Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

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Oh my god, I didn't even realize it was March 1st! :eek: Happy birthday to you, George. I hope you are having a great day and get to spend it with everyone you love. :)
Happy Birthday George, I hope you're having a wonderful time :)

Thought I'd toss out the next birthday greetings to my fave guy, Wally Langham (Hodges) who will be turning 44 years of age tomorrow (march 11th). Hope your day is celebrated in fine style :thumbsup:.
Happy Birthday, Wallace! Have a great day and all the best for you:)

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin!:)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALLACE another Pisces, your character if so obnoxious, and so snarky, we love to see what you're up to next, have a great day
Happy birthday today, March 29, to Scott Wilson, a.k.a. Sam Braun. He was in 9 episodes. Scott turns 67 today. Hope to see him back on CSI, maybe in flashbacks or an evil twin.
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