Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

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August Birthdays

Liz Vassey (Windy Simms) 8-9
Madison McReynolds (Lindsey Willows #1) 8-17
Anthony E Zuiker (Creator) 8-17
Marc Vann 08-23
LIZ and your a great asset in the lab, keep up the good work:thumbsup:
Happy Birthday today, August 17, to Madison McReynolds (the first Lindsey Willows) and
Anthony E Zuiker (creator and executive producer). If they are lurking out there, please sign in and say hello. Have a great day.
REALLY? WOW! he'll be city-hoping for sure - Vegas, Miami, & NYC! wohooo!

Happy Birthday,
Mr. Anthony Zuiker! :rommie::rommie::rommie:
Sept. & Oct. Birthdays

Larry Sullivan (Officer Akers) 9-10
Louise Lombard 09-13
Aisha Tyler (Mia Dickerson) 9-18
Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer) 9-21
Teal Redmann (Ellie #2) 9-30

Sheeri Rappaport (Mandy) 10-27
It's that time in Australia, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUISE!! I hope you have a great day and get to spend it with those you love.

And please come back on TV soon pls. I'm having Louise withdrawal.
Happy belated birthday to David Berman (November 1), a.k.a. David Phillips and moonlights as a researcher for the show.

From the first post in this thread, also coming up this month:
Robert David Hall 11-09
Marg Helgenberger 11-16
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