughter names are Daisy and Danielle. Dale and his new wife Kim have one daughter Suzie and they are expecting another daughter the same time as I am in July. Dallan and his wife Kirsty have one son Dan. Daisy and her husband Marco have one daughter Mary. Danielle and her husband Jimmy are expecting a twin son and daughter on May first. Herman and his wife Jenny have no children.”
    “That twenty-eight guests so far, but will, Danielle and Jimmy be able to make the wedding seeing that it is April 7 and pregnant women are tell not to travel in the last month of their pregnancy?”

    “Yes Lindsey, they live in Las Vegas.”

    “I take Helen mom and dad are no long alive?”

    “No Catherine.”

    “What about Gil father sides?”

    “Lindsey his Father had one brother Tom and a sister name Tiffany. Tom and his wife Terri has three daughters. His daughter names are Amy, Amber, and Allyson. Amy has a baby son name Sean and the father is not in the picture. Amber is with child and is due in September her husband name is Steven. Amber and her husband Chad have one son Tim. Allyson and her husband Justine have three daughters Katie, Faith and Amanda. Tiffany and her husband Pex have one daughter Maire. Marie and her boyfriend Jeff, just find out Maire is pregnant and due the last week of September.”

    “That is forty-four family members. In addition to Greg, Nick, me, Lindsey, Kevin, Warrick and Tina (Warrick wife), Sofia, Wendy, Bobby, Hodges, and Katie (Kevin Sister) so the total will be fifty-six guests.

    “That would be right Catherine.”

    “What about your family Sara?”

    “Lindsey my co-workers are my family. My father is dead, My mother id in prison for killer my father when I was twelve years old and I have no idea where my big bother is and I was rise in foster care since I was twelve. I ask my last foster care family to come, but there are not able to make it to Las Vegas for the wedding.”

    “I am sorry, I did not know.”

    “Lindsey there is nothing to be sorry about, I never really told anyone about my family history. Beside you, Catherine and Gil. None of the rest of my co-workers know about my family history or what my childhood was like.”

    Catherine, Sara and Lindsey finishes up eating and then Sara drivers’ them home, so she and Catherine can get some sleep before work.
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    Author note: Cases are going to overlap for the first time between Longest months of Sarah Sidle life and Catherine family Issues.

    Chapter Eleven: Mr. Cortaid Case
    On Monday morning after a long night at work, Catherine walks into the house to hear Lindsey and Kevin who are still upstairs arguing. Catherine looks down at the pair of dirty gray dress pant and black blouse she is wearing, as she walks toward the hallway that lead to the kitchen and is listening to her son-in-law and daughter fighting.

    “Lindsey get up and get ready for school!”

    “No, I don’t want to go!”

    “Lindsey, you do not have any days left, you already miss the allowed number of days you are allowed to be absent.”

    “I don’t care I feel fat and everyone is going to stare out me. I already had to start wear maternity clothing and I am only at the beginning of my twelfth week.”

    “You are beautiful honey and I am sure no one will stare at you.”

    “They did last week Kevin!”

    “No, they do not Lindsey, beside you are not the only girl at the school that is pregnant, there are five other girls who are pregnant too.”

    “Ok you are right, I will be ready to go in a few minutes.”

    Catherine hears Kevin coming out of Lindsey and his bedroom and walks past the staircase and head into the kitchen. A few minutes later Kevin who is wearing a pair of jean and a blue tee shirt walk into the kitchen and see Catherine and Katie who wearing a pair of tight black jeans and a purple short sleeved shirt with a scoop neckline and Katie sitting on her wheelchair at the kitchen table. Katie is eating a bowl of cereal and Kevin sees that Catherine has also put a bowl and spoon on the table for him and Lindsey. Lindsey comes downstairs a few minutes later wearing a lavender empire waist blouse and a pair of dark jeans and sits down at the table next to Kevin. Kevin pours Lindsey and himself a bowl of cereal and pour some milk into his and Lindsey bowl. Catherine yawn into her left hand, as Lindsey and Kevin start to eat they cereal.

    “Lindsey do not forget I am pick up Kevin, Katie and you after school and drop Kevin and Katie off at physical therapy, then the two of us are going to your twelfth week check up at your obgyn.”

    “I won’t mom.”

    Catherine sits at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and watches the three teenagers eat breakfast. When Lindsey, Kevin and Katie are finish eating they leave the kitchen to finish getting ready for school. Catherine stays up until Kevin, Katie and Lindsey have left for school and then Catherine goes upstairs to her bedroom and into the master bathroom to take a shower, twenty minutes later Catherine walks out of the master bathroom wearing a pair of light-blue pajama pants and light blue nightshirt and walks over to her bed and lay down on the bed. Meanwhile, at Jefferson High school Lindsey, Kevin and Katie have just come through the main doors of the school. Katie wheels her wheelchair away from her brother and Lindsey and heads right to her first class of the day and Lindsey and Kevin goes to the locker the two of them share. Lindsey friend Beth runs up to Kevin and Lindsey and Lindsey notices that Beth is wearing light-blue jean skirt and a black wide straps tank top.

    “Kevin, how much long do you need to use the crutch for?”

    “Three weeks, count this week, Beth.”

    “Lindsey, when are you get that doctor note allowing you to set out of gym for the rest of the year?”

    “After school today.”

    “I wish I could get out of gym, I really hate gym class.”

    The bell rings and Kevin heads to the boys gym and Beth and Lindsey head to the girls locker room to get changes for gym class. After Lindsey and Beth have changes into they gym shirt and short Lindsey looks down at her shirt and short and see the gym clothing is getting tight, Beth looks at Lindsey and sees that Lindsey has almost out grew the shirt and short.

    “It a good thing, you will be sitting out after today, because if you had to continue take part in gym class after today, you would have to stay wearing the plus sized gym clothing seeing that you are wear the lager size in nonplus size clothing.”

    “I know, I am getting huge.”

    The two girls head into gym class and when the bell for class to start rings the girl gym class warm up and then start to play volleyball. The school day goes by slow for Lindsey and Kevin, but goes by fast for Katie.
    When school gets out Catherine is waiting in her SUV that is parked in front of the high school. Three minutes after the bell for school to end rings, Katie, Lindsey and Kevin come out of the high school and then comes to Catherine’s SUV. Catherine gets out of the SUV and walks over to the sidewalk and then helps Katie into the front seat of the SUV, as Lindsey and Kevin get the back of the SUV. As Katie is putting the seatbelt on, Catherine is putting Katie’s wheelchair into the back of the SUV behind the back seat. A few minutes later Catherine starts the SUV up and then take drives Kevin and Katie to physical therapy, then Catherine and Lindsey head to Lindsey obgyn appointment. Once at Dr. Moonstar office, Lindsey signs in and then Lindsey and Catherine sit down on chairs in the waiting room. Lindsey is call back for her appointment after only waiting one minute, by a nurse with short black hair, brown eyes, olive skin tone skin tone and wearing pink scrubs with baby foot prints on them. Lindsey stands up and then grabs her mom hand and pulls her back into the hallway that the examine rooms are in. Lindsey stops at the scale and the nurse takes her weight and then Lindsey and Catherine follows the nurse into examine room number three. Once in the exam room Lindsey gets up on the examine table and Catherine sits down on the chair that is next to the exam table. Then the nurse check Lindsey blood pressure.

    “Lindsey I need you to go into the bathroom and give a urine sample, which will be used to check sugar and protein levels.”


    Lindsey takes the urine sample cup from the nurse and then walks out of the exam room. Two minutes later Lindsey walks into the exam room and hand the urine sample cup to the nurse, then sits down on the exam table. The nurse set the sample cup onto a tray and then puts on a pair of medical gloves and then draws some blood to run tests for chromosome abnormalities and other test the doctor wants to run. A few minutes later the nurse carries the tray with the sample cup and blood and Lindsey’s chart walks out of the exam room and shut the door. The nurse put the chart into the holder on the exam room door and then walks to the lab. Meanwhile Lindsey looks at her mom who is wearing a lavender long sleeves shirt with scoop neckline and a pair of black dress pants and has her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

    “I love what you are wearing this afternoon mom.”

    “Thank you Lindsey.”

    “You are welcome.”

    At the same time Dr. Moonstar walks up to the exam room door and take Lindsey chart out of the holder on the door. Then Dr. Moonstar open up the exam room door and walks into the exam room, as she looks at the chart. The doctor close the door behind her and Catherine and Lindsey notices the doctor is wear black dress pants and a white blouse under her white lab coat. Dr. Moonstar does her check up, which includes listening to the babies heart beats, check the growth of Lindsey stomach and then does an ultrasound to check the thickness of the back of your babies’ necks. Right as Dr. Moonstar finishes the ultrasound and Lindsey is pulling her shirt down, the nurse from earlier brings the result from the blood work and urine sample into the doctor. Dr. Moonstar sits down on her chair, which is in front of Lindsey and looks over the result of the tests, as the nurse walks out of the exam room shutting the door behind her. Lindsey sits up on the exam table and looks at Dr. Moonstar.

    “So is everything fine Dr. Moonstar?

    “The babies’ heart beats are great, and the urine sample says your sugar and protein levels are normal and you do not have a kidney or urinary tract infection. The blood work for chromosome abnormalities and the ultrasound I did show no chromosome abnormalities. The only thing I want you to do Lindsey is to gain fifteen more pounds before your sixteenth week check up.”
    “But I am huge already!”

    “You need to gain the weight to keep the babies health.”
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    The doctor, Catherine and Lindsey stand up and then walk out of the exam room. The doctor walks up to the door of exam room four, as Catherine and Lindsey head to waiting room. Catherine and Lindsey schedules Lindsey next appointment with the nurse at the check in desk and then Catherine and Lindsey heads out to the SUV. A few minutes later the two of them are on they way over to pick up Kevin and Katie and Lindsey looks at her mom.

    “Can we go out to dinner after we pick up Kevin and Katie, I am starving?”

    “Sure, honey.”

    Lindsey looks out the passengers’ seat window, as her mom drives toward norther Las Vegas physical therapy building. Ten minutes later Katie and Kevin are sitting in Catherine SUV and the four of them head to Jack’s diner to get dinner. Once at Jack diner Katie wheels her wheelchair up to the end of the fourth booth and Lindsey and Kevin sits down on the bench on the right side if standing at the end of the table and Catherine seat down on the bench across from Lindsey and Kevin. The four of them look at the menu and ten minutes later Catherine is eating grilled chicken salad, Lindsey and Kevin are eating cheese burger and French fries and Katie is eating a grilled chicken sandwich.
    An hour later Kevin and Lindsey are sitting in the living room working on homework, when Kevin looks over at Lindsey.

    “How was your doctors’ appointment?”

    “I need not want to talk about it”

    “But they are my babies to and I have a right to know if everything going ok!”

    “I know Kevin, I am just upset, Dr. Moonstar wants me to gain fifteen more pounds before my sixteenth week check up.”

    “But are the babies all right?”

    “Yes, the babies’ heart beats are really strong and the blood work say there is no chromosome abnormalities and urine sample show that my sugar and protein levels are normal and I do not have a kidney or urinary tract infection.”

    “I tell you that, you need yo gain weight Lindsey!”

    “I know it just hard with the morning sickness and then get tonsilitis which cause my throat to be really swollen and very sore to the point where I could hardly swallow, because it hurt so bad. That I lost my appetite because of being sick and also the medicine causes loss of appetite too.”

    “I know Linds.”

    Kevin leans toward kiss Lindsey and kisses her on the lips and Lindsey kiss him back. Katie who is also in the living room is watching the newly married couple and smile at them. A few minutes later the three of them get back to work on they homework. A half hour later Lindsey taps Kevin on the arm.

    “Kevin and Katie I am going to heat up my left over half of cheese burger and French Fries from dinner do either of you want anything to drink or eat?”

    “Some more pop would be nice.”

    “Sure Katie, what about you Kevin?”

    “No I am fine.”

    Lindsey stands up from the couch and then heads to the kitchen. A few minutes later Lindsey walks into the living room with a plate in her left hand and a can of Pepsi in her right hand. Lindsey hand the can of pop to Katie and then sit down on the couch and start to eat the cheese burger. By the time Catherine gets up from her nap and walks into the living room, she finds that both Lindsey and Kevin are sitting on the couch and Kevin is reading the novel they English class is reading out loud to Lindsey. Catherine then walks toward the kitchen and when she walks past the bedroom that used to be her office and is not Katie’s bedroom, Catherine sees Katie is sitting on her bed reading her French textbook. Catherine walks down the hallway and into the kitchen and grabs a snack.
    When Catherine gets to the crime lab, she looks around for Greg to see if he has any updates on the Davis case they been working together on all weekend, but find that Greg and Warrick have already been sent to a crime scene. Gil Grissom walks up to Catherine and hand her an assignment sheet. Catherine looks to see what case she is going to be working and see she is working with Nick and Sara on a case that deals with fostered girls being rape and one of the girls has been murder. Catherine sighs out loud and is thinking I hate having to work two cases at once and the two cases she is working on makes her happy that Lindsey is safe at home.

    “Catherine you need to meet Sara and Nick at the crime scene.”

    “I will go get my crime scene kit and then leave the crime lab and head to the crime scene.”

    Catherine walks away from Gil Grissom and heads to the locker room to clock into work and get her crime scene kit out of her locker. Fifteen minutes later Catherine walks into the house the case is at and follows Jim Brass upstairs to the bedroom that the rapes and murder girl happed at. When the three of them reach the bedroom, Jim Brass step back and lets Catherine go into the bedroom. Catherine sees Nick who is wearing a black dress shirt and a pair of black suit pants is busy processing the room. Catherine set her crime scene kit on the floor and open up the kit to get out a pair of latex gloves, at the same Nick start to talk.

    “The pick plastic doll bed I found on the floor, has a breaking part and I think it was used as foreign body on one of the girls, when we get back to the lab I am going to have Wendy run the DNA on the vase, to see if it belongs to Misty, Liz, Stacey, Caitlin or Tracy.”

    “Cath is everything ok, you seem depression tonight?”

    “It just the two cases I am working on right now fostered children getting abused and a father killing his ex-wife then takes off leaving his daughter and son without a mother. Worst is the father is a cap for LVPD and has not been at work seen the day his wife was murder and know one has heard from him either. Greg found the fathers’ duty side lay on the steps of the children play house cover in blood and his fingerprints in his wife blood.”
    “Sounds like his skip town.”

    “I think you are right, but Brass put out a wire on his car and a picture of what he look like to the states around us, hopeful we will have something soon.”

    Catherine start to colleted the bed sheets off the girls beds, as Nick collect evidence from the bedroom floor. Nick looks up at Catherine as she puts one of the bed sheets into a evidence bag.

    “How Lindsey and her unborn babies doing?”

    “Lindsey is doing great and the babies have very strong heartbeats. Dr. Moonstar did tell her to gain fifteen pounds before her sixteenth week check up. She was a little mad about that she thinks she is already huge.”
    “I just show her when I walks past David bridal shop on Saturday and Lindsey looks great and I do not think she looks huge at all.”

    “That what I, Kevin and Katie tell her, but she still thinks she is fat.”

    “That teenage girls for you, they are always thinking about weight.”

    Catherine and Nick stop talking and work quietly. The two of them work until late into the night, it is three o’clock in the morning when the two of them put all the evidence bags into the back of the SUV Catherine drive to the crime scene, seeing that the one Nick and Sara came to the crime scene in, is at the hospital with Sara. Once all the evidence is in the SUV Nick and Catherine get into the SUV and Catherine drives to the crime lab. Once at the crime lab Catherine and Nick takes the evidence out of the SUV and then check the evidence into the lab. Nick take the DNA evidence to the DNA lab and Catherine take the fingerprints to the fingerprint lab and trace evidence to the trace lab. Ten minute late Nick and Catherine meet in the break room and start to read the girls cases files from the social worker.
    At five o’clock in the morning on Tuesday Catherine and Nick find themselves in interrogative room two and are sitting across for Mr. and Mrs. Cortaid who are Liz, Stacy, Tracy, Misty and Caitlin fostered parents. Jim Brass steps up to the end of the table and looks at the Judy’s and Jim Brass start to talk.

    “Mr. and Mrs. Cortaid do you know why you are sitting in this room and do you know what Mr. Stokes and Mrs. Willows do?”

    “Yes our fostered children put in a complaint against me and my wife and Mr. Stokes and Mrs. Willows work for the crime lab.”

    “It more then a complaint this time there is forensic evidence Mr. Cortaid that you murder Misty Tanks and then raped Tracy and Stacy Combs, Liz Strep and Caitlin Ranch. There is also evidence that you used a pink doll bed when you raped Caitlin. “

    “Caitlin was out cold and was not fight back like the other three was, so I was able to do whatever I wanting too.”

    Catherine looks away from Mr. and Mrs. Cortaid and start talking deep breath, Nick looks at Catherine, then looks at Mr. Cortaid and start to talk to him.”

    “And since Misty kick you when get off you her, you had to strangle Misty until she dead?”

    “Yes but I really love doing it.”

    (Nick and Catherine) You are sick, do you know that Mr. Cortaid?”

    “I am not sick.”

    “Why am I here Mr. Stokes?”

    “For aid and bedded, you helped your husband leave town after he raped all the girls and murder one of the girls.”

    “Jim arrested them.”

    “Sure Catherine.”

    Nick and Catherine stand up and walk out of the interrogative room, then walk out of P.D. to they SUV, sees that they drive to P.D. in their own SUV so they could head home after that was finish, because Gil said that he, Warrick and Greg would cover the rest of the night shift. Catherine gets into her SUV and the turn the SUV. Catherine turns the CD player on to listens to music on the ride home. A few minutes later Catherine pulls out of the parking lot of P.D. and start drive home. As Catherine pulls into her driveway she looks over at Sara and Gil house and see that all the light are off.

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