Anna/Lindsay thread #4 - "You've got friends, kiddo!"

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CSI Level Two
Well, I just took the liberty to open a new thread (wow #4 already) for the lovely miss Anna Belknap playing the just as lovely Lindsay Monroe

Txs to Radical618 for the great title!

continued from here: #3-Hello, Ms.Monroe!

How about a nice pic to give this thread a great start:


Happy posting everyone!
Love the pic, and glad you all like the name. *throws confetti* Yay! Number 4!

Oh here's the 2007 "Montana" Quarter...

made me smile.
Yay! New thread :D
I'm making another Lindsay wallpaper,..I'll post here as soon as I'm finished (or when exams are over..depends how much I procrastinate)
Hey guys, congratulations on the new thread... :) I hope you guys are having a good time. I know I am. She's so cute and pretty here!


EDIT: :lol: Matches my icon. :)
I love your avvie did you make it? :D *looks inoccent*

It is very possible that Anna will get cuter, just you wait :D
I love that top pic of Lindsay! She looks so cute and tiny in that picture! Congrats on the new thread, thanks for your help in getting it started, dutch!
Oh, and speedslady, I love both your banner and your avie!
aftertherain: I LOVE YOUR SIGNATURE.

Damn, I'm enthusiastic today. :D

I love the 2nd photo CSI_watcher posted. :) Thank you! I love her smile. That was in City of the Dolls when she asks the girl what's on the tape. She looked really dissapointed too when the girl wouldn't say.
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