Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

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Happy Birthday my honey George! I couldn't get into the internet yesterday, so I'm one day late, but I hope you don't mind ;)
Hope you enjoyed your special day :D and I promise not to be late next year...
*Looks at watch* Well, according to the time I have here, where I'm at anyway, it's my man's birthday as of now, March 11th. So Happy 43rd Birthday Wally Langham! (Hodges, the man you love to hate, yet hate to love) Hope the day is a great one for you! CHEERS! :beer:
Very happy birthday Wally, and 43 is a wonderful number. Hope your day is filled with lots of family fun.;)

Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy birthday, Happy birthday,
with the happiness that fills your day.:lol:
Happy Birthday Wallace Langham. I hope you have a great day

Happy Birthday Wally. Long may you make Hodges my favourite snidey suck-up character :D
Happy Birthday Wallace/Hodges the guy we love to critisize:rommie: and a PICSES, like your boss Billy/Grissom.. odd, nothing alike:evil:
Scott Wilson (Sam Braun) 3-29
Gerald McCullouch (Bobby Dawson) 3-30

Melinda Clarke (Lady Heather) 4-24
Glenn Morshower (Sheriff Mobley) 4-24
Paul Guilfoyle 4-28

Nikki Lynn Aycox (Ellie #1) 5-26
Okay here are the rest of March, the April Birthdays, and one May birthday. For more info see page/post one of this thread. :)

Happy Belated Birthday To all the stars!
Happy Future Birthday to the ones yet to come!
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