Adam/Eric #9 - 'The Perfect Diversion'

This isn't right, how come nobody posted in here for ten days?! :(

I'm glad Adam's going on to do other projects, I wish him luck! :D And his Ugly Betty episodes begins in a few weeks! :D
I'll be watching Ugly Betty when he comes on the episodes. I wish him luck in whatever things come upon his way,but he was the best on CSI:MIAMI!
Hey Everyone!

We have been working really hard to put together a Save Eric Delko Petition that's effective and will get the point across that we as fans would hate to see Adam depart from CSI Miami for good. Its just not the same without Eric Delko, right?

Well, here's your chance to make a difference with the Petition stages below. Take a look...

Stage 1- Petition Page

By joining the Facebook group, you automatically sign this petition.
We've been up for a short time and now have well over 540 signatures!!

Save Eric Delko Facebook Group - Sign Here!

Stage 2- Petition Video

Create a video of yourself stating the reasons why you want Adam to remain on the show as Eric Delko and email them here: . More details at the fan site.

Stage 3- Petition Letter

Download and print the petition letter at the site, pop it in the mail to CBS Studios!

State 4- Petition Banners, Backgrounds & Profile Pics

Download one of these great Twitter backgrounds, Banners and Profile Pics for your use on forums, message boards, etc. Show your support!

All the above can be found at the new Adam Rodriguez fan site:


Adam Rodriguez Yahoo Group

OK just got the new TV Guide and under the Cheers&Jeers Section, Reader's Jeer of the Week- Jeers to the producers of CSI:Miami for not doing everything they can to keep Adam Rodriguez. As a loyal fan since season 1, I'm highly disappointed that-after waiting years for Calleigh and Delko to get together-all the fans got were a few episodes of them as a couple. What a rip-off! Shame on you for treating the fans this way! Eddie Cibrian is hot, but he's no Eric Delko (N. Carrol, Almo, KY).

I'm so sad that he's gone, my lack of coming in here shows that, but you know what, I read a new artical from Tvguide, and Adam clears it all up, maybe he'll come back, we don't know...

but I will cherish all the episodes he does apear in, but I'm still sad... and darn them and doing that to our ship....

they were the only ship on tv I liked, well I've still got my fingers crossed for Snickers, but still, Hiphuggers actully happened, and I was happy, till now.

well anyhoo, I'll just keep reading fan fics, and writing them :)

ok peace out :)
I saw the Ugly Betty promo. Looking forward to it. I'm excited to see Adam doing a comedy. But of course, Eric will always be my favorite:)
Wow I'm the first poster in here in what 6 days!!

aww I'm sad now, still havn't been able to see him on Ugly Betty, been to busy to watch online, but from i've heard, he's amazing as aways :)

ok I hope others post in here, Ya'll need to listen to my Kevin icon and "Get Pumped!" for our Adam :)

ok peace
It absolutely made my day on Friday to see Adam on TV again, even if it wasn't on CSI: Miami. He did an amazing job on Ugly Betty. I loved seeing him branch out into comedy. He did a fantastic job. Can't wait to see more, but for selfish reasons, I still want him back on CSI: Miami
Yeah, he was great on Ugly Betty. It's kinda weird seeing him with hair on hsi head again, I'm so used to the 'almost bald' cut, but it adds to the sexiness. lol
He is THE MAN!! Claps all around?? Love it! Love it! Love it!! He is amazingly sweet! I knew something was up, had a little dream about him last night. Get your minds outta the gutter LOL!! It was a pleasant one, a sweet one. After reading this, I'll say my dream was right on the money! {DIES}

This is proof that he needs to come back to the show! Ratings speak truth! Miss him!!! I fall asleep watching the show now, lol. Bring him back!