Best Season of CSI: Miami

So, let's see...
I'm a HUGE Calleigh fan ( she's the reason I got hooked on CSI:Miami), and a DIE HARD E/C shipper... And so, for obvious reasons, my favourite seasons go as follows:
#1 S7
#2 S6
#3 S1 & S2 (tied)
#4 S5
#6 S3

S4 doesn't even make that list.
I think my favorite season would have to be season 2.
The team was acted more like a team: they talked to each other, got along with each other. I also liked that the cases presented were different, but they weren't totally off the wall.

Basically, I agree with everything speed_cochrane said. :D Very well put!
#1 season 4
#2 season 3

I don't write #3 cuz i can't choose :rolleyes:. Season 3&4 was the best because cases was good, personal storylines was there, but it wasn't soapy (i know, in season 4 we have H\Mari storyline, but again, it wasn't too soapy). Also in s3&4 was more Ryan and CaRWash interaction that's when i fell in love with this ship. And i liked all characters there, i mean ALL. Now it's only Ryan and Natalia, others become worse :(

Season 6 was awful, cases stupid, to little airtime for Ryan there :(

Season 7 was good only in one point, they finally start show more Ryan, but i miss my other fav character - Natalia.:( And, there is EC, one more thing don't like this season. Show become too soapy, that's why first 4 seasons was the best (I didn't saw first two seasons, but for Speed fans they was the best, for me was the earlier seasons with Ryan;))
Season 2 and 3. As mentioned before the stories and team dynamics were great during season 2.Everything wasn't flashy and there was so much diversity as far as the victims and the criminals.Season 3 introduced Ryan,a wonderfully different character that remains wonderfully different to this day.
I totally agree with many of you. Season 2 was the best and Season 3 was a close second. I loved the Yelina and H (YEaH) screen chemistry. After seeing her character in the S7 finale, I even miss that YEaH interaction even more. Season 2 introduced the best H nemesis, Clavo Cruz, and we still had Speedle. There was great team dynamics and the flow of the story, the editing and writing was superb.

I hope that magic can come back in S8.

Curious, why do you think CSI Magazine stated CSI: Miami fans thought S6 was the best season?
Curious, why do you think CSI Magazine stated CSI: Miami fans thought S6 was the best season?
Perhaps there were only a small number of responses and they were for season 6. It certainly was not the best for me.
Its a tie between season 3 and season 7 for me. Season 3 well mainly because Ryan is there :D. and Season 7 and actiony o.o and interesting storylines .
Ok, i didn't explain why season 7 and 5 are my fave, so here we go:

I love season 7 'cause, I guess it's the season that has more action, it was :eek: awesome!! I think the storylines were also very good, I was hoping some Natalia and/or Frank's too, though. Also, I didn't see any team interaction, well, in Sink or Swim we had that little one with H, Cal and Ryan but not a big one, I kinda mis those times. But still, this season is the best for me, like I said, a lot of action, a lot of good storylines, I've to say, E/C finally went cannon :D

Season 5 b/c it also had some good storylines, Going Under, Man Down, Burned, Kill Switch... I could have lived without some things that happenned ...*cough* CaKe *cough* ... But anyway, I think it was great season :)
I've been thinking about this since this thread was posted and I'm going to have to go with season 5, even though my most favorite episode is in season 6 (Stand Your Ground).

Season 5 is the one set of DVD's that I always feel like pulling out when I have a day off or when I let someone watch CSI Miami for the first time. (Why not start with season 1? I have no clue)
I can pick more episodes that I like out of 5 as well: Rio, Going Under, Curse of the Coffin, Throwing Heat, No Man's Land, Man Down, Triple Threat, Just Murdered, Burned, and the season finale. Season 5 had some very, very serious parts: going to Rio, Ryan in trouble, Eric getting shot :(, Calleigh being run off the road...but it also had some funny parts too - Curse of the Coffin, Just Murdered, plus parts of Throwing Heat and Burned.

I really liked season 7 too. I thought the story lines were well done in most episodes. Still, for now season 5 wins out.
My favorite has to be season 7, it was totally awesome, it had a lot of action and the storylines were great and it went in to the CSI's personal lives which i really liked b/c it was about time. I loved Ryan's storyline, im so glad he got another one (finally). A little disppointed Natalia didn't get one nor did she get a lot of screen time and hopefully that'll change in season 8. And of course E/C finally getting together :).

I also love season 5, it had a lot of good storylines aswell. A lot of my favotite episodes are in this season (I have a lot of faves :lol:) like "Going Under", "Going, Going, Gone", "Curse of the Coffin" that episode was just hilarious :lol:, "Burned" E/C moment. The saddest epi was definitley "Man Down" Eric being shot, I actually had tears in my eyes watching it. I loved that all of the team went to see him at the hospital. :)

I hope there will be more team interaction in season 8. :thumbsup:
All the season are awesome but I'd have to say that I enjoyed season 5 the best. I think the characters matured some and that season has some awesome cases and it was just so classic. Alot of my favorite episodes are from that season.
I'd definitely have to say season 2 was the best. Season 1 is really close though. Back then, they actually felt like a time, an not everything was quite as ridiculous. It also showed a range of victims. Not everyone was rich or powerful. Some of them were just average people, unlike now. Yeah, things definitely started to go downhill after season 2, and I'm not just saying that because of Speed.
My favorite season id hands down season 4. First because of EDeN, and second because of the story lines and just the all around dynamic.