Caption Game - Miami style pt.2

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: Dan... we appreciate that you're trying to bond with us, but are you sure... are you sure that we need to review video footage of your ballet recital?
Cooper: We're not watching the whole thing, I just wanna cue this one... part....... OK, see my plié and then my pirouette? I'm not sure I nailed it. Ryan, what do you think?
Ryan: I, uh, it's... it's fine, Cooper, it's fine. *whispers to Horatio* The lab had better start paying for my therapy.
^^^Caption #7 is the winner. You're up Ginna. :)
Woo hoo! I've never won a caption game before. :D

Alright, here's what I decided on. If it sucks, you can choose another one, mjszud.


Have at it!

P.S. I don't intend on this being a "shipper" pic. I mean, I know it's Eric and Calleigh and I ship them, but this obviously isn't any kind of romantic photo.
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Calleigh: Are they......?
Eric: What?
Calleigh: Are they doing what I think they are doing?
Eric: Who? Where?
Calleigh: Over there by that tree. It looks like.....OMG! They are! Get a room!
Eric: Sheez. Kids least find a parking lot. :p
Cal: I can't believe this. Horatio's gonna be angry.
Eric: Why, what happened?
Cal: Someone stole all his pairs of sunnies and melted them, look! (points to big bluish black blob)
Cal: Hey!! That's the guy. He's the one that tore up the blueprints on the table there.

Eric: Why would he do that?"

Cal: Cause he didn't want the new... Horatio 2009 sunnies to be made. They are tougher, and indestructible.

Eric: *snickers*...Just like "Super H":lol:
Calleigh: Who is that attractive officer over there by that squad car?
Eric: *grunts* looks over and turns to Calleigh. Seriously?
Calleigh: What? He's good looking.
Eric: says to himself, *I look better then him* Lets get to work Cal.
Emily: Did Caruso really tear up all the copies of next week's script?
Eric: Yeah. It said that Horatio has to give up sunglasses and switch to contact lenses.
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