Add a line Vegas Style

Ok, I looked and I think this thread is gone, so how about we start another one. I really like this idea.

*thinks* *thinks*

Nick arrives back at the lab and notices something strange.
Walking down the hall, he pauses and peers through the doorway into Hodges' trace lab.
But what Nick really asks Hodges is 'Do you have the evidence ready from Sara's murder yet?'
Nick eyes the pouch suspiciously. "Hodges, that's not all that's in there, is it?"
Greg averts his eyes and leaves. Hodges pulls the kilt up and huffs at Nick as he walks away, "Get your thrills somewhere else, cowboy!"
Nick looks over at Hodges, "Not even in your nightmares, Hodges, think the next time you try to pull a practical joke on me" Nick says as he starts to look at the results.
Greg looks back and forth between Nick and the now fully clothed Hodges. "Hodges is insane, Greg... and not in a good way."