Big Season Finale Spoiler *MAJOR SPOILER*

Who do you think will die in the season finale of CSI: NY?

  • Mac Taylor

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • Stella Bonasera

    Votes: 4 1.8%
  • Danny Messer

    Votes: 12 5.5%
  • Lindsay Monroe

    Votes: 80 36.7%
  • Sheldon Hawkes

    Votes: 20 9.2%
  • Don Flack

    Votes: 4 1.8%
  • Adam Ross

    Votes: 5 2.3%
  • Sid Hammerback

    Votes: 2 0.9%
  • Jessica Angell

    Votes: 90 41.3%

  • Total voters


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According to Ausiello a "member of the CSI: NY" family is going to die in the season finale.

"That's right," says CSI: NY executive producer Peter Lenkov. "We lose a member of our family [in the season finale] -- and that's just in the first 10 minutes."
The other 50 minutes of the hour will probably be pretty killer, too. Leading up to it is episode 5.22, titled "Yarzheit," which features not only Lou Grant... er, Ed Asner but also comic legend Shelley Berman. In this one, "Our CSIs find themselves investigating a crime that takes them into the world of racism and bigotry, only to uncover a deep, dark secret that dates back to the Holocaust," teases Lenkov. "Also in this episode, Mac will learn something about his father he never knew.
"And in the season finale" -- which also has Craig T. Nelson winding up his arc -- "the CSI: NY team is on the trail of a team of sophisticated kidnappers-turned-cop killers," he continues. "Their crime will forever change the CSI: NY lineup."
So who do you think bites the dust? Danny? Lindsay? Mac? Stella? Post your theories in the comments section!

Guesses? Thoughts? Theories? Will it be one of the characters in the main credits, or is this a big tease to off a recurring character (like Gillian or Sinclair)?
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Unfortunately, I'm getting nervous about it being Danny. They have him getting his 'happily ever after', so to speak, and he's being reckless a few episodes before the finale - not to mention that they made sure to point out to us that he's a cop in "The Party's Over"...I hope not, but it's making me nervous.

I can't see them getting rid of Danny--he's such a popular character, and so much work has been put into developing him over the last five seasons. He's also their pretty boy (though he really needs those glasses back). ;)

Flack is their smoldering hot sexy guy, and he's also gotten a lot of development this season. I can't see it being him. He brings too much to the show, in terms of both humor and gravitas.

It won't be Mac or Stella. Duh. ;)

Hawkes isn't a cop (as Lindsay pointed out in "The Party's Over"), and neither are Adam or Sid - so unless the "cop killer" line is misleading, I think that takes them out of the equation. (Although I certainly wouldn't say they're safe - you never know with TPTB, they made it sound like Adam was a CSI for "Snow Day".)

I wouldn't take the "cop killer" thing too literally. I imagine it's just meant to be a general description. I can't see it being Adam--I don't know why, I just don't think he would be the victim. AJ is excited to be a part of the show, and Adam is a character that has a lot of potential for growth.

As much as I hate to admit it, Angell seems like a pretty likely candidate. She's a cop, she's got a connection to Flack, she's been around for a while (while not being a member of the main cast, making her more disposable, so to speak). It would suck to lose Angell because I love her, but she seems like a major possibility. It would provide drama without having to off a series reg.

She's a possibility, but I don't see that having a huge impact on the show. I like her a lot, and it could set off a good arc for Flack--but they've only just started dating and I don't see any advantage to killing her off aside from shock value. But then again, Miami did that in season four's finale "One of Our Own" by killing off Officer Jessop, just to be able to say they killed off a character.

They're killing the person off within the first ten minutes of the episode? :(

That's what makes me think it might be someone more minor. But maybe not--Speed was killed off in the first half of the episode he died in, and if it's a big character, they're gonna want to end with a funeral.

(You don't suppose they're going to have a baby kidnapping that soon, do you? Like they're "kidnappers" who turn into "cop killers" when Danny or Lindsay - or someone else - tries to rescue the baby...Oy vey.)

Please not baby kidnappers. :rolleyes: That will be the height of lame.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I'm going to go with Lindsay. The way a happy ending has been rushed between her and Danny suggests to me that perhaps they're being built up so that they can be torn down--and will fall hard. It would be devastating for Danny to lose Lindsay and be left with a baby to raise on his own--and it would make one hell of a great character arc for the show's resident waterworks. ;)

As a character, Lindsay is played out, and has been for a while. She hasn't had her own storyline since season three--every bit of development she's had for the past two seasons has had to do with Danny. She's little more than a love interest character, and at this point, killing her off is the best thing to do dramatically.

It's possible that Anna gave them notice that she'd be leaving at the end of the season, and that factored into the decision to write the baby in. I think the original plan was to have Rikki come back pregnant with Danny's baby--and I think she would have probably been killed off, too. The way this story has played out, it's really all about Danny. All the emotional beats have been his--and this would be one hell of an emotional beat.

My runner up guess would be Hawkes. Hawkes is criminally underused, and though he's gotten great development this season, I could see Hill being ready after five seasons to move on to something else. Maybe Obama has a place for him in his administration. :p :D

So those are my guesses and rationales. Anyone else?
I really have no freakin' clue, but I voted for Lindsay just because I want it to be her.

You know, TPTB has been giving up lots of info about the wedding but nothing about the birth. Maybe Lindsay and the baby both get offed. Or maybe they'lll really fool us and it'll just be the baby. I don't think that would "change the landscape of CSI: NY," but TPTB is great at over stating things. It would change Danny and Lindsay's relationship to end up married without the baby.

I've also thought about it being Danny. Carmine's contract could be up and he could decide to move on if there's nothing but DL drama in store for Danny on the horizon.

Angell is a good possibility too.
The minute I read this I was totally perplexed, I have no idea its strange not for me to even have an incling to who it could be. I mean we've heard nothing like in news or gossip about any of the cast on contracts etc. Its kind of left me baffled.

The only characters I could think of aren't big enough for what they are saying tho my first guessing were possibly Angell as it would set a great arc for Flack tho being that they only just sarted the coupledom it kinda makes that less likely.

Only other one was The chief inspector whitford? (I can't for life of me remember if that is her name) but she isn't big enough for them to say that i think which is more frustrating.

First 10 minutes is big style aswell. I did ponder the baby as it would be clever way of doing it.

I can't even name someone. Lindsay is the only one but for no reason I mean i like her so i wouldn't think it for that, but its easy to cut out mac/stella i mean i would have been sure we possibly would have heard they were leavin, Flack/Danny the same and something just makes me think no. Adam we know he signed a new contract same with sid, which would make adding them to the credits stupid, Hawkes, possibly but still unsure. I'm only leaning to her as the baby in real life and she did say about workin part time.... but for some reason i feel like TPTB also know we might think that she's option and throw something evil in our face.

Its soo damn frustrating knowing this.
I could see Anna, Carmine or Hill asking to leave - Anna because of her kids (she limited her screentime after the first baby), Carmine because he seems bored and might be interested in doing other things, and Hill because he's doing so much other stuff that he might prefer to not be tied to a series anymore.

Personally, I think it would suck most to lose Hawkes because they never even scratched the surface of the character's potential.

While I think it's a bit suspicious with the whole baby/wedding within less than half a season, I'm not sure we'll see Lindsay go. (Much though I may want her to be gone.)

Danny is a possibility, but they'd probably do whatever they could to get him to stay.

Getting rid of Mac or Stella seems pretty much out of the question (I mean really, I doubt they're going anywhere - and didn't Gary sign a new contract recently for at least another season?), and it would be a crime to get rid of Flack.

I'm not sure how Adam or Sid would go, but it's always possible - although it would be a shame since they're barely just starting to develop Adam, and Sid has always been criminally underused (I know he's the coroner, but c'mon, give him something to do other than almost die every once in a while!).

Lenkov didn't say we'd be losing a series regular - just someone in the family. As PerfectAnomaly pointed out, TPTB like to exaggerate a bit, so I can see them talking about a Big Death That Changes The Very Foundation Of The Show - and killing off a recurring character.

I love Angell, but I think it would fit. And, as much as I adore her and want Emmanuelle to stick around, I'd rather lose her than Hawkes, Adam, Flack or Danny.

Killing her would be much 'easier' since she's recurring, it would provide for some emotional stuff for everybody (particularly Flack) - and I can't help feeling like we might have gotten an inkling if someone from the main cast was going to leave. If it's a series reg, they've done a damn good job of keeping it under wraps.
Great analysis, Fay. I agree with you in most aspects.

As much as I wish it was Lindsey, I don't think she's going anywhere. I just hope it's not one of my favorite characters, yet I can't help thinking "What if it was Stella?". However, on a second thought, a lot of Smacked during the last episodes would be needed to make it work in a "oh, teh drama!" way and I don't think we're getting much.

My dear Hawkes, maybe? I'm thinking a lot about it and I can't find a single solid reason that makes me think he's "safe". It could be him. Or Angell, since most of her storyline with Flack has been kept aside, in the shadows, which is a pity. I don't exactly ship them, but they seem way more believable to me than D/L.

Adam? Nah, too much potential. He's still developing as a character and pretty much everyone loves him.

Anyway, cop-killing? Just for the sake of it? I don't think so. It may make sense if it had a connection with the stolen pen drive or with Dunbrook, though.
I'm with those who think TPTB are exaggerating. I have a feeling that it'll be Angell or Gerard or such.

If I had to choose a main character though, I'd have to agree with Fay, Hawkes, Lindsay, or Danny, and for all the reasons she stated above.
I'm with those who think TPTB are exaggerating. I have a feeling that it'll be Angell or Gerard or such.

Yeah, rereading it, it does sound like something that could easily be an exaggeration. I guess we'll see, but I could definitely see it being a recurring character. For it to be a member of the family, it would have to be someone pretty significant--more so than say Gillian or Sinclair. I could see it being Angell, I guess. It would suck if it was, though!

ETA: Though I wonder if his use of the word "family" is significant, since we do have a brand new family on the show.... ;)
I really can't decide who I think it will be. But I chose Lindsay because maybe Anna really does want to spend more time with her children then spending most of her time doing the show. But I am undecided right now. I can't see it being one of the main characters like Mac,Stella, etc.
ETA: Though I wonder if his use of the word "family" is significant, since we do have a brand new family on the show.... ;)

Hmm... that's an interesting possibility... In that case, I'd have to go with Lindsay. Or maybe that's wishful thinking. I don't want her to die, but if it's a choice between her and Danny, it's no contest.
My first thought was Lindsay, but will she even be back at work by then? I know tptb aren't great with timelines, but I'm thinking the baby will likely be born in ep 22/23 so it won't make much sense her being back in time for the finale.

I also have wondered about the whole baby/wedding thing being so rushed and wondered if it's leading up to some big tragedy. I'm just not sure it'll be Lindsay. AB talked about future seasons in her CSI NY magazine interview, implying that she isn't 'planning on' leaving. Danny would be a real shocker, but I can only see that happening if Carmine has chosen to leave and even then, I suspect tptb would try and hold onto him. Someone else mentioned that tptb have dropped hints re. future baby/work juggling for D/L which would imply neither are going anywhere. But I don't trust tptb, so that's not terribly reassuring.

Hawkes is a possibility because Hill has clearly been persuing other interests of late. The basis of this story seems to be racially motivated so it's possible for Hawkes to get caught up in that and be a target, but then again he's not a cop.

So, that leaves Mac, Stella, Flack and Angell. Personally I'm going with Angell, because although she's not a regular, her death will have a huge impact on the team because of her relationship with Flack. I could deal with Flack angst and it'll give Eddie a chance to show a side we haven't really seen yet.

So, although I voted for Angell, I really haven't got a clue. It could be anyone, particularly if one of the main cast have chosen to leave. I am surprised we haven't heard anything yet though. If it is a main character then I'd expect to get a hint between now and the finale. Of course, the whole thing could be very misleading, wouldn't be the first time! :)
My heart was up and not return. :wtf: Bad news.

I believe the Hill, with other political activities.​

Lindsay die? Not. Prefer to Angell.​

Carmine is with looks tired ... But it is frustrating, as the series grows in numbers of fans and audience. And all the characters fascinating.​

Wait and see. OMG​
I'm probably over analyzing this, but Lenkov says it'll change "The CSI: NY lineup." That makes me think it's one of the main credits characters and not Angell.
Can't be Sid or Adam, they were only added to the opening credits this season. Haven't heard any rumors about the other important characters leaving either.

TPTB are prone to exagerations though, as others have noted. Some maybe be Angell.

If it's Hawkes then I'm done with this show. Full Stop. I'll be sticking with my season one DVDs, and I'll pretend all the other seasons have never happend.

I think Danny, Mac, and Stella are too popular to leave.

Maybe, maybe Lindsay. But we haven't heard any plans on Anna wanting to leave, unless maybe she's changed her mind and wants to spend more time with the kids.

I would wish for her not only because she's my least favorite character, but because it might be the only way to salvage this whole baby and a marriage storyline.