Cath/ Wendy Slash

Lab Rats was on today and the scene where Catherine calls Hodges and Wendy freaks out when she finds out it's her is so cute! Oh and her quote, "You freakin' broke it!" Amazing!
Have to watch Lab Rats again just for that scene. It's not my favourite episode but watching Wendy getting all excited about Cath calling her is worth it. Plus she looks really good in that episode!! :drool:

Anyway, I watched Built to Kill Part 2 and thought it's time for some screencaps.
When Wendy comes into the lab and sees Cath she seems to be really happy about it but then she realizes there's something up with Cath and she get's this very concerned look on her face: 7/702 Built to Kill 2/702_0370.jpg

And when Cath tells her off she doesn't looks so happy either: 7/702 Built to Kill 2/702_0373.jpg

And here's one from the beginning of the scene. Wendy clearly likes to stand close to Cath: 7/702 Built to Kill 2/702_0359.jpg
Yeah watching that episode makes me warm and fuzzy

Those are great screencaps! Thanks! And I noticed ur icon...Liz Vassey was hot for the like 30 seconds she was in that :^)
Yay for the caps :) Great to cheer me up from my post-holiday blues :( :D

I'm going to have to watch that epi again too. I remember that scene and thinking it was soo cute at the time :)
Yay for the caps :) Great to cheer me up from my post-holiday blues :( :D

I'm going to have to watch that epi again too. I remember that scene and thinking it was soo cute at the time :)

Hey, you're back! Yay! Hopefully when you re watch u will be inspired to write...I've been desperate for Wendy fics lately
I think left my writing brain on holiday, I don't seem to be able to think of anything to write, I can't even update my fics that are already in the flow :( And things are chaos around here at the moment, so I don't think I'll be able to write for a bit :( We need some more Cath/Wendy fics though. :)

I can't wait for season 9 to start, there is so much potential for some good Cath/Wendy scenes :D
Yep I'm so with you there Bubbles. Season nine I can't wait, I want to see lots and lots of interaction between Cath and Wendy. There two strong women, independant and who know exactly what they want... Each other!

Maybe thats why this thread has been kinda dead- nothing to really talk about until we see Cath and Wendy air time.:drool:
Exactly. They so want each other. And season 9 can't come soon enough. We need some more Cath/Wendy time.

Although I was watching an ep the other day, I think it might have been either Chick Chop Flick Shop or Case of Cross Dressing Carp, I can't remember, I knew i should have posted straight after! But anyway, Wendy came into Grissom's office, and asked "where's catherine?" Straight away I just thought, 'yup, definately wants her', it was so cute. And then, I was watching 'who and what' tonight, and Catherine kind of says a bit too quickly something like "i'll get this to DNA" or "i'll get this to wendy", really quickly. :) aww, bless them, they just want to see each other whenever possible.
I tried to find screen caps of it, Wendy going to ask Grissom, and Cath rushing to DNA, but couldn't find them anywhere :( Oh well... Counting down the days until season 9, I'm going to be optimistic and say we're going to get some good Cath/Wendy scenes.:)
So....don't die of shock but I....

....have actually updated my Cath/Wendy fic! :D (it only took me two freakin' months, sorry about that guys. I'll do better next time I promise).

You can find it here:

Rachel, Bubbles - I haven't been keeping up to date with this thread (slap my hand, I'm here now!) and I'm both amused and flattered by the attempts to prod me into updating. I'm soooo sorry it took me so long. Hope it's worth it anyway, I dunno. lol. It has Greg, if nothing else. And Bubbles, that cap is brilliant! I nominate it the official 'Catherine staring' picture to go with my story. She looks rather seriously hot *sigh* and is so staring. So. Staring. lol :D

I too am looking forward to season nine, when hopefully we will be granted some delicious subtexty moments for this frankly criminally underrated pairing.

Nat xx
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Great new chapter! Left you a review ;)

I'm looking forward to the new season although I won't see it for probably another year but still, coming here and read about it, maybe see a few (or rather a lot) screencaps of those too is (almost) enough!

I so hope for more interaction because they are so hot together, reading your story Sara's Girl just reminded me of that again. Just imagining them ... :drool: :devil:

Anyway, are there any episodes in S8 with only the two of them? Something I can look forward to when I finally get to see it?
Yay! My email told me you had updated and I shrieked with joy and ran off to read! Left you a review but I'll say that I loved the latest installment and I can't believe you're leaving us like that for awhile.

But I'm ever so glad ur here and writing once again!!
Yay, super yay, but super noo for the fact I'm not sure if I'll get chance to read it tonight :( but hopefully :) I'm so happy you've updated.

I can't remember many scenes, but on about 3 occasions now I've heard Wendy ask someone where Cath is.

Again, in Lying Down with Dogs, Wendy comes out and sees Nick and says "hey, you seen catherine?" same as what she did with Grissom a couple of eps before. She can't keep away..
Sara's Girl, I'm so happy that you updated the story. I'll read it today, I hope. You know that I'm a little bit busy now;)

I won't be original if I say that I want more Cath/Wendy scenes;)

Bubbles, you reminded me all moments when Wendy asked about Catherine. She did so often that is really suspicious:devil: But still my absolutely favourite is when Cath called her and Wendy just rushed from the room. Hodges was so surprised:lol: